7 March 2023 | Destiny 2

Lightfall's Top Most Significant Changes

Expansions tend to provide Destiny 2 with a completely different feel, and it seems that Lightfall will be no different. The upcoming major update, set to release on February 28th, will introduce plenty of fresh content and make significant changes to the game. Here's a summary of what players can anticipate from Destiny 2: Lightfall. An immersive cyberpunk-inspired storyline One of the most important aspects of a new expansion is the introduction of a fresh set of story missions. Considering the high standards set by The Witch Queen, there are high expectations for Lightfall. In the hunt for a powerful artifact, Guardians will venture to Neptune, where they will come across a new group of allies known as the Cloud Striders, who protect a human colony that has been isolated from the rest of the solar system since the Golden Age. Unfortunately, players will not be the only ones waiting for them, as Calus' Shadow Legion army is gathering for an imminent assault.

New subclass: Strand

Lightfall is introducing a fresh set of superpowers for the first time in two years. Strand, a space magic based on threads and tethering, will offer Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters an entirely new gameplay experience. Along with the grappling hooks, players will be able to use status effects such as Suspend (which stuns enemies), Unravel (that causes area-of-effect damage), Sever (which reduces enemy damage output), and Woven Mail (that provides cobweb armor). Here are additional key highlights:

The Broodweaver:

Subclass for Warlocks is designed to control the Strand weave via telekinetic manipulation, effectively serving as a form of sorcery. Additionally, Broodweavers have the ability to summon small creatures that are constructed from Strand and can be utilized for attack purposes. With its distinct combination of powers, the Broodweaver class adds a unique dimension to the already rich class system

The Threadrunner:

Subclass for Hunters is all about agility and velocity, with Threadrunners considering the world as their playground. They move about the game world with nimble bounces and a range of mobility options, which can make them challenging to catch and hit in combat. With the Threadrunner's focus on fluid movement, players can expect to explore and traverse Destiny 2's environments in a new and dynamic way.

The Berserker

Subclass for Titans is all about brute strength and destruction, as these Titans use their Strand claws to cut through enemies and obstacles with ease. With their massive strength and devastating attacks, Berserkers are akin to a wrecking ball, capable of taking down groups of enemies or even larger foes. In the hands of a skilled player, the Berserker's raw power and aggressive playstyle can be a force to be reckoned with


New enemies

Shadow Legion will receive support from a new category of foes known as Tormentors. These special enemies bear a resemblance to The Witness' disciples, equipped with massive scythes and lacking any visible heads. Emerging from the enigmatic black pyramid ships, the Tormentors are expected to pose a distinct menace for players to confront.

New Zone. Fights on a rooftops

The bulk of the action will unfold in Neomuna, a neon-city located on Neptune. In this setting, players will be granted access to the rooftops, which they can explore to their heart's content. Based on the trailers already available, the cityscape appears to meld the aesthetics of "city pop" with neo-noir elements. As per prior patrol zones, Neomuna will feature a quest vendor, rank-up rewards, and an array of hidden discoveries to be unearthed.

All going to be harder...

In Lightfall, players can anticipate an overall increase in difficulty throughout the game. While the removal of lethal fall damage is a welcome change, other aspects of the game are becoming more challenging. Even the Vanguard strike playlist, which is considered a basic activity, will now pose a slight Power disadvantage for players, no matter how over-leveled they may be.

Here's a breakdown of how the new difficulty levels will affect players:
  • Hero: -5 Power levels
  • Legend: -15 Power levels
  • Master: -20 Power levels
  • Grandmaster Nightfalls: -25 Power levels

This new difficulty system is a clear evolution of the Legendary campaign difficulty that was first introduced in 2022's The Witch Queen. One potential concern is that Bungie has not yet specified how activity rewards will be adjusted to accommodate the increased challenge. It's likely that the game's balance will be tweaked further in the upcoming season and beyond to ensure that players can enjoy a challenging and rewarding experience.

Grappling abilities

One of the new features that Destiny 2: Lightfall brings to the game is the introduction of a grappling hook ability. With this new feature, players will have access to more verticality in their gameplay, allowing them to scale buildings and explore new areas in a completely different way. Neomuna's rooftops, which players will be able to explore, are designed to showcase this new ability. While previous zones were traversed on foot or with hoverbikes, the grappling hook is set to change the way players move around in the game.

