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CoD Season 4: All Information about Seasons

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Season 4 Reloaded update brings new maps, modes, playlists, weapons, events, and more, including the Unstable Rift explorations in Modern Warfare® Zombies. This guide covers all the new features in Season 4.

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Season 4
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Season 4 (Credit: Activision)

Season 4 Release Date and Updates: Season 4 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launched on May 29, with detailed patch notes from Activision. The mid-season update, Season 4 Reloaded, arrived on June 26 at 9 AM Pacific Time, adding new content and enhancements across PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and Warzone Mobile.

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What's New in the Warzone and MW3 Season 4 Roadmap

So, Season 4 is packed with exciting new features! Let's explore the details.

Category Details
New Operators Soap: He's back in action.
Hammer: Known for his brute strength and heavy weapons.
Void: A mysterious character with advanced stealth skills.
Crossovers and Events Gundam Crossover: New Operator skins and a themed event with exclusive rewards.
Pride Month: Unlock free Pride-themed skins to celebrate inclusivity.
New Maps Tokyo, Paris, Incline and Das Gross are available now.
New Modes Demolition
Hyper Cranked
Headshots Only
Blueprint Gunfight
New Weapons Kar98k (Marksman Rifle)
Superi 46 (SMG)
Reclaimer 18 (Shotgun)
Available through the Season 4 battle pass.
New Killstreaks Loitering Munition (8 kills): A drone that bombs targeted areas.
I.M.S. (7 kills): Smart explosives targeting enemies.
Missile Drone (11 kills): A piloted drone with guided missiles.
DNA Bomb (25 kills): A bomb that wipes out the enemy team without ending the match.
New Gear Mission Control Vest: Reduces the number of kills needed for streaks.
Compression Plate: Regenerates health after kills or objective captures.

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New Modes in Season 4

The new season of Call of Duty is packed with fresh modes and playlist modifiers, ensuring an action-filled experience. Here’s a detailed look at what’s coming:

Mutation Mode

As part of the Altered Strain Event, Multiplayer skirmishes can randomly shift into Mutation Mode, where teams face off as humans and mutants. Mid-match, teams switch roles, making for a dynami c and intense gameplay experience. Killstreaks and special classes add layers of strategy, turning every round into a tactical challenge.

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - Mutation Mode
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - Mutation Mode (Credit: Activision)
  • Humans: Equipped with standard loadouts and increased ammo. They earn Killstreak points for killing player-controlled and non-player-controlled zombies.
  • Mutants: Choose from classes like Mutated Leaper, Radioactive Beast, Contaminated Sludger, and Camouflaged Sneaker, each with unique abilities to eliminate enemy humans. High-performing mutants can become a powerful Mutant Juggernaut.

As the event progresses, players can unlock augmentations for mutants, such as rapid cooldowns and temporary damage reduction from explosives.

Havoc Mode

This mode adds random gameplay modifiers throughout the match, such as low gravity, third-person mode, or sticky grenades on kills. These changes activate as teams hit specific score milestones, ensuring no two matches are ever the same. Players must adapt to ever-changing conditions, making strategy and flexibility crucial.

Headshots Only

Precision is key in this mode, where only headshots count. It’s a brutal test of accuracy, perfect for players looking to hone their sharpshooting skills. Throwing Knives, Throwing Stars, and grenades are only effective if they inflict head damage, raising the stakes and intensity.

Blueprint Gunfight

Mid-season, the Blueprint Gunfight Playlist will introduce a variety of new Weapon Blueprints in compact maps, spicing up the classic Gunfight mode. This addition keeps the competition fresh and exciting, encouraging players to experiment with different weapon configurations.

Throughout the season, playlist updates will add modifiers like Looping Killstreaks and Killstreak Caches, changing the dynamics of familiar modes and keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.

Ranked Multiplayer Enhancements

Ranked Multiplayer in Season 4 brings new rewards while keeping its competitive edge.

