Venthyr Covenant Campaign Boost

Here you can buy Venthyr Covenant Campaign Boost to unlock Venthyr Covenant unique rewards, such as Transmog Armor Set items, third Soulbind, 2 unique Gargon mounts, Renown levels and other cosmetic rewards

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Venthyr Covenant Campaign Boost - complete Venthyr Covenant main storyline and unlock some unique rewards

Shadowlands is the new World of Warcraft expansion featuring the new undiscovered Shadowlands world - a realm between realms, the delicate balance of which is preserved by life and death itself. And as every expansion was used to bring with it lots of new features for wow players to experience, this time around Shadowlands addon brings full linear quest campaign where players will have to escape the Maw, proceed to and explore 4 new zones and meet their respective rulers called Covenants in the following order:

  1. Bastion - home realm for Kyrian Covenant;
  2. Maldraxxus - home realm for Necrolord Covenant;
  3. Ardenweald - home realm for Night Fae Covenant;
  4. Revendreth - home realm for Venthyr Covenant.

Each Covenant has a separate Covenant Campaign that dives deeper into the plot of the Covenant and reveals more story and goals. Venthyr are the fourth and last covenant players encounter during Shadowlands campaign. They are vamppiric creatures who seek out souls weighed down by the burdens of their flaws (pride, rapaciousness, greed, apathy) and purge them of these burdens. After a player has chosen Venthyr as his Covenant, he will start long Covenant storyline Campaign which consists of 8 chapters, with each chapter gated behind gaining Renown levels and lasts approximately 8 weeks of weekly Renown leveling and questing. Each chapter of Covenant campaign rewards with exclusive Venthyr Covenant features, such as Transmog Armor Set items, third Soulbind, unique mounts, Renown levels and other cosmetic rewards. So why would you waste countless hours grinding endless quests if you can simply invest your time in more exciting and new Shadowlands endgame content? Our boosting team will gladly help and finish your Venthyr Covenant campaign in the shortest time allowing you to continue your epic and most interesting journey on the new realms of Shadowlands expansion. We guarantee security of your account, complete anonymity and reliability of our powerleveling services.

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Venthyr Covenant Campaign Boost