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Find all about New World boost services right here! Our team explored every corner of Aeternum including the new expansion Rise of the Angry Earth. We're ready to share our years of experience and help with any boost, whether it's Coins, Power Leveling, conquering Expeditions and Mutations, Trade Skills boost, or triumphing in PvP battles.

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New World Boost Explained

When you're engrossed in your favorite game like New World, but work or family keeps you busy, it's hard to match the progress of players who have more time to invest. This is where boost (or boosting) services come in handy. New World boost gets you the best gear, lets you face the toughest PvE challenges like mutations on elite difficulty, and holds your ground in PvP battles. In other words thanks to boosts, you can stay up to date in New World without giving all your free time to the game.

What types of New World Boosts are there?

Imagine, a new expansion like Rise of the Angry Earth comes out, your friends have been playing New World for a while and already have level 60 characters, and you, being a newbie, want to join them, but don't have the time to level up from 1 to 60. That's when the so-called Power Leveling Boost comes to your aid. In this scenario, you hire an experienced player who levels up your character to 60 or optionally to 65 in just a few days while you sleep or work, and voila, your character is fully ready to join your friends. Or here's another scenario: your friends invite you to explore the new Expedition - The Savage Divide on Hard difficulty over the weekend, where the minimum Gear Score required for entry is 675, but your current Gear Score is somewhere around 620. This is where New World Gear Boost comes to the rescue. Our players can quickly assemble the gear you need for any weapon type, so your friends won’t have to find a replacement for you just because your Gear Score doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

You got the 675 Gear, entered the Expedition, but couldn't beat the last boss because your DPS isn't high enough? It's likely that your weapon types aren't effective in this dungeon, as each mob type has a weakness to a particular weapon type. But what if the mastery level of the suitable weapon is at level one? That's where the Weapon Mastery Boost service comes in. In just one evening, our player can level up the mastery of your desired weapons from level 1 to 20. And don’t forget, with the release of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, new quality items of weapons and armor called artifacts were introduced into the game. Each player can carry a maximum of 1 artifact weapon and 1 artifact armor piece. There are many different artifacts and they are obtained in various ways, but our team not only knows where and how to get the artifact you need, but also know the most efficient and quick way to upgrade it. Yes, artifacts can be leveled up and enhanced, and this will significantly impact your effectiveness in both PvE and PvP.

As you can see, there are numerous types of New World boost services and they all help players not only save time but also enhance their gameplay and efficiency in the game. Besides, there are boosting services like Trade Skills Leveling, Riding Skill Boost , Expeditions Carry , and of course, New World Coins , and all of this as well as much more is available to you right here, right now at the lowest prices from players who have spent several years on this game, and have incredible experience and knowledge, which are also at your service.

Is New World Boost Safe?

Boosting is when one player helps another for a bit of money. Who can stop you from getting help from other players, and why should it matter to anyone what deal you make for this help? We think it's clear: nobody should stop you. But, it's important that the person helping you doesn’t use cheats, bots, or any software to automate the game – that’s a big no-no! Here, you have nothing to worry about. The MmonsteR team has been doing this for over 10 years and has a great reputation. Our players have never, we mean NEVER, used any tricks or automation to do the job – you can trust us on that. And when you give us your info, it’s totally safe with us. So, boosting with MmonsteR is absolutely safe.

Familiar with boosts but not sure what the game New World is?

New World is an MMORPG from Amazon Games Studios that launched on September 28, 2021, and drew quite a lot of attention from players. However, due to a series of technical issues, interest in the game cooled off, and the dazzling 1 million player count dropped to just a few tens of thousands. But the developers didn’t give up and kept working on their project. Patch after patch, fix after fix, the technical issues were resolved, and over a couple of years, a good amount of content was added to the game, enticing players to return. And now, 2 years post-release, the first major expansion called Rise of the Angry Earth has been launched in New World. And recently, the game brought in its first raid boss, Blood of the Sands , challenging like the bosses in World of Warcraft’s mythic raids.

The game has a really interesting, and possibly one of the best crafting systems in its type. In New World, crafting jobs are known as Trade Skills, covering Crafting, Gathering, and Refining Skills. There's also a territory war system with big player versus player battles of 40 against 40 players.

If you like MMORPGs, and have played games like World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls Online, but want to try something different, New World - Rise of the Angry Earth is something we really suggest trying out. And if you've played New World before but want to come back and try the new expansion, the developers have prepared a Rise of the Angry Earth: New and Returning Player Guide !

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