Here's how you can earn MWIII Ranked Play rewards:

  • Rank Rewards: Available from the start and can be earned in any season. You can keep progressing your rank from previous seasons in Season 4.
  • Season Rewards: Only available within the current season, offering exclusive content to keep players active and competitive. If you want faster results, you can purchase the Time-Limited Seasonal Rewards Boost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Warzone to choose any reward you want to get.
  • End-of-Season Rewards: Given after the season ends, these rewards reflect your highest division or your placement in the Top 250 Division.

Season 4 brings new content to unlock in MWIII Ranked Play. While Rank Rewards remain the same, Skill Division Rewards are updated. If you missed the Gold, Platinum, Crimson, or Iridescent Operator Skin sets before, now’s your chance to get them.

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Seasonal Wins event

Here's what you can unlock with in Seasonal Wins event (Don't forget that all the wins must be done in Ranked Play game mode):

Wins Rewards
5 Wins MW3 Season 4 Competitor Weapon Sticker
10 Wins Pro Issue Renetti Weapon Blueprint
25 Wins Break a Sweat Weapon Charm
50 Wins Goated Weapon Decal
75 Wins MW3 Ranked Play Season 4 Loading Screen
100 Wins MW3 Season 4 Ranked Veteran Weapon Camo

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New Maps in Season 4

Season 4 of Call of Duty brings exciting new maps that will keep players engaged and ready for action.


A simple layout with two outside lanes and a center lane filled with rooms. It offers a mix of open spaces and close-quarter combat for varied strategies.

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Paris
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Paris (Credit: Activision)


A smaller, two-lane night map that's well-lit despite the setting. The vibrant colors and decor make matches visually engaging.

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Tokyo
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Tokyo (Credit: Activision)


Head into Urzikstan's mountains on this mid-sized snow map with a research outpost and transit facility. Battle over frozen ground or shelter in outbuildings. In the center station, use the lower cable car for a good view. Climbing spots help you get above enemies.

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Small Sized

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Incline
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Incline (Credit: Activision)

Das Gross

Not a new map, but a reimagined version of Das Haus with a creepy Vortex look, launching mid-season. It offers a dark and eerie environment for intense battles.

New, Core, 6v6, Small-Sized

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Das Gross
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Map Das Gross (Credit: Activision)

New Weapons in Season 4

This season of Call of Duty brings a fresh arsenal to spice up the battlefield. From nostalgic returns to innovative new additions, the weaponry will cater to diverse playstyles and tactical preferences.

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Kar98k (Marksman Rifle)

The Kar98k is back, rekindling the nostalgia of classic Call of Duty gameplay. This bolt-action sniper, known for its one-shot kill potential, offers a slow yet powerful rate of fire. Unlock it at Battle Pass Sector 15 and dive into 16 intense levels of marksmanship.

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Weapon Kar98k
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - Kar98k (Credit: Activision)

Superi 46 (SMG)

Introducing the Superi 46, a highly mobile SMG chambered in 4.6x300mm. This versatile weapon excels in close-quarters combat but maintains impressive accuracy at range. Find it in Battle Pass Sector 20 and master its 21 levels to dominate your enemies.

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Weapon Superi 46
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - Superi 46 (Credit: Activision)

Reclaimer 18 (Shotgun)

Returning mid-season, the Reclaimer 18 shotgun brings back the hard-hitting power of the 12-gauge. With six levels to unlock via special Battle Pass challenges, this weapon promises to deliver devastating close-range damage, reminiscent of its last appearance in Black Ops: Cold War.

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Weapon Reclaimer 18
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - Reclaimer 18 (Credit: Activision)

Sledgehammer (Melee)

Introducing the Sledgehammer melee weapon, perfect for close combat enthusiasts! Whether you like fast strikes or powerful swings, this weapon is set to become a mid-season favorite. Only be available weekly challenge reward.

image of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - New Weapon Sledgehammer
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III - Sledgehammer (Credit: Activision)

JAK Aftermarket Parts

This season introduces eight new Aftermarket Parts, offering exciting modifications to enhance your weaponry. Unlock these parts by completing weekly challenges or spending Arsenal Points in Warzone Mobile.

