Prophecy dungeon

Prophecy dungeon

Price is per character. 
If you want make order on multiple characters, please select desired classes, put in quantity of character you wish in the QTY field and press ADD TO CART button.
  • We will complete full "Prophecy" dungeon for you

  • All of the acquired loot you get during the boost 

  • Experience for season pass progression

  • Chance to get DAITO foundry weapons and repriced armor from Trials of the Nine

  • For solo completion you will get Exotic / Ghost Shell;

  • For Flawless completion you will get Exotic / Sparrow;

  • For Solo Flawless completion you will get Emblem: Prophetic Visionary

  • For normal run 1350 power level 

  • For solo run 1350 power level 

  • For solo flawless run 1350 power level 

  • Season Pass

Prophecy - a newest dungeon introduced in Destiny 2 with the release of the 11th season (Season of Arrival).

The new dungeon is in an unknown space, in a realm belonging to the IX. You will meet many puzzles and strong opponents on your way.
Don't want to solve these problems, but just want to get your DAITO foundry a reprised version of the Nine armor right now?
We will help you with this. Our professional players will do everything for you.

Players can earn new DAITO foundry weapons and reprised armor from Trials of the Nine.

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