NinjaBike Messenger Exotic Kneepads Farm Boost

NinjaBike Messenger Exotic Kneepads Farm Boost

  • You will get NinjaBike Messenger Exotic Kneepads
  • You will get lots of High-End Gear equipment during the boost
  • The Division 2 Warlords of New York Game on PC, XBOX or PSN.
  • Login Details (Email and Password).
  • 40 Level Character. Don't have one yet? Check our 1-40 Character Leveling Boost or 30-40 Character Leveling Boost.
  • Estimated delivery time highly depends on a drop chance and may be up to 2-48 hours.

What is NinjaBike Messenger and why you need to buy this Division 2 Exotic Kneepads farm boost carry

NinjaBike Messenger Kneepads is a new exotic armor piece arrived with new The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion in Title Update 8 and drops from Dark Zone. NinjaBike Messenger Exotic kneepads only come with one talent, but it’s a unique talent that can provide a helpful buff to LMG users, bolt-action snipers, or shotgun users

  • Parkour!: Performing a cover to cover or vaulting reloads your drawn weapon and grants +25% bonus armor for 5s. (New Title Update 10 added functionality)

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