12 June 2024 | Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Raid Loot table

Salvation’s Edge is here, and it's the climactic final raid in the Light and Dark saga. This raid ties directly to The Final Shape and Excision mission, making it a crucial part of the Destiny 2 story.

It features five challenging encounters that offer unique weapons and armor pieces, providing both a test of skill and an opportunity to earn exclusive loot.

What to Expect from the Salvation’s Edge Raid? Each encounter drops specific gear, allowing you to target farm for the items you need. As you progress through the raid, you’ll come across a variety of exclusive weapons and armor pieces. Understanding which encounters drop which items will help you plan your strategy and focus your efforts.

Important Requirement: You need The Final Shape DLC to join the Salvation’s Edge raid. Make sure you have it to get all the necessary content.

Salvation’s Edge Raid Requirements

To join the raid, complete the Final Shape campaign and the Wild card Exotic Quest first. Entering the raid without finishing the campaign will reveal major story spoilers. Make sure your fireteam leader meets these requirements to avoid disruptions.

Raid Prerequisites:

  • The Final Shape expansion.
  • Complete the Final Shape campaign.
  • Complete the Wildcard Exotic Quest.
  • In Salvation’s Edge contest mode, player Power Level are cap at 1965. In normal mode, aim to reach the recommended power level to farm weapons and armor effectively.
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Destiny 2 The Final Shape Salvation’s Edge Raid

Salvation’s Edge Raid Loot Table

The raid features five challenging encounters that test your team's coordination and skill. Completing them rewards you with a mix of Legendary weapons and armor.

Weapons Loot Table

Encounter Weapons
Substratum (first encounter) Nullify (legendary pulse rifle), Non-Denouement (legendary bow), Imminence (legendary submachine gun)
Herald of Finality (second encounter) Summun Bonun (legendary sword), Non-Denouement (legendary bow), Forthcoming Deviance (legendary glaive)
Repository (third encounter) Nullify (legendary pulse rifle), Critical Anomaly (legendary sniper rifle), Imminence (legendary submachine gun)
Verity (fourth encounter) Summun Bonun (legendary sword), Non-Denouement (legendary bow), Imminence (legendary submachine gun)
The Witness (fifth encounter) Euphony (exotic linear fusion rifle), Summun Bonun (legendary sword), Nullify (legendary pulse rifle), Critical Anomaly (legendary sniper rifle)

All Legendary weapons from the Salvation’s Edge raid have the Origin Perk, Collective Purpose, which boosts range and handling near allies.

Armor Loot Table

Encounter Armor
Substratum (first encounter) Legendary Gauntlets
Legendary Chest
Herald of Finality (second encounter) Legendary Helm
Legendary Class Item
Repository (third encounter) Legendary Gauntlets
Verity (fourth encounter) Legendary Legs
The Witness (fifth encounter) Legendary Helm
Legendary Legs

So what do we have overall:

  • 6 Legendary Weapons: Each raid encounter can drop powerful Legendary weapons with unique perks for PvE and PvP.
  • Exotic Weapon: An Exotic Euphony weapon is available, either through an Exotic Quest or as a random drop from the final boss.
  • Exclusive Armor Sets: Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks each get special armor sets with great stats, themed around the Salvation’s Edge raid.

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Salvation’s Edge Weapons

Salvation’s Edge will feature six new Legendary weapons, each with unique perks:

  • Nullify: A powerful burst-fire Pulse Rifle with enhanced stability.
  • Imminence: Provides formidable firepower at close range, ensuring Guardians can swiftly eliminate threats in tight quarters.
  • Non-Denouncement: A deadly Arc combat bow known for precision and versatility.
  • Critical Anomaly: A heavy-hitting sniper rifle perfect for high-value target takedowns.
  • Forthcoming Devlance: Offers a unique mix of melee and ranged combat.
  • Summum Bonum: A versatile sword combining heavy attacks with agile aerial moves.

Salvation’s Edge Exotic Weapon

Besides the Legendary weapons, Salvation’s Edge will introduce a special Exotic weapon. This rare item usually drops from the final boss and is highly sought after.

Euphony is unique, using the Kinetic slot and Special Ammo, allowing a versatile loadout with a strong Energy weapon.

Sustained damage spawns Threadlings that attack enemies, creating a chain reaction. Euphony’s damage increases with Threadling hits, ideal for crowd control and focused fire.

image of Euphony (Linear Fusion Rifle)
Destiny 2 Euphony (Linear Fusion Rifle)

And in the Salvation’s Edge Raid, you can obtain the exclusive Euphony - powerful rifle that enhances your gameplay, helping you improve your skills and enjoy the game more.

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Salvation’s Edge Dungeon Armor

Each class has access to a distinct armor set tailored for the challenges of the raid. These stylish and formidable pieces not only enhance your Guardian's appearance but also provide essential bonuses to aid you in your battles against the darkness.

The Salvation's Edge Raid Armor comes packed with features that make it stand out. Here's what they include:

  • Superior Defense: High damage resistance to keep you safe during intense battles.
  • Enhanced Stats: Boosts to your character’s health, stamina, and agility.
  • Unique Abilities: Special powers that give you an edge over your opponents.
  • Customizable Aesthetics: Personalize your armor to suit your style.

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Salvation’s Edge Cosmetic items

Exclusive Items:

  • Exotic items: Turmoil Engine Exotic Vehicle and Timeless Bond Exotic Ghost Shell.
  • Cosmetic enhancements such as Exotic Ships and Exotic Sparrows.
  • Catalysts to unlock the full potential of your weapons.

Exclusive Emblems:

Emblems serve as symbols of honor and achievement, and Salvation’s Edge will offer at least two exclusive designs to commemorate your triumphs in the raid.


Taking on the raid is no easy task and needs good prep, teamwork, and smart planning. It's a real test of skill and coordination, but the loot makes it all worthwhile. Every piece of gear you get not only boosts your gameplay but also shows off your victory in one of Destiny 2 toughest challenges.

Salvation’s Edge offers an epic and rewarding adventure for those brave enough to face it. The unique weapons and armor, along with the exciting battles, showcase the best of what Destiny 2 has to offer.


The Exotic has two perks: Unwound Intrinsic (Continuous damage spawns Threadlings at your target) and Spindle (Threadlings' damage boosts this weapon's damage)

The Final Shape expansion.

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