  • JAK Harbinger Kit (M4 Assault Rifle):
    Convert your M4 into a .50 Cal behemoth with this deadly quick-kill kit. Its slow fire rate and increased recoil require skillful handling, but the reward is immense firepower.
  • JAK Gunslinger (Basilisk Handgun):
    This frame and cylinder conversion boosts your revolver to hold eight rounds of .357 ammunition, drastically increasing the rate of fire for near-instantaneous trigger action.
  • JAK Volkh (KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle):
    Enhance your sniper rifle with a two-round burst modification. This meticulous update ensures minimal MOA dispersion, making every shot count.
  • JAK Scimitar Kit (FJX Horus Submachine Gun):
    Improve range and recoil with this aftermarket kit, which also unlocks a high-capacity drum mag for sustained firepower.
  • JAK Thumper-656 (RGL-80 Launcher):
    Boost your grenade launcher’s performance with an improved long barrel, increasing projectile velocity and distance. Compatible with various launcher projectiles, it’s a must-have for explosive enthusiasts.
  • JAK Requiem (Kastov 762 Assault Rifle):
    This counter-balanced rifle system eliminates vertical recoil, allowing for precise and controlled firing.
  • JAK Decimator (Lachmann Shroud Submachine Gun):
    Convert your Lachmann Shroud to full auto with this modification, transforming it into a rapid-fire powerhouse.
  • JAK Intimidator (Renetti Handgun):
    Slow down your fire rate and focus on deliberate shots with this single-shot conversion, perfect for sharpshooters seeking precision over speed.

New Perks, Equipment, and Killstreaks in Season 4

Season 4 of Call of Duty introduces new weapons, gear, and killstreaks, adding more strategy and excitement. Unlock them through challenges or the Battle Pass, catering to all players.


New Vest: Mission Control Vest

The Mission Control Vest is a game-changer, offering Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrade, Gloves, and two Gear Slots.

It reduces Killstreak costs by one kill or 125 points and grants one kill or 125 points for every two Kill Assists or Cross Fire Assists. Ideal for players who excel in killstreaks and team support.

New Perk (Gear): Compression Plate

The Compression Plate is a versatile new perk that immediately regenerates health after a kill with a Primary, Secondary, or Throwing Knife/Throwing Star.

Objective captures also trigger health regeneration. An icon appears on your HUD when this perk is active, making it easier to manage your health in the heat of battle.


New Killstreak: Intelligent Munitions Systems (I.M.S.)

(Kills: 8 / Score: 1,000): The I.M.S. deploys smart explosives that eliminate enemy personnel and vehicles within range. When triggered, it ejects an explosive upwards, which then locks onto its target and propels towards them. This killstreak is ideal for controlling key areas of the map and disrupting enemy movements.

New Killstreak: Missile Drone

(Kills: 11 / Score: 1,375): The Missile Drone is a small, piloted drone controlled by the player that fires guided missiles. This killstreak allows for precision strikes on enemy positions, making it a powerful tool for turning the tide of battle.

New Killstreak: DNA Bomb

The DNA Bomb is a devastating new killstreak that wipes out every player in the match.

Unlike the traditional nuke, the DNA Bomb doesn't end the match, allowing the chaos to continue. This killstreak is perfect for players looking to make a significant impact on the game.

Battle Pass in Season 4

The current season's Battle Pass introduces exciting new content! The highlight includes exclusive Operators named Dupe and Copy for BlackCell users.

They have a special move called Identity Theft. When you kill an enemy with this move, you instantly take their skin. You keep this new look until you die, making the game more fun and strategic.

Rewards: The Battle Pass has 110 rewards to unlock! You can get Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, COD Points, and more. Whether you play MWIII, Warzone, or Warzone Mobile, you only need to buy the Battle Pass once. It works across all these games, giving you great value.

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