ESO Weapon Skills Leveling Boost

Here, you can order the leveling of your character's Weapon Skills.
If you are interested in Armor Skills leveling, please visit the respective product.

Service Includes

  • Selected character Weapon Skill lines will be leveled to max lvl, all skills to morph state, including ultimate

  • Along with the Skill lines leveling - level of the character will be boosted too
  • Estimated power leveling boost time can vary depending on selected options, standard time for maxing one Skill Line from start around 1-3 hours

  • Leveling is available on both regions - EU / US


  • Active The Elder Scrolls Online account

  • Your account's safety is guaranteed. All items, gold, and other valuable items will stay in place


What is ESO Weapon Skills Leveling and what advantage does it provide?

In ESO, players have the opportunity to specialize in six Weapon skill lines:

  • Bow
  • Destruction Staff
  • Restoration Staff
  • One Hand and Shield
  • Two Handed
  • Dual Wield

You can progress in these skill lines by using their abilities or by having one of the abilities on your action bar. Additionally, you can discover skill books in the world that instantly grant you a rank in one of the skill lines.
Each weapon skill line consists of five active skills and five passive skills. The active skills can be morphed with the use of a skill point, enhancing the original skill. Each active skill offers two morph options, and once you've chosen a morph, it will replace the original ability. Keep in mind that several passive weapon skill bonuses are only active while you are using the specific weapon type.

Overall, weapon skill leveling enhances your character and provides the opportunity to tailor your gameplay experience to your preferences. For an average player in ESO, leveling a weapon skill line from 1 to 50 may take several days.

How will purchasing the ESO Weapon Skills Leveling Boost enhance my gameplay?

When purchasing Elder Scrolls Online Weapon Skills leveling boost, the skill lines you've selected will be efficiently and swiftly leveled to their maximum value (50). This will save you a considerable amount of time and allow you to enjoy the game without the burden of monotonous grinding. On average, our pro-players take around 1-3 hours to level up a single weapon skill line.

Weapon skill leveling in Elder Scrolls Online offers several advantages:

  • Skill Improvement: Leveling up weapon skills allows you to enhance both active and passive abilities within the corresponding weapon skill line. Higher-leveled skills have increased potency and effectiveness.
  • Access to Morphs: When skills reach a certain level, they can be morphed using skill points. Morphs provide different options and improvements to active skills, allowing you to customize them to suit your playstyle.
  • Passive Bonuses: Leveling up passive skills in weapon lines grants various bonuses to your character. These can include increased damage, resistance boosts, improved mobility, and more.
  • Mastery in Weapon Use: Progressing through weapon skill lines helps you become more proficient in using specific types of weapons, enhancing your combat efficiency and success.

During the leveling process, you will always have the opportunity to receive updates on the progress or make additional requests. Once the entire process is completed, we will inform you, allowing you to verify that everything has been done properly, and then you can enjoy the newly acquired access to the boundless possibilities of choosing your character's builds.


ESO Weapon Skills Leveling