Operation Dark Hours Raid Boost

Here you can buy Operation Dark Hours Raid Boost to complete Operation Dark Hours raid run for your Division 2 character fast and easy

Service Includes

  • You will get Operation Dark Hours Raid completed for your character agent
  • You will get tons of High-End Gear items during the raid
  • You will get a minimum of 4 Blueprints to craft random gear set items from 3 new gear sets guaranteed
  • Chance to get Gear Set items from one of 3 new gear sets: Aces & Eights, Tip of the Spear or Negotiators Dilemma
  • Chance to obtain Eagle Bearer Exotic Assault Rifle weapon


  • The Division 2 Game on PC, XBOX or PSN.
  • Login Details (Email and Password).
  • 40 Level Character. Don't have one yet? Check our Division 2 Character Leveling Boost.
  • Estimated delivery time is up to 4 hours from the appointed raid start time.


What is Operation Dark Hours and why you need to buy this Division 2 Raid boost carry

Title Update 3 is Divison 2 latest major update arrived May 16 and it introduced the Division 2 first 8 player raid called Operation Dark Hours. Occurring in the Washington National Airport, the Black Tusk have mustered up their resources, workforce and technology for the hardest fight agents have to face and will stop at nothing in their mission to conquer Washington D.C. Going via the airport, you will find how prepared they are: you will encounter unique bosses using the most special mechanics and technologies you've ever confronted in The Division 2.

To begin the raid, players need to speak with the helicopter pilot at the Base of Operations. This unlocks a fresh raid tab on the social menu, allowing to start building their raiding groups. When running a raid, players will receive exclusive loot dropped by its exceptional 4 boss encounters: Boomer; Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel; Buddy & Lucy and DDP-52 Razorback. Rewards includes new equipment sets, an exotic weapon, as well as vanity items. The raid has a weekly reset timer, and boss loot will only drop once per week. A new set of commendations will also become accessible with the raid, each rewarding a exceptional arm patch. Join our Division 2 boosting team, be the one of the first to get Operation Dark Hours Raid boost and have the best gaming experience and pastime you have ever had!

Boost Explained

Division 2 Dark Hours Carry

Being a passionate player you probably know that Division 2 is one of the most played games at the moment, on PS4 as well as on Xbox and PC, gamers love this game and spend hours and hours playing. Sometimes you forget hours while playing but there is another more frequent problem: your life consists of work and friends, family and holidays to spend outdoors but once you return to your Division 2 account you want to game in its best.

Operation Dark Hours carry help

Why operation Dark Hours raid help is needed? To be able to finish all bosses in Dark Hours raid you will need to spend hours and hours of playing and gaining experience in Division 2 plus you will also need a group of 8 people in total in order to finish this raid where the best loot drop such as exotic weapon and the best Division 2 gear possible at the moment in game. What we offer is a fast and save Division 2 carry for the best price.

Division 2 raid boost

Division raid boost on PC and Xbox, PS4 with MmonsteR is the fastest and the safest way to gain those exotic weapons you want to be the coolest player! Division 2 is a great game with some difficult activities and we are ready and happy to help you with Operation Dark Hours Carry. Order today, get division 2 raid finished very fast!

How the Operation Dark Hours boost will be done

We will get in touch with you after the order is placed and appoint the nearest possible date and time for your division 2 raid boost. According to the playing method chosen in your order, we will either invite you to join our group in the appointed time or start your raid boost at appointed time using your permission to sing in. In this case, we guarantee your account safety 100% and by default, we will be playing in invisible mode. As a result of the boost, you will get a hero with a lot of new high-end equipment.


Operation Dark Hours Raid