Top 3 Tanks in Battle for Azeroth

23 September 2020 | NEWS

Best Tanks for Mythic Plus Dungeons, Best 6 tanks chart and Tank Essences review

Who is the best Tank in Warcraft? Balance for tanks cannot be reached at the moment so that they would be more or less at the same level that is why we have this top list of tanks for 8.2 and further that you will enjoy playing the most.

All Mythic plus keys up to +15 can be played with any tank character. But he has to be geared properly in the best and most relevant Nyalotha Heroic gear anyway! If you do not have a goal to play mythic +15 and higher and set up records there for raider io score, than you can play with any tank you want. But if you want to perform higher keys then read to find out what 5 tanks can be the most useful in mythic plus!

Warrior Protection in Mythic Plus and Raid

Warrior Tank BFA

If you are playing tank well this small addition will still be suitable for you to keep in mind. We will start with the Warrior Protection Updates in 8.2 Patch wow. Unstoppable Force is reduced a lot from 100% to 30% of Damage of Thunder Clap. A warrior does a lot of damage for sure but the mobility is not as good as other tanks. Though it is number one since patch 8.1 because of the damage it's dealing to enemies and mobs in the raids and mythic plus. But in Patch 8.2 Warrior Tank has one of the best essences and it will be much better to play Warrior Protection in Mythic Plus! There is one more thing that makes Warrior one of the most wanted tanks is the best defensive cooldowns among all tanks. Want to have Best Gear for Warrior Tank? Here we are!

 Guardian Druid in Mythic Plus and Raid

Druid Tank BFA

Bear absorbs a lot of damage indeed and depends on healer too much. Frenzied Regeneration that in Legion could be used for healing, increased cooldown time so healing is the long process now. Guardian Druid is based on Rage and Ironfur that enhances your armor depending on agility. He is getting Agro nicely, has a couple saves. Bear has a growl that is helpful in increasing the speed for the whole dungeon group. After 8.1 Patch and on Druid Guarding is useful in kiting. We offer Best Gear for Tank quick and safe.

 Paladin Protection in Mythic Plus and Raid

Paladin Tank BFA

Paladin protection is quite a good tank for mythic plus. He has a different group saves and can kick a cast for 15 seconds. He has a nice defense against the damage of magic if you use Holy Shield talent which blocks the spell. Thanks to this talent paladin protection are very good against the big packs of mobs and deliver great AOE, the more mobs, the better AOE will be. Paladin removes poisons and diseases by himself. If you are playing right, the Paladin tank will save your group from one shot in certain situations. Yet long cooldowns of his saves did not allow to put him in the first place in the chart. Having the best gear for Paladin tank you will be a monster!

 Monk Brewmaster in Mythic Plus and Raid

Monk Tank BFA

This is the only alcoholic tank in Warcraft!:D The funniest tank for sure, especially if you chose Pandaren to be a race for your monk tank. Stagger mechanic does miracles sometimes, healing your tank for a long time, Ironskin Brew helps to prolong Stagger ability crucially. Monk Tank has amazing AOE DPS and great mobility. Monk tank has Paralysis that stops your enemy for 20 seconds. Monk Brewmaster debuffs enemies for the physical damage which is priceless for any group. Also, Monk Tank is very good against possible one shot. We will, of course, mention his ability to remove poisons and diseases, stops the cast and if you have appropriate talent, he summons the Ox. Among minuses, Monk Tank has lesser health than any other tanks in Warcraft. The best races for monk tank are Kul Tiran Human and Highmountain Tauren. Want the Best Gear for Monk Tank? One click away from you! 

Demon Hunter Vengeance in Mythic Plus and Raid

Demon Hunter DH Tank BFA

Demon Hunter tank is very mobile and has the highest DPS among tanks. What are the best features of Demon Hunter Vengeance? He has debuff for the enemies 5% to the Magic Damage so he would be a great tank for the group where magic classes play. He has a unique Imprison skill that will help you to get over the unneeded pack of mobs. Mind the Sigils. Sigil of Numb makes your opponent numb, Sigil of Misery causes enemies to lose orientation for 20 seconds and Sigil of Silence that is also helpful. DH tank self-protection is done by demonic wards and Metamorphosis. Among minuses of DH Vengeance are the weaker cooldowns. But DH´s mobility saves him as he is the best in kiting mobs. Demon Hunter Best Gear is one click away, we make it on this website!

