Genshin Impact Domains Clear Service

Genshin Impact Domains Clear Service

Here you can by Domains Fast Clear service. Tired of farming artifacts and getting materials for weapons? We'll help you clear the dungeon quickly! 
  • We will quickly clear the Domains you need.
  • EXP for Adventure Rank and Mora.
  • You will get a lot of Artifacts!
  • You will get a lot of Materials For Weapons and Characters!
Teyvat is a Huge world inhabited by many creatures! During your journey, you will find a lot of friends. But do not forget that you will encounter many more Enemies! Your Adventurer should be ready for this! To make your character stronger, there is a Domain system.
Equipment in Genshin Impact has a system that is different from ordinary games. Artifacts play the role of equipment here. And the strength of a character depends not only on the current Level of the Character and Weapon, but also on the Level of his Talents! Each character in Genshin Impact is unique, each needs certain artifacts and talents.
Domains are dungeons where you have to defeat enemies in a certain amount of time! Complete the challenge and get your loot! Requires 20 Original Resin to open the reward chest. Since the daily Resin cap is 160, you can only complete 8 dungeons. But if you already have Level 26 Adventure Rank, then with the help of Condensed Resin you can reduce the number of runs in the dungeon, and the number of rewards will remain the same! Like everything in Teyvat, Domains scale depending on your current World Level. If you have any problems with Domains, we will help you overcome all difficulties!  
At the moment, there are 14 Domains in Teyvat with different equipment for your Character: 8 dungeons with artifacts, 3 with Materials for increasing Talents and 3 with Materials for Weapons. Let's figure it out.
Let's figure it out - what are Artifacts? 
Artifacts are equipment that increases the characters stats. There are five different types of artifact slots: Flower of Life, Feather of Death, Sands of Time, Cup of Space, Crown of Mind. Equipping a certain number of artifacts from one set activates special bonuses. The inventory can contain no more than 1,000 artifacts at a time. After reaching the limit, trying to collect more artifacts will trigger a pop-up warning. Each artifact has a basic characteristic determined by the type / slot of the artifact. In addition to the main characteristic, artifacts can have up to 4 additional characteristics. The initial stat value depends on the rarity of the artifact.
Equipping 2 or 4 different artifacts from one set gives a special bonus depending on the set. Since characters can only equip 5 artifacts, each character can only have one bonus from 4 items from one set, or two bonuses from 2 items from two different sets.
What are Talent Level-Up Materials? 
Talent Level-Up Materials - are materials that are used to increase the level of a character's talents. Rarer and higher tier materials can also be crafted through alchemy by combining several lower tier materials. The maximum level of any ability of your Character is 10. The higher the level, the more costs and materials are required for it! Be careful when you go to get the Materials, unlike Domains with Artifacts, these types of dungeons change every day and they have their own fixed rotation!
What are Weapon Level-Up Materials?
Weapon Level-Up Materials - are materials that are used to weapon ascension when it reaches its maximum level in its current phase. Rarer and higher tier materials can also be crafted through alchemy by combining several lower tier materials. Here the system is similar to the character leveling system, when it is necessary to raise him to the next Level. Be careful when you go to get the Materials, as with the Talent dungeons, this type of dungeon changes every day and they have their own fixed rotation!

Please Note! Domains have different requirements!
  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 16:
Cecilia Garden,
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula,
Court of Flowing Sand.

  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 22:
Domain of Guyun,
Midsummer Courtyard,
The Lost Valley

  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 25:
Valley of Remembrance.

  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 27:
Taishan Mansion,
Forsaken Rift,
Violet Court.

  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 30:
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula,
Peak of Vindagnyr,
Ridge Watch,
Momiji-Dyed Court,
Slumbering Court

  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 35:
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern.

  • Login & password of your miHoYo account. (your account's safety guaranteed!)

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