ESO Sunspire Trial Full Loot Run

ESO Sunspire Trial Full Loot Run


  • You will get Sunspire Trial fully completed on your selected character

  • The main reward random is non-perfected and perfected loot from this LIST

  • Quality and quantity of loot depends on chosen trial type and difficulty(see hints)

  • You receive all loot from other 11 trial group members
  • Sunspire Normal reward is non perfected loot: 36 random pieces
  • Sunspire Veteran reward is perfected loot: 36 random pieces
  • Sunspire Veteran additional reward is unique skin - Ice-Fire and title Sunspire Saint
  • Sunspire Veteran with Hard Mode reward is perfected loot: 84 random pieces and Extinguisher of Flames title
  • Title Godslayer can be acquired as well in special proposal
  • Title Hand of Akatosh and special mount Sunspire Champion Senche-Lion can be acquired as well in special proposal
  • Runs available on both regions (EU/US)

  • Character with level 160cp  (Don't have one yet? Check out our Boost catalog, to find more leveling products)
  • Elsweyr DLC or ESO+ active
  • Login Details (Login and Password if you're using Bethesda launcher or Steam Login and Password if you're using Steam Launcher)

  • Verification code, from your mail or phone(in case of steam guard phone protection)

  • Your account's safety guaranteed. All items, gold and other valuable items on char will stay in place.

Sunspire is an ancient temple of Alkosh found in Northern Elsweyr. Sunspire has been overrun by dragons. Legend has it that this is the place where Alkosh shouted down Pelinal Whitestrake, leaving behind a timewound. Each boss in this trial will have a unique hardmode. A golden-scaled dragon, Nahviintaas, has come to the Spire and proclaims himself to be Alkosh. With him are two other dragons: Yolnahkriin, a red dragon, and Lokkestiiz, a white dragon. These two claim to be avatars of the two moons, Jone and Jode. You are tasked with ending the tyrannical reign of these false-gods.

The Dungeon starts off with a confrontation with a beautiful Golden Dragon, the FINAL boss of the Trial. It speaks with you and then takes off leaving some adds behind. Clear the enemies, then proceed through the right or left stairs. (left one leads to the frost dragon, the right one to the flame dragon. Either way, you need to fight all three bosses.) There will be waves of adds and dragon priests on your way to the dragons.

You must kill Yolnahkriin and Lokkestiiz in order to reach Nahviintaas. You can kill them in either order, and their deaths break the seal that blocks the way to the false-god of time. In order to engage Nahviintaas on hard mode, the other two bosses must first be fought in hard mode before him. Activating hard mode for Lokkestiz and Yolnahkriin will induce Nahviintaas into flying down from his place at the spire to aid them. Completing the trial on veteran will earn you a skin, and completion of a challenger-like achievement will earn you a Senche mount that wears the veteran skin. Also you will receive a Pristine Dragon Heartscale with your other rewards for completing this trial on hard mode.

Trial Runs Carry: how the service will be carried out

After placing the order we will contact you to start boost service process. First of all we will need you to provide primary data, for account sharing (Login and Password), so our booster can receive access to your account. Second if there is needed, we will ask some additional information, if it was not yet provided from you before, like char name, time for account is available for boost or any other details, that you wish to clarify for us. After all preparation is done and we have all the needed info from you, in the nearest time our boosting member procceed to order completion. While process is going you always have the opportunity to receive info about progress, or to add some additional orders. When all the work is done we will inform you, so you can check all the work is done properly and complete.

How to get Sunspire Trial fast

Completing Trials in Elder Scrolls online is the high end content and the most hardest challenge. It requires all of your personal skill, as well as best teamplay from another 11 players in your group.  Every trial requires well organized team, so better to complete it with friends, guild mates, not randoms. We recommend first to get at least 300cp level. After that try to get middle play epic gear for your class. The nice bonus to your survivability also will be getting complete monster set for your char, this will significally rise your chance of completing trial nice and easy. Then watch at least one guide, so you know the basic mechanics, where to go, what to do, what to avoid and what to block, especially if you're play role is tank or healer. And if you brave enough, just jump into Normal arena to test out your skills. To simply gather team or go with randoms jump into Craglorn location and you will find there fast what you're looking for. Once you have done trial on normal try to keep up and progress it more. After you get level 650cp, upgrade at least your weapons to legendary - you are ready for conquering Veteran. And don't forget your food and extra potions - this will help you a lot. Last tip - easiest class for completing is magicka Sorcerer with pets. Good luck!

Why you need Elder Scrolls Online Trial Runs service

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