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  • Chosen amount of Gils on any server
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Important: Minimum amount for purchase is 5 Million Gils


  • An account with an active subscription
  • No delivery can be done to trial accounts

How it Works

After you've selected all the desired options and paid for your order, you'll receive an order number and an email confirmation that your order has been accepted.

  • Contact us by Discord or WhatsApp;
  • If you don't get in touch for a while, our operators will contact you using the specified method or email;
  • Provide us with your order number, and our support crew will start looking for a suitable booster;
  • As soon as we assign a player to carry out your order, we will need your game account details or account/character credentials for an invite;
  • When the order is completed, you'll receive a notification in the Discord channel or other messenger of your choice.

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About FFXIV Gil

Gil is the primary currency used in Final Fantasy XIV, serving as the backbone for the game's economy. It's used for a wide range of transactions, from purchasing gear, items, and materials from NPCs and other players, to covering costs associated with many in-game activities like teleportation and gear repairs.

Gil is essential for enhancing the player experience, used in:

  • Purchasing Gear and Items: Players can buy weapons, armor, and other useful items from vendors or the Market Board.
  • Housing: Gil is required for buying a house or apartment in-game, along with furnishings and decorations.
  • Crafting: Materials for crafting can be purchased from the Market Board or NPC vendors.
  • Teleportation: Moving quickly across Eorzea's vast landscape via teleportation incurs a Gil fee.
  • Melding Materia: Enhancing gear with materia requires Gil, especially when using the services of an NPC melder.
  • Free Company Activities: Creating and maintaining a Free Company (FFXIV's version of guilds) requires Gil for various activities and upgrades.

Effective management of Gil is crucial for a fulfilling game experience. Players are encouraged to balance their income and expenses, invest in profitable ventures, and save for large purchases like housing.

In summary, Gil is more than just currency in Final Fantasy XIV; it's a vital resource that fuels adventures, creativity, and the social economy of the game, making it integral to the player's journey in Eorzea.

Benefits of Our FFXIV Gil Carry Service

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The short answer is yes, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. During our 10 years of experience in the boosting industry and with over 90,000 completed orders, there have been almost no bans or other issues.
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Our mission is to provide the best boosting services at a fair price.

Of course, we can easily adjust the timing of your order completion to suit your desires.

Yes, you can change your character or cancel order if the boost hasn't started yet. However, if the service has already begun and there is some progress, and you wish to change characters, our operators will need to take into account the work already done and recalculate the terms for the completion of your order.

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