Locked behind the new Strand subclasses, the grappling hook will add a new layer of gameplay and maneuverability to Destiny 2: Lightfall. As a result, players can expect a more exciting and dynamic experience, making this an exciting new addition to the game. As the grappling hook has been a popular feature in other games, its addition to Destiny 2 is sure to be a welcome one for many players.

Guardian ranking system

With a new Guardian Ranks progression system that is designed to help players onboard better. This challenge-based ranking system is divided into different tiers. Ranks 1-5 will cover the basics, while 6-10 will be season-specific and reset afterward. As players progress through the ranks, they will unlock new mods and perks that will help them become more powerful.

Rank 11, however, is a different kind of challenge altogether. To reach this rank, players will need to receive commendations from other players. According to creative director Tyson Green, a Rank 11 player is someone who is accomplished as a player and as a leader. This new system is expected to provide players with a more tangible sense of progression, and help them feel more connected to the Destiny 2 community.

Experienced players will start at Rank 6, allowing them to skip the basics and immediately jump into the more challenging season-specific ranks. Overall, the Guardian Ranks progression system is poised to be a welcome addition to Destiny 2: Lightfall, and players can look forward to the new mods and perks that will unlock as they progress.

No More Lethal fall damage

In preparation for players bouncing around the rooftops of Neomuna, Bungie has announced that lethal fall damage will become less frequent and eventually be removed altogether in a mid-season patch.

This change is sure to be a welcome relief for players who have experienced frustrating wipes during raids or boss fights due to fatal fall damage. With the elimination of lethal fall damage, players will be able to focus on exploring the game's environments and engaging in combat without worrying about taking too much damage from a fall. This change is a reflection of Bungie's ongoing efforts to improve the player experience and create a more enjoyable gameplay environment.

Longer ability CDs

Lightfall Brings a change in the game's ability cooldowns, which have been a significant source of power for players over the last 12 months. While the 3.0 re-works for the existing Solar, Arc, and Void subclasses have enabled players to throw out grenades and charged melee abilities more frequently, Bungie plans to reduce the uptime for abilities in the new expansion.

Although certain supers will see lower cooldown times, players won't be constantly using their abilities as they have in recent seasons. This change is likely to be a welcome adjustment for players who have expressed concerns about "power creep" in Destiny 2, which has made them feel too strong. By dialing back the ability cooldowns, Bungie is striving to strike a better balance between player abilities and enemy challenge, ensuring that the game remains engaging and satisfying to play.

Weapons rebalance

Developers aim is to make guns a more integral part of the action, rather than just a trigger for abilities. The idea is that players will rely more on the inherent strengths and perks of their primary and secondary weapons, rather than their abilities. To this end, many weapons in the game are getting rebalanced, with heavy machine guns set to become more powerful, while linear fusion rifles will become weaker.

In addition to these changes, kinetic guns will do more damage against unshielded enemies, making them more effective in certain combat situations. These rebalances are aimed at creating a more varied and engaging combat experience in Destiny 2: Lightfall, and are expected to have a significant impact on the game's meta. As always, Bungie is committed to ensuring that the game remains balanced and that no single weapon or ability becomes too dominant, making for a more satisfying and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players.

Six New exotics

In addition to the Quicksilver Storm auto rifle, which has been available to players who pre-ordered the expansion for several months, Lightfall will launch with six new exotics.

The new exotics are Final Warning (a Strand sidearm), Deterministic Chaos (a Void machine gun), Winterbite (a Stasis glaive), Abeyant Leap (Titan legs), Swarmers (Warlock legs), and Cyrtararchne's Façade (a Hunter helmet). As the season progresses, more exotics are likely to be revealed, including some that will be locked behind hidden questlines.

To start with, most of these exotics will be found in reworked Lost Sectors , but Bungie plans to move them back into the regular loot pool later in the year. With the addition of these new exotics, players can expect a richer and more diverse gameplay experience, and the potential for new strategies and loadouts.


