Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel Boost

Here, you can buy Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel Boost service, which helps you to defeat the new boss introduced in Season 4. Andariel is a source of items with increased chances to drop Uber unique items, and our team will defeat the Maiden of Anguish as many times as you wish!

Service Includes

  • Summon and kill the Echo of Andariel.
  • Chance to get Uber Unique Item ( 925 item level ).
  • Possibility to obtain Ancestral gear (925 item level).
  • Possibility to get 1x Resplendent Spark from Tormented Echo of Andariel (if it your first Tormented Echo Kill).
  • All loot dropped during the boost.


  • Active Diablo 4 account.
  • Completed main campaign.
  • Level and build suitable to defeat the boss if you choose the account sharing method.
  • World Tier 4 unlocked.

Boost Options Explained

  • Select world - In this option, you can select the realm on which you play.
  • Difficulty - In this option, you can select realm difficulty.
  • Account sharing - This option means granting booster access to the account.
  • Selfplay - This option means performing the service with your participation.
  • Echo of Andariel - With this option we will summon and kill Echo of Andariel.
  • Tormented Echo of Andariel - With this option we will summon and kill Tormented Echo of Andariel.
  • I can summon the boss - You will receive a discount if the boss will be summoned using your materials during the boost.
  • Standart priority - With Standard priority the player will begin working on your order within 1-2 days after the purchase and will spend 6-7 hours per day leveling up your character.
  • High priority - With High Priority the player will begin working on your order within several hours after the purchase and will spend 10-12 hours per day leveling up your character.
  • Select your platform - In this option, you can select platform on which you play.

How it works

After you've selected all the desired options and paid for your order, you'll receive an order number and an email confirmation that your order has been accepted.

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Echo of Andariel Boost: Location, Summoning and Rewards

The list of updates in Season 4 will bring players many changes and innovations. The most exciting thing is the addition of Echo of Andariel, Maiden of Anguish, a new powerful boss, and the twin sister of Duriel. Although they are twins only in lore, the developers decided to emphasize this even more by making Andariel's loot table identical to Duriel's.

So now we want to share our experience of facing the Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel and the Diablo 4 Tormented Echo of Andariel (level 200). We will give you some advice about how to defeat her.

Where is Echo of Andariel located?

You can find the boss at the Hanged Man's Hall, in World Tier 4. As for the Uber version, it can be summoned in the same place. D4 Andariel Kill will be a challenging trial, especially with the Tormented version. The Uber Andariel's level is equal to 200, and attacks will start dealing much more damage. It is one of the toughest encounters, but you can have the chance to go through it as fast as possible with the help of the Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel Boost. Our team helps you defeat the boss, regardless of whether it's level 100 or 200.

How to summon Echo of Andariel and Tormented Echo of Andariel in Diablo 4?

To summon the Diablo IV Echo of Andariel, Maiden of Anguish, you should gather materials:

We recommend gathering resources by defeating Lord Zir and Beast in the Ice, as the drop rate from World Bosses is extremely low. Additionally, we have noticed that currently, Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel Kill is much easier and more profitable than collecting resources and defeating her brother, Duriel.

The Tormented version requires more materials for summoning, specifically:

Using our Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel Boost service can make things easier we take care of gathering the necessary consumables for you, and if you use your materials, the price of killing the boss will be reduced.

How to defeat Echo of Andariel and Tormented Echo of Andariel in Diablo 4?

When we faced this boss first, it was a real challenge for us. The boss is quite powerful, and one wrong move can result in your death. Let's start with preparation. For battling Andariel, we recommend (as we did ourselves) a character level of 90+, glyphs of at least level 15 (if possible), and corresponding resistances.

As for the Tormented version, we recommend a level 100 character, glyphs at level 21, all your items at 12/12, and at least one Uber unique (if possible). The requirements are not small, but otherwise, defeating the boss will be much more difficult. If you don't want to spend much time leveling up, you can still succeed with lower stats by using the Echo of Andariel Boost service.

List of attacks you can expect during the battle:

  • Standard Attack - Andariel strikes you with her hand, then creates 3 projectiles that fly in different directions.
  • Charged Attack - The boss prepares a powerful strike, pushing the player backward afterward and creating three blood orbs that explode and release projectiles toward the player after a delay.
  • Poison Blow - Andariel releases yellow projectiles in various directions. While they don't inflict significant damage, it's advisable to keep distance from the boss at this moment, especially in Tormented Andariel's case, as all projectiles can hit simultaneously, causing massive damage.
  • Andariel Statues - During the battle, Andariel will vanish from the arena three times (possibly fewer with high DPS). Following this, you should destroy three effigies dealing elemental damage.
  • Lightning Bolts - Special attention should be given to small red balls that fill the arena. They move slowly in a circular motion but deal significant damage if they hit you. Due to their easy overlook on the map, they posed a serious challenge.
  • Exploding Circles - The Echo of Andariel creates circles on the arena resembling pentagrams. After a short delay, they explode, dealing enormous damage. It's recommended not to step into the circles, as being caught in one explosion can propel you into another.

Additionally, complicating factors will be present in the arena, such as a laser that will strike across the arena and deal damage, and a spinning fire moving in the clockwise direction. You need to constantly evade these attacks as they can instantly kill you. In addition to all these details, it's worth noting that besides all these attacks, Andariel will also constantly attack you, making the battle incredibly difficult, and Echo of Andariel Boost is needed to save nerves.

Rewards after defeating Echo of Andariel and Tormented Echo of Andariel

From the boss, you can obtain many unique items, both class-specific and general. Among the rewards for completing the Uber version, you can receive 1x Resplendent Spark (only once and if it's the first defeated Tormented Echo). Now about the rewards:

Andariel Kill - Barbarian iconBarbarian Rewards

Unique items:
Uber Unique items:

Andariel Kill - Druid iconDruid Rewards

Unique items:
Uber Unique items:

Andariel Kill - Necromancer iconNecromancer Rewards

Unique items:
Uber Unique items:

Andariel Kill - Rogue iconRogue Rewards

Unique items:
Uber Unique items:

Andariel Kill - Sorcerer iconSorcerer Rewards

Unique items:
Uber Unique items:

Andariel Kill - All Classes iconAll Classes Rewards

Unique items:
Uber Unique items:


D4 Echo of Andariel is a new challenge prepared by developers for Season 4. The boss is a trial that players will have to prepare. But the rewards are worth it, and we are ready to offer support and assistance. Echo of Andariel Boost service is the solution that will help you save time and effort, while still obtaining valuable rewards.

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