Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle Farm Boost

Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle Farm Boost

  • You will get Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle Weapon
  • You will get lots of High-End Gear equipment during the boost
  • You will get tons of XP to boost your Season Pass Levels and SHD Levels

What is Scalpel Marksman Rifle and why you need to buy this Division 2 Named Weapon farm boost carry

The Division 2 Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle is a named variant of the high-end Tactical .308 Marksman Rifle which arrived with Division 2 Warlords of New York Title Update 12 and is a reward for reaching Season Pass Level 80 in Season 4 or can be farmed as a targeted loot from DZ. This high-end Marksman Rifle is currently one of the best Sniper Rifles in Division 2 game and is perfectly tailored for sniper skill build thanks to its unique talent - Future Perfection:

  • Weapon kills grant +1 skill tier for 19s. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Weapon kills at skill tier 6 grant overcharge for 15s.
  • Overcharge Cooldown: 90s

How the Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle farm service will be carried out

After placing the order we will contact you, share your account with our player and our Division 2 team will start farming the targeted activities until your character gets Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle weapon. Our players are the best boosting team with great helpful players and our support is there to answer your questions and assist you when you need it. We make Division 2 Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle farm boost on EU or US region and on any gaming platform available for the best price: PS4, Xbox and PC! Try MmonsteR boost service and you will have your in-game helper from this moment on. Safety of the boost is guaranteed!

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