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  • Active Brawl Stars account.
  • Suitable number of Brawlers with power level 9.
  • Ranked Mode unlocked.

Boost Options Explained

  • Account Sharing - This option means granting booster access to the account.
  • Selfplay - This option means performing the service with your participation.
  • Select boost option - In this option, you can select the specific range of ranks or choose from our ranks packages.
  • Select current and desired Rank - In this option, you can select the current and desired rank that you want to achieve.

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What is Ranked Mode in Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars Ranked mode was introduced in the February 2024 update. This mode replaced the previous Brawl Stars Power League. Just like in Power League, players can play an unlimited number of matches and cannot lose their trophies. Ranked mode is also separated into seasons, and each new season resets your progress, allowing you to earn rewards again for achieving different ranks (tiers). Each season lasts exactly one month and is updated almost as frequently as the Brawl Pass.

How to Unlock Ranked in Brawl Stars?

To progress in Ranked mode, players first need to unlock it. This happens once you reach 1000 trophies in the game. However, even after unlocking Ranked, you won't be able to play it until you upgrade 3 Brawlers to Power Level 9. Once you meet all these conditions, you can test your skills in Brawl Stars Ranked.

Brawl Stars Ranked Mode - Overview

Brawl Stars Ranked is a different mode from others, featuring its own internal ranked progression. There are a total of 19 ranks, and players need to earn a specific number of points to reach a new rank. Below, you can see the required points for each rank and the rewards you can unlock. Progression is also partially simplified, as you receive a boost of points up to the rank you achieved in the previous season.

Rank Points Rewards
Bronze I 0 -
Bronze II 500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Bronze III 1000 1 Starr Drop
Silver I 1500 1 Epic Starr Drop
Silver II 2000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Silver III 2500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Gold I 3000 1 Mythic Starr Drop
Gold II 3500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Gold III 4000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Diamond I 4500 1 Mythic Starr Drop
Diamond II 5000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Diamond III 5500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Mythic I 6000 1 Legendary Starr Drop
Mythic II 6500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Mythic III 7000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Legendary I 7500 1 Legendary Starr Drop
Legendary II 8000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Legendary III 8500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Masters 9000 1 Legendary Starr Drop

After you get Brawlers with Power Level 9, you can reach the maximum tier of Diamond 1. To progress further, you need to increase the number of your Brawlers with Power Level 9 to 12. This is because, at higher ranks in Ranked Mode, there unlocked an option to ban Brawlers, requiring a more tactical procedure to battles.

Many players may face difficulties with further Brawl Stars Ranked leveling, not only in assembling a team of Brawlers with Power Level 9 but also in achieving victories as the competition gets tougher. This is where our Brawl Stars Ranked Boost service comes in handy, helping you reach any rank up to Masters in the shortest possible time!

Brawl Stars Ranked Rewards

When you reach each new rank (tier) in Ranked Mode, you will receive a Ranked Starr Drop or a Starr Drop. From the Ranked Starr Drop, you can obtain Bling and cosmetics. The rewards of the Starr Drop depend on its rarity and can include Power Points, Coins, and even a new Brawler. Therefore, Brawl Stars Ranked completion is an important element that can help you progress your account and improve your characters. Additionally, you can get a Ranked Battle Card after achieving a new rank, serving as a badge of honor and a testament to your accomplishments in Ranked Mode.

Brawl Stars Ranked Gameplay

The gameplay in Ranked Mode involves playing various game modes with an additional modifier. At the start of each match, the game mode, map, and modifier are randomly chosen. Map and game modes in Ranked can be previewed during the matchmaking stages.

From Bronze I to Gold III tiers, each team of players simply selects a Brawler from those available at Power Level 9. This selection is done blindly, meaning you won't see the opposing team's picks. From Diamond I to Masters, the game becomes significantly challenging and is formatted as a two-win tournament, similar to the previous Brawl Stars Power League. The team that wins two matches becomes the winner.

Additionally, before the game begins, there's an option to ban certain Brawlers, adding a strategic element to the match. Banning a Brawler means neither team cant select that Brawler for the match. Player matchmaking is based on their current rank and progress within it. If you encounter an opponent with a higher rank, you will earn more points for victory. You can play Brawl Stars Ranked solo, in pairs, or teams of three. For pair play, you must be within three ranks of each other, meaning a Diamond I player can team up with players ranging from Gold I to Mythic I. For a team of three, the range is within two ranks.

Once a player reaches a new rank, they cannot be demoted to a lower rank, meaning if you reach Legendary I, you won't be demoted to Mythic III upon losing. However, you can be demoted within the current rank, such as from Legendary II to Legendary I.

Upon reaching the final rank of Masters, you will receive an absolute rank number based on your rating and will appear on the global leaderboard for the current season. While reaching the Masters rank is challenging, our team has achieved it many times, and with the help of our Brawl Stars Ranked Boost, you too can become one of the top players in this mode!

Brawl Stars Ranked Modifiers

To keep things dynamic, each match has its own specific ranked modifier like:

  • Quickfire - restores a percentage of ammo upon successful hits.
  • Big Friend - all Brawlers have HP equal to the highest on the team.
  • Timed Detonation - objects on the map deteriorate and detonate over time.
  • Barbed Ammo - deals periodic damage after hits.
  • Sick Beat - all characters are immune to slows and stuns.
  • Second Wind - Brawlers respawn on the same spot they were defeated.

In each season, there are four modifiers used: one classic modifier that is regular and three others that change every season. This setup provides a fresh experience each season and adds complexity to the game, making the Brawl Stars Ranked Boost service more in demand. Note that Ranked mode seasons are now monthly.

Ranked Mode - Tips and Tricks

Brawl Stars Ranked leveling can be long and exhausting, so we have prepared several tips to simplify your progression in this mode. We use these methods ourselves due to their high efficiency.

  • Study the map. Before the battle or at the very beginning, identify zones where it will be easier for you to intercept opponents for better map control. This is important on any map.
  • Learn effective drafting strategies. Drafting is a core game aspect, and it is crucial, especially for reaching higher ranks.
  • Learn counter picks. Understand the counter picks for different characters. This will help you know which opponents you can fight more effectively and which characters to avoid.
  • Use pressure strategy. Employ more aggressive strategies to create additional pressure. This will force your opponent to play more cautiously and make more mistakes.

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Ranked can bring many rewards, with which you can improve your current Brawlers. However, all these complexities will not allow you to obtain them so easily, and the Brawl Stars Ranked Boost service will be useful to complete it. Our team is ready to take on all the challenges and obtain all the rewards instead of you. Stop waiting and order Brawl Stars Ranked Leveling now!


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