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Brawl Stars Ranked Guide

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Buckle up as we dive into the exhilarating world of Ranked Battles in Brawl Stars!

In the February 2024 update, it was the ultimate challenge, shaking up how we compete. To reach this elite level, you need to climb the Trophy Road and collect 1000 Trophies. It's not easy, but it's what separates the pros from the rest.

So, what's so exciting about Ranked modes? Let's dive deeper into Ranked and its mechanics in Brawl Stars.

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Exploring the Mechanics of Ranked in Brawl Stars

Once you hit 1000 Trophies, you'll unlock Ranked Battles. It's where the best showcase their skills in a competitive arena. In Ranked Battles, anything can happen. Randomly changing maps and battle modifiers add excitement and keep each match thrilling.

To enter Ranked, you need at least 3 Brawlers at Power Level 9. Additionally, to progress beyond Diamond I rank, you need to have 9 Brawlers at Power Level 9. If you want to unlock Ranked as quickly as possible, then use our Brawl Stars Ranked Unlock service!

In Ranked mode, every brawl counts. Your progress can soar or plummet, making each match super intense!

But here's the thing: Ranked mode wasn't just about winning. It was about the whole journey. Every win or loss helped you climb the ranks for the season, and you even scored XP for each match you played.

image of Brawl Stars Ranked
Brawl Stars Ranked

Understanding Gameplay: How Does It Work?

Each match throws you into battle with a random mode, map, and modifier. You gotta stay sharp and adapt on the fly! Both teams, led by their Team Captain, are hungry for victory.

Here's a breakdown of the excitement waiting for you:

  • Bronze I to Gold III Tiers: It's like a game of Mega Pig! Each player picks their Brawler and gears up with Star Powers, Gadgets, and Gears for an epic showdown.
  • Diamond I to Masters Tiers: Get ready for intense two-win tournaments, similar to Power League. With blind bans and picks, teams strategize to outplay their opponents and clinch victory.
  • Matchmaking: Players are paired based on their Tier, with higher Tier opponents offering bigger progress potential. Whether you're solo, duo, or trio, get ready for heart-pounding battles.
  • Masters Rank: Reach the top and earn global recognition! Your Rank Score puts you on the global leaderboard, where legends are born and rivalries ignite.

Remember: Higher Tier opponents offer greater progress opportunities, as your opponents are matched based on your Tier.

Every victory brings you closer to reach higher Ranks and cements your status among the stars of the arena!

Ranked Seasons

Seasons in Brawl Stars bring excitement and competition every month. When one season ends, all tiers reset to Bronze I, giving everyone a fresh start.

At the start of each new season, you get a boost based on your tier from the previous one. It's like getting a power-up, helping you climb the ranks again.

Ranked Starr Drops are the rewards for reaching higher tiers. They're like champion loot chests, filled with cool stuff like Bling and cosmetics from previous seasons. It's your chance to make your brawlers look awesome and show off your achievements.

Plus, if you reach new tiers in the current season, you get exclusive Battle Card Backgrounds as a badge of honor. They show everyone that you're climbing up in Brawl Stars.

Earned twice per rank, Ranked Starr Drops hold epic, mythic, and legendary items. They're like loot boxes full of awesome surprises! Here's the Tier Rewards table to help you navigate better:

Tier Point Milestone Reward
Bronze I 0 -
Bronze II 500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Bronze III 1000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Silver I 1500 1 Epic Ranked Starr Drop
Silver II 2000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Silver III 2500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Gold I 3000 1 Mythic Starr Drop
Gold II 3500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Gold III 4000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Diamond I 4500 1 Mythic Starr Drop
Diamond II 5000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Diamond III 5500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Mythic I 6000 1 Legendary Starr Drop
Mythic II 6500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Mythic III 7000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Legendary I 7500 1 Legendary Starr Drop
Legendary II 8000 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Legendary III 8500 1 Ranked Starr Drop
Masters 9000 1 Legendary Starr Drop

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What are Modifiers in Brawl Stars?

The game keeps getting better with Modifiers! These cool twists shake things up every season, giving you a fresh experience each time you play.

And every season, you get 4 Modifiers. One stays the same (that's the Classic Modifier), but the other three change with each new season. This means there's always something new and exciting to try out!

Ranked Modifiers:

  • Sands of Time:
    • Timed Detonation Modifier
    • Quickfire Modifier
    • Big Friend Modifier
  • Ragnarok:
    • Barbed Ammo Modifier
    • Sick Beats Modifier
    • Timed Detonation Modifier
  • Godzilla:
    • Quickfire Modifier
    • Second Wind Modifier
    • Super Bushy Modifier

What's a Ranked Battle Card Background?

Imagine your Battle Card getting a fancy new look every time you level up. It's like decorating your battlefield with a badge of honor, flaunting your skills to everyone.

Ranked Backgrounds stick with you from season to season, upgrading with each rank you reach, for a total of 7 awesome designs from Bronze to Masters.

Reporting System and Reputation Meter

  • Reporting System: In Brawl Stars, the Reporting System lets players flag bad behavior like cheating or being a sore loser. You can send up to 10 reports every day, giving you the power to keep the game fun and fair.
  • Reputation Meter: After a report is made, the Reputation Meter comes into play. It's like a virtual scorecard of your behavior in the game. If you're not playing nice or quitting matches early, your reputation can drop, shown by a Yellow Card warning.
  • Redeeming Your Reputation: You can turn things around by being a good sport in future matches. Show teamwork and fair play, and you can climb back up the ranks and improve your reputation.

The Reporting System and Reputation Meter make sure Brawl Stars stays a fair and fun place to play. Let's all work together to keep the game awesome and enjoyable for everyone!

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Final Thoughts

Ranked battles in Brawl Stars are super exciting! Each match is a new adventure with different stuff happening. Whether you're just starting out or a pro, there's always something cool to strive for.

As you play, you'll earn rewards and unlock special gear to make your brawlers even stronger. Plus, there are awesome cosmetics to show off your achievements.

By learning how Ranked battles work, teaming up with friends, and practicing your skills, you can climb the ranks and become a top player. It takes time and effort, but anyone can do it if they keep at it!

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