ESO Psijic Guild Leveling

ESO Psijic Guild Leveling


  • Psijic Guild will be power leveled for selected character
  • Along with the Guild leveling - level of the character will be little boosted too
  • Estimated power leveling boost time - 12 hours
  • Leveling is available on both regions - EU / US

  • Character with level 50 (Don't have one yet? Check out our Boost catalog, to find more leveling products)
  • Summerset DLC on account or ESO+ active to gain access for needed locations
  • Login Details (Login and Password if you're using Bethesda launcher or Steam Login and Password if you're using Steam Launcher)
  • Verification code, from your mail or phone(in case of steam guard phone protection)
  • Your account's safety guaranteed. All items, gold and other valuable items will stay in place

The Psijic Order or the Order of PSJJJJ is the oldest monastic group of Tamriel, devoted to the study and practice of Mysticism, which they call the "Old Ways" or "Elder Way". They make their home on the Isle of Artaeum in the Summerset archipelago. The Psijic Order are a mysterious and ancient order of powerful mages based on the Isle of Artaeum. It is a joinable faction in the Summerset Chapter. As the island disappeared from Tamriel over 350 years ago, around when former member Vanus Galerion formed the Mages Guild, the Order has rarely ever been seen. The Order formerly occupied the island of Dranil Kir, and a scrying device known as an Obscuros located on it is sought by Lilatha, the master of the glazing glass. After Nocturnal's plot in the Clockwork City is thwarted, Sotha Sil tells Divayth Fyr that he will inform the Psijics so that they can prepare for a future threat.

Each guild have their benefits, it can be usefull skills for defeating enemies, like Fighter and Mages guild can give you, or skills, that can rise your wealth in world of Tamriel, like Thieves and Dark Brotherhood. Also for great adventurer, that like to explore - Psijic guild offers the best skills for that and provide some extra option to find mysterious Portals with lots of spicy rewards.

All of this content is waiting for you, but to reach it out, you will have to lay your path throw a hundred of hours time-wasting repetative grind and quests, that most of the time foul the impression of the game. But don't hurry up to scream, that it takes "FOREVER!" to reach your desired point! Because we are here to help you out! No more lazy rats killing to get needed rank to level up, no more quest skipping to became champion!

Power Leveling Carry: how the service will be carried out

After placing the order we will contact you to start boost service process. First of all we will need you to provide primary data, for account sharing (Login and Password), so our booster can receive access to your account. Second if there is needed, we will ask some additional information, if it was not yet provided from you before, like char name, time for account is available for boost or any other details, that you wish to clarify for us. After all preparation is done and we have all the needed info from you, in the nearest time our boosting member procceed to order completion. While leveling you always have the opportunity to receive info about process, or to add some additional orders. When all the work is done we will inform you, so you can check all the work is done properly and complete.

How to get Psijic Guild leveling fast

To join the Psijic Order, you must first complete the first Summerset zone story quest in Shimmerene, The Queen's Decree. You will then gain access to Artaeum. Speak with Loremaster Celarus in the Ceporah Tower to formally join the Psijic Order. If you somehow manage to transport to Artaeum by other means (e.g. teleporting to a player or their Grand Psijic Villa) without having completed The Queen's Decree, then Loremaster Celarus will not be present, even if you can see other players talking to someone you can't see. All you will be able to do is discover the Artaeum wayshrine to provide easier access to Artaeum in the future. You may still acquire the Psijic Order skill line by spending Crowns, if another character on your account has completed it. After that, the main tip, is to be in crouded player guild, so you will be able to teleport free in every locations, because you will need to do this a lot during Psijic Guild leveling. Also the great help you can have by using interactive map, that have all the needed psijic portals map pins, or just use simply addons to help you out. But completing this takes a lot of time, so if you don't wanna waste time for this - our boosting team knows how to get all what you need fast and safe.

Why you need Elder Scrolls Online Power Leveling service

Our service designed to greatly save your precious time, so you don't have to stuck on some repetative monster killing or random dungeons runs suffering. We make all process fast and safe, so in the result of our professional ESO boost you will receive all that you wish, as well as some additional loot and other bonuses, that your hero will get during the boost performance. Our guys are the best boosting team with great helpful players and our support is there to answer your questions and assist you when you need it. While leveling we can provide you screenshots of current progress, if needed. We make any existing ESO carry services available for the best price! Try MmonsteR boost service and you will have your in-game helper from this moment on!

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