New Zone

What is hidding Beyond Light?

To get the answer what exactly is it we will need to dive into the new addon “Beyond Light ''
where main events will take place at a new Jupiter’s satellite called Europe.
Mysteries of the past are buried there underneath the millennium ice including the new dark power Stasis.

New Element


The cold, dark, attractive force beckons you.
You will be able to control the new element Stasis with the help of new subclasses.

Warlock - Shadebinder
Harness the power of Darkness and bend the battle to your will.

Titan - Behemoth.
Control the ground, control the fight.

Hunter- Revenant.
Strike hard, strike fast, and get out. They can’t hurt what they can’t hit.

New Raid Destiny 2

Deep Stone Crypt

There is a Deep Stone Crypt Underneath the ice tundra at the surface of Europe which remained dormant for tens of years
Your fight crew sneaks silently towards it with the arms ready to attack so that the final plan can be implemented.


New Exotics & Gear

Arsenal Upgrade

Some might think that Europe is an iced cemetery of the Golden Age. The jewels of that era were long ago absorbed by the frost and obscurity.
Yet you may have a better knowledge and you will be the one to find innumerable relics, weapon arsenal and to be the one who challenges the wolds