Best class to play in WoW Shadowlands

12 November 2020 | Blog

Best race to play in WoW Shadowlands

Finally, you can change the race or gender of your character for free starting from the Shadowlands release. Another huge plus of the new wow expansion is that you can open allied races quite fast and create new toons to level them afterwards so you will be ready for Shadowlands! Leveling in shadowlands will last from 24 to 48 hours played from scratch until level 60. Choose the race according to your visual preferences, unlike WoW Classic, shadowlands races are more or less at the same level of power and your game experience will not be tightly connected to the race you prefer.

Best class to choose in Shadowlands

First and foremost please select the role you would like to play. Traditionally there will be tanks, damagers and heals, all simple here. Being a newbie it is the best for you to select damage as your first role. So, you face the selection based on our chart, we based it on the beta testing data from many sources, so to make a long story short, number one is Rogue subtlety, number two will be warlock in affliction spec, number three is a Hunter in Marksmanship specialization. Shadow Priest and Frost mage took positions 4 and 5 accordingly. Each class in shadowlands has one good specialization where class gives higher than the mediocre DPS.

Best specializations for all classes in Shadowlands

If you choose to play shaman, his Elemental specialization will be the best for DPS, according to beta, for playing in shadowlands. In case you love being a Mage, choose frost in this case, way better than fire mage in shadowlands. Hunters were better in Beast Mastery in the Battle for Azeroth but now they are shining in the Marksmanship. Death Knight tastes the best in Unholy spec this time and warrior gives its best in Fury. There are some lists though where DK is listed as an A-tier in shadowlands.

Best DPS class in Shadowlands

Again, we remind that the chart is based on the beta testing logs and later in shadowlands add-on the charts will be slightly changing according to the live statistics. Yet we will be brave enough to recommend you choosing Priest in Shadow specialization, Hunter in Marksmanship spec, Warlock in affliction or destruction specializations, Subtetly Rogue of course, Mage frost or any other mage’s spec and DK unholy. More or less, all classes in their DPS specs are good but we would choose the top ones listed above.

Best Healing class in Shadowlands

All the healing specs are at the same level, plus/minus. Some heals are better at certain bosses, but if we take charts again to see the best top 3 heals in shadowlands, we will notice Priest in discipline specialization there, Mistweaver monk finally and Shaman with the restoration tree. So playing healers, you better choose by the mechanics than based on statistics, as even the best healer played at the bottom of their abilities won't bring any gaming pleasure, so again choose mechanics here.

Best Tank class in Shadowlands

If we start from the bottom of the charts, there we will unexpectedly see Druid Guardian and Palladin protection. A bit better statistics as we can see, belongs to DH tank and warrior tank, then at mythic plus selection we see that monk brewmaster is number two in the chars, and in raids it can be number one together with DK tank. As for the winner of those charts, we see DK tanks are number one for now in mythic plus and raids. So if we were you, we would chose DK as your shadowlands tank, at least at the start of the content.