Shadowlands Leveling! All changes, all Zones, how to level fast 50-60 in shadowlands wow

15 October 2020 | NEWS

Level squeeze in shadowlands

how to level fast 50-60 shadowlands leveling

Who was 120 will become 50 level, to sum it up, the level squeeze seems dramatic, though we still need to travel through the ten levels in the Shadowlands addon 9.0. The other levels before the 50th level will be scaled subsequently. The main goal of the squeeze is to turn the leveling process into something more fun, if we used to level for 10 levels and got nothing, now for each level we will be rewarded with talents, new abilities, or enhancing old abilities. There will also appear a new zone for the new players in Warcraft: exile’s reach, the new starting zone. Here the noobs can learn modern playing methods in World of Warcraft and learn the most important characters and events such as Murlocks, shipwrecks, etc. In the end of the content at this noob island, there will be a mini-dungeon that one can go alone through or scale it for “5 players” usual format. After this small challenge, you are being sent to the capital city. The plus here is that in case you are nicely familiar with wow, you can keep the noobs island and chose yourself the leveling location to your taste. The levleing will happen 50-70% faster!

Scaling World and Changes in Class Range

The world will fit your current level and new players will be sent into Battle for Azeroth where the content will be adapted according to player’s level at the moment. It is presumed that you will have to level in the BFA until reaching level 50 by doing quests and solving tasks. After you reach 50 lvl, you will be sent into the Shadowlands addon. The changes will also touch our basic ways of dealing with our main class abilities. For instance, for a mage fire, you will be able to use some ice abilities as well. How it’s going to affect the balance we don’t know for now, yet we have some old skill comings back to us! Auras for paladins, totems for shaman, curses for warlocks, and poisons for rogues!

Anima instead of Artifact Power

Artifact Power is gone for good, now we will have Anima and its mechanism of action is different, it will be more like the points of valor, with a cap. One will be able to collect it yet spending your extra Anima will be mostly possible on decorative needs, mounts, tranmogs and pets. we will not be overloaded with the responsibility to play your main every day otherwise you will start losing your artifact power, from now on switching to alt will be less harmful to your main toon.

Covenants in Shadowlands how to play

After reaching 60 level you will be offered to chose covenant and continue your character’s progress, leveling after leveling to name it. There are four powerful factions in the new shadowlands expansion in 4 different zones, s you will need to friend one of the factions to get a covenant with a set of nice only-this-faction abilities, an upgradable mount and a transmog set! Your choice will have to be made among Kyrians in Bastion Necrolord in Maldraxxus, Night Fae in Ardenweald, and Venthyr from Revendreth. Depending on your choice sone only once per reaching the 60th level, your further experience in Shadowlands will shape. Each covenant class has a different campaign and the storytelling in each of them is wonderful. You will also be attached to building the sanctum, a mini-city with the other players who dedicated them to your covenant as well.