ESO Armor Skills Leveling

Here, you can order the leveling of your character's Armor Skills.
If you are interested in Weapon Skills leveling, please visit the respective product.

Service Includes

  • Selected character Armor Skill lines will be leveled to max lvl, all skills to morph state, including ultimate

  • Along with the Skill lines leveling - level of the character will be boosted too
  • Estimated power leveling boost time can vary depending on selected options, standard time for maxing one Skill Line from start around 1-3 hours

  • Leveling is available on both regions - EU / US


  • Active The Elder Scrolls Online account

  • Your account's safety is guaranteed. All items, gold, and other valuable items will stay in place


Why do you need ESO Armor Skills Leveling?

Armor Skills in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are essential abilities and passives associated with armor types in the game. Each type of armor has its own skill line, and investing skill points into these lines unlocks various benefits and bonuses for your character. To start leveling Armor Skills, you must equip at least one armor piece of the corresponding type.

In Elder Scrolls Online, there are three Armor Skill lines that provide the following bonuses:

  • Light Armor: increases Magicka regeneration, reduces the Magicka cost of Light Armor abilities, provides additional Spell Resistance while wearing Light Armor, and more.
  • Medium Armor: reduces the Stamina cost of abilities, increases your Stamina regeneration, improves your critical strike chance, and more.
  • Heavy Armor: provides increased Physical Resistance, increases your Health regeneration, reduces the Stamina cost of Heavy Armor abilities, reduces the cost of blocking, and more.

Investing skill points in these Armor Skill lines not only improves your character's survivability and resource management based on your preferred playstyle but also helps unlock more powerful passives and abilities further down the skill tree. By mastering these skills, you can customize your character's build and enhance their performance in combat, whether it's as a spellcaster relying on Light Armor, a nimble rogue in Medium Armor, or a heavily armored tank with Heavy Armor.

Leveling Armor Skill lines can indeed be a lengthy and tedious process, which for an unprepared player may take several days for just one line.

Why ESO Armor Skills Leveling Boost will make your ESO experience better?

When purchasing the ESO Armor Skill Lines Leveling Boost service, you can avoid long and tedious grinding and gain access to your desired passives and abilities tens of times faster. Our team of reliable and professional players will find the most optimal and efficient way to level up your skill lines, whether you've ordered the leveling of one line or multiple. Leveling up one skill line with our pro-players usually takes around 1-3 hours. With this boosting service, the armor skills you've chosen will be leveled up to the maximum level of 50, and you will gain access to the following benefits:

Weapon skill leveling in Elder Scrolls Online offers several advantages:

  • Passives and Abilities: Leveling up Armor Skills unlocks passive bonuses and abilities within each line that enhance your performance and adapt your character to specific playstyles. For instance, Light Armor skills focus on magical protection and improving magical abilities, while Heavy Armor skills make your character more resilient and emphasize defense against physical damage.
  • Efficient Resource Management: Each Armor Skills line has passive abilities that reduce the cost of using skills, improve health, magicka, or stamina regeneration, and decrease stamina consumption while blocking attacks. This allows you to endure longer in combat, use your abilities more frequently, and better manage your resources.
  • Enhanced Protection: Progressing in Armor Skills increases your physical and magical defenses, depending on the type of armor you wear (Light, Medium, or Heavy). This makes your character more resilient against physical attacks, magical spells, and overall damage.

Throughout the leveling process, you will have constant updates on the progress and the option to make additional requests. Once the entire process is finished, we will notify you, and you will be able to enjoy the results.


ESO Armor Skills Leveling