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CoD MW: WZ Ranked Explanation

Warzone Ranked Resurgence is a competitive mode in Warzone. It uses Resurgence rules, where players can respawn as long as one teammate is still alive. This makes the game fast and action-packed. Your goal is to fight your way to the Top 250 Leaderboard and earn rewards as you progress.

By understanding Warzone Ranked Resurgence and using smart strategies, you can climb the ranks and earn exclusive rewards. That's exactly what we'll help you do in our guide.

image of Warzone Ranked Play Season 4
CoD: Warzone Ranked Play Season 4 (Credit: Activision)

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Essential Information about Ranked Play

Warzone Ranked mode was added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone in Season 2. Warzone Ranked Resurgence launched on February 7, 2024, and became available on Fortune’s Keep. To access this mode, players must reach at least Level 55.

Here are the essential match parameters:

Parameter Details
Party Size Trios
Map Fortune's Keep
Game Mode Resurgence
Public Event Restrictions Yes (Firesale and Restock occur at fixed circles, no other Public Events)
Vehicle Restrictions Yes
Restricted Gameplay Elements Yes
Buy Station Inventory Adjustments Yes

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Skill Divisions and SR System

Warzone Ranked Play has different skill tiers, from Bronze to Top 250. Here’s how it works:

  • Skill Divisions: Players are grouped into skill tiers, like Bronze, Silver, and Top 250. Each tier shows how skilled you are.
  • SR (Skill Rating): Your SR determines your rank. You earn SR by performing well in matches - getting eliminations, assists, and good placements. The better you play, the faster you climb.
image of Warzone Ranked Play Skill Divisions
CoD: Warzone Ranked Play - Skill Divisions (Credit: Activision)

Progression Through Skill Divisions

In Ranked Play Resurgence, your progress is tracked by Skill Rating (SR), which you earn by collecting Stars. Up to three Stars can be earned per match based on your squad's placement.

  • Top 8 in Squads: One Star
  • Top 5 in Squads: Two Stars
  • 1st Place: Three Stars

Everyone starts in Bronze 1 with 0 SR. To move up, you need to reach specific SR points. Each division has three tiers, except for the top two, Iridescent and Top 250. You can move up through eight Skill Divisions by earning Skill Rating (SR) points.

Here are the divisions and their SR requirements:

Division SR Requirements
Bronze Starting Division
Silver 900 SR
Gold 2,100 SR
Platinum 3,600 SR
Diamond 5,400 SR
Crimson 7,500 SR
Iridescent 10,000 SR
Top 250 10,000+ SR

Earning SR

Here's how to gain SR most efficiently:

  • Kills and Assists: Earn SR for getting kills and assists. You also get SR when a teammate gets a kill.
  • Surviving: The longer you survive, the more SR you get. First place earns 100 SR, and the top 12 earn 20 SR each.
  • Seasonal Challenges: Complete challenges like winning a match or getting 100 kills for bonus SR. These are one-time rewards each season.
Action SR Earned
Kill/Assist Increases as fewer players remain (up to 10+ SR)
Teammate Kill SR earned each time a teammate gets a kill
Final Placement (1st place) 100 SR
Final Placement (Top 12) 20 SR
Seasonal Challenge Completion (one-time) Varies per challenge

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Losing SR

You can also lose SR through Deployment Fees and Death Fees.

  • Deployment Fees: You pay SR to join a match (except for Bronze). The fees increase as you move up divisions.
  • Death Fees: You lose SR each time you die, starting at Silver 1. Higher divisions lose more SR per death.
Division Tier Deployment Fee (SR) Death Fee (SR)
Bronze 0 0
Silver I -10 -2
Silver II -14 -2
Silver III -18 -2
Gold I -23 -3
Gold II -28 -3
Gold III -33 -3
Platinum I -39 -4
Platinum II -45 -4
Platinum III -51 -4
Diamond I -58 -5
Diamond II -65 -5
Diamond III -72 -5
Crimson I -80 -6
Crimson II -90 -6
Crimson III -100 -6
Iridescent & Top 250 -110 to -280 -7

Warzone Ranked Play is all about earning and managing your SR to climb the Skill Divisions. Focus on getting kills, surviving longer, and completing challenges while managing your SR costs.

Warzone Ranked Play Season 4: Resurgence Rewards

image of Warzone Season 4: Resurgence Rewards
CoD: Warzone Ranked Play Rewards

Warzone Season 4 introduces a variety of rewards to motivate players and acknowledge their achievements. There are three types of rewards: Ranked, Season, and End of Season. Here's a breakdown of what you can earn and how:

Ranked Rewards

These are available at launch and can be earned by playing matches. Your progress from previous seasons carries over, allowing you to continue your rank grind.

