Valorant Placement Matches

Valorant Placement Matches

  • We will play selected amount (from 1 up to 5) of placement matches with high win rate 
  • Professional service from our best players 
  • 100% order complition guarantee.
  • If you order 5 matches we guarantee at least 4 wins, if you order less we guarantee at least 70% win-rate. 

Important note: 
1. In case of failure to fulfill our promises, you will receive compensation, compensation varies depending on the results and the number of selected matches.
2. When ordering selfplay option, there is no guarantee for a high win rate

  • Login & password for piloted order
  • Competitive matches must be unlocked
 To get your first competitive rank in Valorant, you must first play 5 placement matches, which will determine your further start in the competitive system.
Valorant, like many other competitive games, has a system of matching opponents according to your level of play.
If you want to skip the introductory part and dive right into the real content, then order our service!
Also, you should know that in order to open the competitive mode, you must first play 20 non-ranked matches. (By the way, you can also order them from us ;-)) [
  • Specific Agents – You can choose a specific agent that we will play with throughout the whole boost.
  • Appear offline - We will play in "Invisible(offline) mode, so no one will know about our presence
  • Stream - We will provide link for stream, so you can watch how our player doing your order

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