Descent Mode Nemesis Kill Boost

Here you can buy Descent Mode Nemesis Kill Boost to get selected amount of new Year 5 Season 1 Descent Mode Nemesis kills completed for your Division 2 character guaranteed

Service Includes

  • You will get selected amount of Nemesis Kills completed in Descent game mode for your character agent
  • You will get lots of special NSA Tech Credits currency used to buy buffs from the Vendor.
  • Chance to get Proficiency Caches & Crafting Materials Caches & Simulation Caches.
  • Chance to get Exotic Caches & Reconstructed Caches.
  • You will get tons of High-End Gear items during the boost
  • You will get tons of XP to boost your Season Pass Levels and SHD Levels


  • The Division 2 Game on PC, XBOX or PSN.
  • Login Details (Email and Password).
  • 40 Level Character. Don't have one yet? Check our Division 2 Character Leveling Boost.
  • Estimated delivery time is up to 2 hours from the appointed start time.


Descent Mode Nemesis Kill Boost - the best way to complete new Descent end-game mode fast and easy

Descent is a new rogue-lite game mode with semi-infinite and randomized progression, arrived in The Division 2 Year 5 Season 1: Broken Wings and is a 1-4 players activity where SHD agents will leave all their gear and builds outside and start start fresh with emptz characters. During the Descent Run, you will clear rooms on different difficulties and enhance your agent with talents, perks, and weapons to finally defeat your Nemesis. Nemesis is the final boss of a Descent run, equipped with the same build as you upon reaching him. To summon Nemesis boss you must fill the Nemesis Bar (Heat Gauge), showed in the top right corner of the Descent mode, by completing as many rooms as needed. There are three types of rooms: easy, medium, and hard, and you can choose yourself which one to enter during the Descent run. And of rourse, the hardest room you complete, the faster you progress toward Nemesis bar and the better rewards, talents, perks, and currency you will get. For successful completion of Descent game mode players will get lots of XP & Various types of Caches, as well as special currency called NSA Tech Credits used at the vendor to purchase permanent buffs to help you out in your next Descent runs. Join our Division 2 boosting team, be the one of the first to complete selected amount of Descent Mode Nemesis Kills and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had!

How Descent Mode Nemesis Kill boosting service is done

After the order is placed we will get in touch with you and appoint the nearest possible date and time for your Division 2 Descent Mode boost. According to the playing method chosen in your order, we will either invite you to join our group in the appointed time or start your boost run at appointed time using your permission to sign into your account. In this case, we guarantee your account's safety. Our players are the best boosting team with great helpful players and our support is there to answer your questions and assist you when you need it. We make Division 2 Descent Mode Nemesis Kill boost on EU or US region and on any gaming platform available for the best price: PS4, Xbox and PC! Try MmonsteR boost service and you will have your in-game helper from this moment on.


Descent Mode Nemesis Kill