FUT Champions Playoffs

EA Sports FC 24 (Fifa 24) FUT Champions Play-offs wins boost

Secure your place among the elite with our FUT Champions Playoffs Service in EA Sports FC 24. Let our expert players take the reins and help you climb the competitive ladder. Whether you aim to qualify for the weekend league or you're after the high-tier rewards, we've got you covered. Get the wins you need to move up the ranks and collect the rewards that come with it. Don't miss out on your shot at glory; make your mark in the FUT Champions Playoffs with our professional help.

Service Includes

  • You will get the desired amount of wins in FUT Champions Play-off mode
  • Rewards according to your wins amount

Service Description

Ready to elevate your game and earn fantastic rewards? Don't miss the FUT Champions Play-offs, one of the most popular modes in EA Sports FC 24.

Before joining the mid-week challenge that leads to FUT Champions finals, you'll need to gather 1250 points in Division Rivals(Your can order it here). Secure at least 4 wins out of 10 games to qualify for the weekend league mode and snag some decent rewards.

Wondering what's in store for you? Here are the rank rewards for the Champions Play-Offs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team:

Rank 1 40 pts 1x Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 1x Rare Players Pack, 1x Mega Pack
Rank 2 36 pts 1x Rare Mega Pack, 1x Prime Gold Players Pack, 2x Small Rare Gold Players Pack
Rank 3 32 pts 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, 2x Rare Gold Pack, 2x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
Rank 4 26 pts 2x Mega Pack, 1x Rare Gold Pack
Rank 5 20 pts 2x Rare Gold Pack, 1x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
Rank 6 12 pts 2x Gold Players Pack, 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Rank 7 4 pts 2x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

If you need help - feel free to order our EA Sports FUT Champions playoffs boost and best of our players will help you get the best rewards. Our players are extremely experienced and some of them play in fifa series more then 10 years. And some even from FIFA 98!
  • Active EA Sports FC account
  • 1250 Divisions Rivals points
  • Team with high chemistry and meta players and 85+ rating. Please contact us before ordering 5+ wins, so we can check if your request could be completed
  • Contact us by Discord or Whatsapp;
  • We will set a date & time for your order execution;
  • Will give you all the necessary instructions
  • You will need to send us your account details 
  • Enjoy your coaching session & Don't forget to rate us on TrustPilot;

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