WoW Burning Crusade Classic Heroic Dungeon Boost Run [id:02999]

WoW Burning Crusade Classic Heroic Dungeon Boost Run [id:02999]

Here you can buy WoW Burning Crusade Classic Heroic Dungeon Boost Runs to get some rare or epic dungeon gear and prepare your new character for the upcoming TBC raids. Estimated Delivery Time: 1-2 Days
  • Selected WoW Burning Crusade Heroic Dungeon completed

  • You may get some Rare-quality and Epic-quality loot for your character's chosen class and spec which drops during the run

  • Some faction reputation farmed depending on respective dungeon completed
  • You need specific Attunements completed on your character to be able to enter specific Dungeons. Check note when selecting specific dungeon. You can add required attunement as additional option or use our WoW Burning Crusade Classic Heroic Dungeon Attunements boost service to get the required attunement.
  • Tempest Keep dungeons (The Botanica, The Mechanar and Arcatraz) require flying skill unlocked to be able to fly to the entrance.
  • Login and password, your account safety guaranteed.

WoW Burning Crusade Heroic Dungeon Boost Run - the fastest way to get some best pre-raid gear and prepare your character for P1 raids

New World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic expansion brings us new dungeons to explore, new bosses to kill and new items to loot. There are 15 Heroic difficulty Dungeons in TBC available for max level 70 players only. All heroic dungeons are located in new TBC zones:

  • Hellfire Ramparts, The Blood Furnace and Shattered Halls in Hellfire Citadel located in Hellfire Peninsula zone;
  • The Slave Pens, The Underbog and The Steamvault in Coilfang Reservoir located in Zangarmarsh zone;
  • Mana-Tombs, Auchenai Crypts and Shadow Labyrinth in Auchindoun located in Terokkar Forest zone;
  • Old Hillsbrad Foothills and The Black Morass in Caverns of Time located in Tanaris zone;
  • The Botanica, The Mechanar and The Arcatraz in Tempest Keep located in Netherstorm zone.

Bosses in WoW TBC Normal Dungeons drop 110-115 item level rare and epic gear as well as killing bosses grant your character reputation with respective faction. Heroic Dungeon runs are the fastest and easiest way to get your character best pre-raid gear and prepare him for the upcoming raids in TBC Classic. Please also note that to be able to enter Heroic dungeon your character has to have specific keys rewarded for earning Revered reputation with respective faction. You can buy WoW Burning Crusade Classic Heroic Dungeon boost run with account sharing only. Our professional and trusted Mmonster players will kindly boost your character with this World of Warcraft (WOW) TBC Classic Heroic Dungeon boost run service really fast so lean back and watch your character collects all those tasty rewards and tremendously grows in power!

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