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Here you can easily buy New World Coins at great prices, all from real players! Avoid cheap Bot-Sellers. Our Coins are handfarmed by regular gamers. New World Gold Coins will save your time and make your game much more fun!


New World Coins (Gold) Service

  • You can choose from one of six game currency packs in New World - Coins, and the larger the amount, the lower the cost of each Coin.
  • New World Coins will be delivered to you directly in the game via in-game trade in one of two settlements, Windsward or Everfall (whichever you chose).
  • Once we notify you that the courier is ready to transfer the coins, please head to the Town Board of the settlement you selected.
  • When accepting Coins from our player, please place an unnecessary item in the trade.

Benefits of Buying New World Coins with MmonsteR

When buying in-game currency (including in New World), it's crucial to know who you're buying from. We all know that many online games have lots of bots, and we understand the damage these bots do to the game and its economy. Our team has always been strongly against using bots or any other gaming automation tools. That's why MmonsteR only works with real players who sell extra coins they've earned honestly. When you buy New World Coins from MmonsteR, you can be sure these coins were earned fairly by players who know how to make Coins using only the allowed game mechanics, like trading at the Trade Post, crafting, gathering resources, or selling Expeditions Boosts in exchange for in-game coins.

How useful are New World Coins in the game?

Coins in New World (or if you prefer - New World Gold) have a more important role compared to in-game currency in many other online games. This is primarily because a large portion of resources in the game can be freely traded, and those who have enough Coins can greatly ease their in-game life, especially when it comes to the maximum level 65, by buying resources, other New World items and boosting services from other players, without spending endless hours grinding for all of this. Moreover, often you can buy almost Best-in-Slot armor and increase your Gear Score with Coins. It's a win-win, as those who sell Coins compensate for the time spent earning them, and those who buy Coins save their own time.

How are New World Coins delivered?

When we receive an order for Coins delivery, we create a request in our gaming community among various players on different servers, and if it's about an amount over 20-30k Coins, it's rare for a single player to have such an amount at hand. So the first thing we do is collect the amount you ordered from different players in small portions. For example, if you bought 100k coins, we assign one responsible player to collect this sum from 5-7 other players, and then deliver the order to you. As soon as the player is ready to pass on the order, we notify you, and ask you to teleport to one of the towns (Windsward or Everfall) and approach the Town Board, where the courier with your coins will also arrive. The courier will offer you an in-game trade and place the gold in the trade window, and you will need to place something in return (something unnecessary, some item or resource).

Useful links that will help you understand how to better earn New World coins in the game.

A great and up-to-date guide on How to Make GOLD in New World from YouTuber BagginsTV

Text-based Coin Farming Guide: A Comprehensive Overview from the portal

A very useful resource, the Crafting and Refining Calculator, which will help you save your coins while leveling up Trade Skills, by calculating all necessary resources in advance.

And of course, for more efficient coin farming, the new mount system introduced in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is more relevant than ever. It will help you traverse the world of Aeternum significantly faster, collect resources, and trade for the purpose of earning coins much quicker. Here you can learn about how Riding Skill and Mounts work.

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My original name is Yevgen, but in games, people know me as Jexon. I'm originally from Ukraine (city of Odessa), but I've been living in Germany (Leipzig) for over 20 years. I've been with the MmonsteR team for over a decade. I love games, with MMORPG being my favorite genre. At MmonsteR, I wear many hats, from working on our website to interacting with our clients (shout out to those who know me). When I craft descriptions for our services, I approach it wholeheartedly and personally share my gaming experience. In New World, I have personally played over 1000 hours, which gives me a deep understanding of the game, its setup, special aspects, and how to shape the boosting services of this game on So, New World is one of the games on our site that I personally manage! Happy gaming ;)

— Jexon, MmonsteR Team @ 05/10/2023

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