Rank Reward
05 Sweat Buggy Vehicle Skin & Calling Card
10 On the Rise Animated Emblem & Calling Card
15 Carrying the Squad Weapon Sticker & Calling Card
20 Team Player Weapon Charm & Calling Card
25 GOAT Animated Emblem & Calling Card
30 WZ Ranked Play Weapon Camo & Calling Card
35 WTB Teammate Weapon Sticker & Calling Card
40 Beamed Large Weapon Decal & Calling Card
45 You Tried Weapon Charm & Calling Card
50 WZ Ranked Veteran Operator Skin, Animated Emblem, and Animated Calling Card

Season Rewards

Available only during the current season, these rewards are specific to Season 4 and provide exclusive items. Get Time-Limited Warzone Seasonal Rewards easily with our Seasonal Rewards Boost. No effort needed!

image of WZ Season 4 Ranked Veteran Weapon Camo
Season 4 WZ Ranked Veteran Weapon Camo
Challenge Reward
Place in the Top 7, 25 times EGO Chall Weapon Decal
Place in the Top 5, 25 times Pro Issue SVA 545 Weapon Blueprint
Place 1st Death Fee Collection Weapon Charm
Get 25 Kills or Assists WZ Season 4 Competitor Weapon Sticker
Get 250 Kills or Assists WZ Season 4 Loading Screen
Get 1,000 Kills or Assists Season 4 WZ Ranked Veteran Weapon Camo

End of Season Rewards

image of Warzone Ranked Rewards
CoD: Warzone Ranked Play - Ranked Rewards (Credit: Activision)

Based on your highest attained division or placement in the Top 250, these rewards are given out after the season concludes. They serve as a testament to your skill and dedication throughout the season.

Division Reward
Bronze WZ Season 4 Bronze Emblem
Silver WZ Season 4 Silver Emblem
Gold WZ Season 4 Gold Animated Emblem
Platinum WZ Season 4 Platinum Animated Emblem
Diamond WZ Season 4 Diamond Animated Emblem
Crimson WZ Season 4 Crimson Animated Emblem
Iridescent WZ Season 4 Iridescent Animated Emblem
Iridescent WZ Season 4 Iridescent Animated Calling Card
Top 250 WZ Season 4 Top 250 Animated Calling Card
Top 250 WZ Season 4 Top 250 Animated Emblem
Top 250 WZ Season 4 Top 250 Animated Weapon Camo
End Season 4 #1 Overall MWIII Season #1 Overall Animated Calling Card

New Skill Division Operator Skin Sets

Warzone Ranked Play has an exciting new feature this season: Skill Division Operator Skin sets. These special skins are available for both male and female operators in the 2024 Call of Duty League (CDL) across all factions. Get ready to show off your skills with these exclusive looks!

image of Top 250 Competitor Operator Skin
Top 250 Competitor Operator Skin
Division Tier Reward
Gold – Iridescent Gold Competitor, Platinum Competitor, Diamond Competitor, Crimson Competitor, or Iridescent Competitor Operator Skin based on highest Skill Division reached
Top 250 Top 250 Competitor Operator Skin by finishing a Season in the Top 250 Skill Division

With these rewards and the competitive structure of Warzone Ranked Play, players are constantly motivated to push their limits, improve their skills, and earn exclusive rewards.

Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence Loadout Restrictions

In Warzone Ranked Play, the competitive nature of the game is maintained through strict loadout restrictions. This ensures a balanced playing field, preventing any single loadout from becoming overwhelmingly powerful.

The following restrictions are currently in place for Season 4 Reloaded:

Restricted Weapons
Weapon Type Melee Riot Shields
Launchers All
Shotguns KV Broadside, MX Guardian, Haymaker, Riveter
Restricted Attachments
Attachment Type Ammunition Snakeshot, Dragon’s Breath
Optics All Thermals
Underbarrel Jak Purifier, Corvus Torch
Trigger Action Maelstrom Dual Trigger
Restricted Killstreaks
Killstreak Mosquito Drone
Restricted Perks
Perk Birdseye
Restricted Perk Packs
Perk Pack Technician
Plate Carrier
Comms Vest
Restricted Vehicles
Vehicle Type Turreted Ground Vehicles All
Turreted Aquatic Vehicles All

Final Thoughts

Navigating the competitive landscape of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Warzone Ranked Resurgence is tough but rewarding. To climb the ranks and earn rewards, you need to master the game mode, refine strategies, and keep improving your skills.

Want to be in the top 250 leaderboard? Persistence and smart play are your best friends. Every match is a chance to show your skills and beat the competition.

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