Island Expeditions Weekly Quest

Island Expeditions Weekly Quest

  • 1000+ Azerite Power for winning 4 Island Expeditions on Heroic difficulty
  • Some Achievements for winning Island Expeditions
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  • Login and password, your account safety guaranteed.
  • 295+ item level to enter heroic island expeditions run
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion as always brings us some new content to experience and some new ways to obtain cool rewards. And such piece of content are Island Expeditions, replayable 3 player quick battles (like scenarios in MOP) against an enemy faction expedition team of 3 AI champions on 3 difficulties (normal, heroic and mythic) or 3 real players (pvp mode). There are a total of 7 different island locales coming with BFA release with 3 active and rotating each weak, they are: Dread Chain, Rotting Mire, Whispering Reef, Verdant Wilds, Ungol Ruins, Molten Cay and Skittering Hollow. The key point is to collect Azerite from any sources on the Island. The team that will collect 6000/9000/12000 (on Normal/Heroic/Mythic) Azerite first wins and gets the chance to collect such treasures as new mounts, pets, toys, plundered weapons of 60+ ilvl and armor sets for transmogrification and much more. There is also a Weekly Quest reward for collecting 36000 Azerite on Island Expeditions on any difficulty total during the week, which rewards you 2500 Azerite Power making this content the best way to get azerite power and boost your Heart of Azeroth. Join our team, rush into this epic Battle for Azeroth completing Island Expeditions Weekly Quest fast and easy, get your ultimate rewards and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had!

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