WoW: Shadowlands Season 4 Boosts

Shadowlands Season 4 - the latest WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2.7 content to explore

Shadowlands Season 4 is the last seasonal content of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. The 9.2.7 patch is going live on August 2 on US and on August 3 on EU realms and brings players lots of new content! In this final WoW: Shadowlands season all heroes of Horde and Alliance are encouraged to venture to all Shadowlands raids with new affixes called Fated Raids, where bosses have additional abilities and mechanics to overcome and drop higher item level gear as a reward. Let's find out which content players will face in Shadowlands Season 4:

  1. Fated Raids - all 3 Shadowlands Raids will become relevant again with one being active per each week. Bosses in Fated Raids will have new affixes during the fight, meaning that a new boss ability is added into the fight called Fated Power. Defeating bosses in Fated raid will drop higher ilvl gear rewards;
  2. In Dungeon Season 4 players will get new set of dungeons in Mythic+ pool including 2 dungeons from Shadowlands and 6 from previous expansions, and also new Mythic+ Affix called Shrouded which adds Dreadlords inside the dungeons. Only these 8 dungeons will be available in mythic+ mode;
  3. PvP Season 4 including higher item level PvP gear, new seasonal rewards, achievements and mounts
  4. New Vendors in Oribos who will sell all trinkets and weapons of 278-285 (Normal Fated) item level which drop from all three Shadowlands raids;
  5. All Fated Gear is upgradeable by using special Fated Shards meaning that you can upgrade your Normal Fated gear to Heroic item level, and Heroic Fated gear to Mythic item level;
  6. New mounts, transmog, currency and much more awaits most eager adventurers.

It is a new experience for WoW in adding such content to the table with new WoW: Shadowlands 9.2.7 patch, but is a positive move since getting new content is better than getting no content at all. But as always, with lots of new content comes boring grinding routines, which are necessary for your character to be up to date and receive most of the new rewards added. That's why we've prepared a list of our Season 4 boost services, which will make patch 9.2.7 so much easier for you. Order our WoW Shadowlands season 4 boost carries from our pro players, save yourself lots of time on endless grind and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had!

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The most stressful moment for WoW players around the world is at hand. During the start of a new World of Warcraft patch there is always lots of new PvE and PvP content being released. WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2.7 is no different. There is an incredible amount of content that will appeal to any type of player, no matter if you're a pet owner or a hardcore raider. But what if you don't have enough time to play? There is an easy way to bypass all the hard work and get the rewards fast and easy. We offer Shadowlands Season 4 Boost Carry services to help you complete even the hardest activities and get you all the best rewards you can get, including but not limited to:

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  2. Season 4 Mythic+ Dungeon Carries — complete the highest mythic+ keys, including 6 new dungeons in the mythic+ pool from previous expansions, get new Keystone Master and Keystone Hero Feat of Strength achievements, rewarded with cool mount and title.
  3. Shadowlands PvP Season 4 - get higher item level Conquest gear, any Arena Rating up to Gladiator, new Seasonal PvP Mount - Vicious Warstalker, RBG wins boost and more.
  4. Gear Boost Service - obtain Fated Raid full or bis gear, upgrade item level of your character by item level gear boost, craft your rank 7 legendary and unlock guaranteed weekly Great Vault item rewards fast and easy.

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