BASTION Exotic Fusion Rifle

BASTION Exotic Fusion Rifle

  • You will get the most powerful and desired Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

  • While completing the quest you have a chance to get more powerful gear

  • Also you can add option to farm CATALYST for Bastion

  • Available on PC (Steam), PS4 and XBOX

  • Shadowkeep DLC

  • Must have completed the Completing an Impossible Task quest from Saint-14

  • Must have Unlocked Corridors of Time

  • Must have A False Refraction quest;

  • Level 50+ with 900+ power level;

  • Your login and password, account's safety guaranteed.

Bastion- It's an unique kinetic, which can pears through shields.  

Limited usefulness in PVE, but still pretty fun as something that's off-meta. In PVP, this feels like the ultimate counter to shotgun rushers - just charge it up when you see someone starting to come at you, and they'll regret it immediately. All it takes is a little practice to understand its range.

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