Destiny 2 is set to streamline its mod system, which has long been one of the most complex and difficult-to-understand aspects of the game. The overhaul will make mods easier to acquire for new players, eliminate the need for specific elemental alignments, and create more opportunities for experimentation with the most interesting mods.

One of the changes to the mod system is that champion artifact mods will move to a different location, freeing up more space for players to experiment with mods. Despite these improvements, players will still need to navigate Destiny's complex buildcrafting language to create effective loadouts and maximize the potential of their mods. Nonetheless, these changes are a positive step towards making the mod system more accessible and user-friendly, and are expected to be welcomed by both new and experienced players alike.

In game economy rework

Instead of farming multiple currencies to open a chest with loot inside, players will now earn keys instead. The Umbrals and Umbral Energies will also be phased out, making focusing simpler and requiring only seasonal engrams and glimmer.

Crafting is also being refined, with weapon perks no longer requiring resonant elements and alloys. Furthermore, deepsight weapons will only drop for patterns that players haven't already unlocked, reducing the amount of RNG involved in the crafting process.

In summary, these changes mean that players will have to deal with fewer currencies and less RNG, making the seasonal grind more straightforward and less time-consuming. This is a welcome improvement for many players, who have found the game's previous systems unnecessarily complicated and frustrating.

New Feature: Loadout manager

Loadout manager that will make buildcrafting more accessible and user-friendly. The new manager will function similarly to the existing fashion loadout manager, allowing players to see and swap mods for all their armor on a single menu screen, as well as save entire loadouts of guns and armor on the fly.

Players will be able to unlock more loadout slots by obtaining higher Guardian Ranks. This new feature is expected to be particularly useful for PC players who have relied on third-party tools to manage their loadouts for years. With the introduction of the loadout manager, all players will have a quick and easy way to tinker with their Destiny buildcrafting, making it more efficient and less cumbersome.

Artifact Perks

Each character will have twelve perks that can be unlocked and reset an unlimited number of times at no cost. Additionally, players will have the option to overcharge anti-Champion weapons in higher-difficulty activities, while Artifice Armor will come equipped with a unique mod slot that provides an extra three points to a character stat of the player's choosing.

To take on Champions with a prepared loadout, players will be able to use sidearms and pulse rifles to deal with Barrier Champions, bows and auto rifles for Overload Champions, and scout rifles to take out Unstoppable Champions. These tools will make it easier for players to strategize their loadouts and effectively take on the game's toughest challenges.

Kinetic weapons buff

Kinetic primary weapons will have a 1.1 damage multiplier, giving them a 10% increase in damage against unshielded targets, compared to the previous 5%. Moreover, special weapons will receive a 1.15 damage multiplier, providing them with a 15% damage boost against unshielded enemies.

These adjustments will increase the utility of special weapons and make swapping between weapons more common in the PVE meta. Additionally, kinetic weapons will have a new damage type perk that distinguishes them from other damage types such as Void and Solar.

Commendations system

Destiny 2 Commendations are a new feature that was introduced with the Lightfall DLC. These commendations allow players to recognize the contributions of their fellow Guardians during team-based activities, and they are intended to encourage positive and helpful behavior within the game's community. Commendations can be awarded at the end of any activity, and there are specific commendations for different types of content, such as raids, dungeons, and
Trials of Osiris. There are four categories of commendations: Ally, Fun, Mastery, and Leadership. Commendations cannot be given to friends and are only meant for matchmade experiences. Commendations are represented by medals that honor players who have made other players' game experiences better. They are intended to act as a signal to other players that a particular player may be a strong and helpful teammate.

Later this year: LFG tool

One of the anticipated features of Destiny 2: Lightfall was the new in-game "looking for group" (LFG) tool, which would enable players to find people to play with from the main menu. This feature would make Destiny 2 more social, eliminating the need to go into third-party websites or apps to find teammates.

However, the LFG feature has been delayed until the last season of Lightfall, which is a disappointment for many players, especially considering that some of the game's activities are getting harder and still don't support in-game matchmaking. Nonetheless, it's better to have the feature arrive late than never at all, and it's expected to be a significant improvement to the game's social features when it eventually arrives.

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