 Death Knight Blood in Mythic Plus and Raid

Death Knight Tank DK Blood BFA

This is the leader since Legion if not sooner, after all, changes in Patches Death Knight Blood Branch remains the best tank in Warcraft for now, and that is why. Half of the Raider IO top is filled with Blood DK. The main mechanics are based on self-healing Death Strike that heals you with 25% of the damage caused to you for the last 5 seconds. DK´s Mastery gives you an additional shield for 16% from the restored health power and protecting you from the physical damage. Hemostasis talent will, even more, enhance the healing from Death Strike. Amazing self-healing. Amazing DK tank! It will be even better with the best Death Knight gear! 


So how to tank better, how to become a better tank in Warcraft? Maybe you should use the new essence system? Definitely! Essences system in 8.2 is quite complicated yet we will help you to get rid of the informational chaos and will tell you all you need to know about where to get tank essences for your character.

Azeroth´s Undying Gift how to get essence for Tank?

Azeroth´s Undying Gift is obtainable in Eternal Palace raid. You must farm Aqueous Reliquary, the items that drop from three bosses such as Radiance of Azshara, The Queen's Court, and last boss Queen Azshara herself. You will combine Aqueous Reliquary to get the Azeroth´s Undying Gift tank essence. How good is the essence? Azeroth´s Undying Gift is reducing damage caused to you by any source up to 40% for no longer than 2 seconds and after dropping off it will reduce damage for 2 seconds again by 20%. It is a great cooldown that will serve your tank nicely. Minor power of this tank essence is to increases your gear for 8 seconds if your health drops lower than 35%, the cooldown is 2 minutes.

Anima of Life and Death how to get tank essence from Mythic + dungeons?

The major power of this essence is to cause 10% from your max health rate to the nearest antagonists in the form of the fire damage, meanwhile healing you for 10% for each hit the enemy does on you and up to 50% of your health when being on the high ranks, such skill has long cooldown though,  2.5 minutes and getting shorter at high ranks till 2 minutes. This essence is very useful for the mythic + runs, as it heals very nicely and gives amazing damage. Minor power of Anima Essence gives you additional maximum health every 5 seconds, not more than 10 stacks. In case your health drops lower than 35% you will lose the stacks but will re-rain them after killing non-trivial antagonists. To get this essence you will need to complete a Mythic Plus 4+ Dungeon.

Sphere of Suppression: PvP Tank Essence

Sphere of Suppression you will get after doing some PvP activities such as Battlegrounds, Rated Battlegrounds or doing Island Expeditions. This is a very good tank essence and here is why it is useful: a major feature of this essence makes your enemy slower for 70%! And their attack speed slows down for 8 seconds to quart! If you were at high ranks then what you gain with this essence is a 50% increase in your speed when hitting your enemy and the cooldown of this ability will be every 45 seconds. Minor feature of the essence to slow down enemies by 30% ( those enemies that hit you of course). This essence is made for PvP activities and will serve you the best exactly in PvP! Get it as this is amazing new essence in 8.2!


In the new Patch 8.3 there came new essences which we will review here a little so you know which one of them to chose for your character in Tank specialisaion.

Touch of the everlasting how to get essence for Tank?

Touch of the Everlasting is obtainable in the Assaults and it is available from 1 to 4 Ranks of the Essence. You must complete Black Empire Campaign, Mini-Visions and farm the Reputation in 8.3 pach. In case you want to get it fast and professional and see what other tank essences can be made for you, we have Tank Essences Boost,easy to use boost service, just chose the essence you want and there will be drop down list for the essences and ranks from and until.

Vigilant protector how to get tank essence?

V igilant protector is another major tank essence that is onbtained in the Horrific Visions in 8.3 Patch. It is awesome as it taunts your surrounding enemies so they attack youn for 6 seconds. Althought you will not be able to use it with your character in the travel form. It is possible to get this Tank Essences Boostfrom rank 1 to Rank 4.

Minor Tank essences explanation

Minor essences are the abilities that your major essences get when you put them into minor essence slot of your neck. In case of Touch of Everlasting essence you get Will to Survive when minor and in case of Vigalant Protector you get Enduance when its in minor slot.