WoW WotLK Classic Gold Carry

Here you can buy WotLK Classic Gold. Please select your Region, Faction, Server, type in your character's name, put in quantity of thousands of gold you wish to get in the TO BE RECEIVED field (minimum amount for purchase is 10000 gold) and press Add to shopping cart button

Service Includes

  • You will get selected amount of WotLK Classic Gold delivered to your character via chosen delivery method. Please note that minimum amount for purchase is 10000 gold 


  • Active World of Warcraft subscription.


Gold is the main currency in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic which is needed to train skills, learn riding skill and buy mounts, equipment, potions, flasks, reagents and much more. In WotLK Classic it takes tremendous amount of time to farm required gold by killing mobs, gathering herbs or mine ore, doing quests and running through dungeons so we are here to help you.

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You can buy our WoW WotLK Classic Gold Carry service from MmonsteR on any region (EU/US), faction and server at the best price and with fastest delivery by in-game mail possible. Save yourself lots of time by leaving the endless grind to us and just enjoy the game.


5 April 2023 05:04

Super fast delivery

Super fast delivery, love it! helps me a lot in wow classic game! nice and easy with in game mail! will buy more gold when I need!

WotLK Classic Gold