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Diablo 4 Masterworking - In-Depth Guide

The new Masterworking endgame crafting system in Diablo 4's Season 4 is the best way to power up your gear. This crafting system lets you upgrade your items, making them much stronger and more valuable.

image of The Pit of Artificers
Diablo 4 The Pit of Artificers

In this guide, we will explain how the mechanics of this system work, how you can unlock Masterworking, and what you can craft.

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Understanding Masterworking

New Masterworking system enhances an item’s base affixes by 5% for each rank. Every fourth rank (a milestone rank) gives a significant 25% boost to a single random affix. By maxing out an item's Masterworking, you’ll see a 45% increase in base affixes and a 75% boost spread across one to three affixes.

So, it looks like this:

  • Ranks 1-3, 5-7, etc.: Each rank boosts base affixes by 5%.
  • Milestone Ranks (4, 8, 12): Each milestone rank gives a 25% boost to one random affix.

When an item reaches the highest Masterworking level, these boosts are shown directly below the Item Power in its tooltip. Milestone upgrades are highlighted in blue (one upgrade), yellow (two upgrades), and orange (three upgrades).

To start Masterworking, visit the Blacksmith. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Select Your Item: Only Ancestral Legendary items with two Tempered Affixes and Unique items can be Masterworked.
  • Upgrade Process: Non-milestone ranks (1-3, 5-7, etc.) have no special animation, allowing quick upgrades. Milestone ranks (4, 8, 12) feature a special animation, but you can skip it if you prefer.
  • Material Costs: Each upgrade requires specific materials, which increase in rarity and quantity with higher ranks.
image of Masterworking

Resetting Masterwork Ranks

If you’re not happy with the roll on a particular affix, you can reset the Masterworking ranks. However, this comes at a cost and doesn't refund materials, so choose wisely.

The reset process requires:

Unlocking Masterworking

Enter the Pit of Artificers: Start your journey by completing a run in the Pit of Artificers. This is where you'll find the special materials needed to upgrade your gear.

Gathering Materials: After your first run, you'll get Masterworking materials. These materials are needed for upgrading and come in three tiers:

  • Tier 1: For ranks 1-4
  • Tier 2: For ranks 5-8
  • Tier 3: For ranks 9-12

Unlocking Tiers: Complete more runs in the Pit to unlock higher tiers. Each tier requires specific materials for upgrading ranks.

Transmuting Materials: At the Occultist, you can change Legendary crafting materials into Rare and Magic ones. This helps you manage your resources and make sure you have what you need for Masterworking.

image of Masterworking The Pit of Artificers

Want to level up faster? The Diablo 4 Masterworking Boost is your key! This service helps you power up your gear by boosting affix values, making it quicker to rank up.

Crafting Materials for Masterworking in Diablo 4

Three mysterious materials: Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron are at the core of Masterworking. Each has its own significance, guiding crafters through different ranks of mastery.

  • Obducite (Magic Crafting Material): From ranks 1 to 4, Obducite is essential, embodying magic's essence and guiding crafters through early stages.
  • Ingolith (Rare Crafting Material): Rare and valuable, Ingolith fuels progress from ranks 5 to 8, unlocking greater feats of craftsmanship.
  • Neathiron (Legendary Crafting Material): The pinnacle of crafting, Neathiron, from ranks 9 to 12, beckons only the boldest artisans, shaping destiny amidst chaos.

Crafting mastery extends beyond materials. The Occultist, a mysterious figure, offers transmutation services, enabling players to transform lesser materials into those required for Masterworking.

Crafting Materials Equipment Masterworking Ranks
Veiled Crystal All Ranks 1-8
Rawhide Armor Ranks 1-8
Iron Chunk Weapons, Amulets, Rings Ranks 1-8
Coiling Ward Armor Ranks 9-12
Abstruse Sigil Amulets, Rings Ranks 9-12
Baleful Fragment Weapons Ranks 9-12

Upgrades and Required Masterworking Materials

To upgrade each rank, players need to obtain specific materials. Here is a complete list of the materials required for upgrading gear and the effects you can get on each Masterworking tier:

Masterwork Rank Required Crafting Materials Upgrade
Rank 1 10 Obducide
10 Rawhide / 10 Iron Chunk
3 Veiled Crystal
100,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 2 20 Obducide
10 Rawhide / 10 Iron Chunk
3 Veiled Crystal
150,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 3 30 Obducide
15 Rawhide / 15 Iron Chunk
4 Veiled Crystal
200,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 4 40 Obducide
15 Rawhide / 15 Iron Chunk
4 Veiled Crystal
300,000 Gold
A random Affix is increased by 25%
Rank 5 20 Ingolith
25 Rawhide / 25 Iron Chunk
6 Veiled Crystal
400,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 6 40 Ingolith
30 Rawhide / 30 Iron Chunk
8 Veiled Crystal
600,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 7 80 Ingolith
40 Rawhide / 40 Iron Chunk
10 Veiled Crystal
800,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 8 120 Ingolith
50 Rawhide / 50 Iron Chunk
15 Veiled Crystal
800,000 Gold
A random Affix is increased by 25%
Rank 9 50 Neathiron
20 Veiled Crystal
10 Abstruse Sigil / 10 Baleful Fragment / 10 Coiling Ward
3 Forgotten Soul
2,000,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 10 100 Neathiron
30 Veiled Crystal
10 Abstruse Sigil / 10 Baleful Fragment / 10 Coiling Ward
5 Forgotten Soul
3,000,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 11 150 Neathiron
40 Veiled Crystal
15 Abstruse Sigil / 15 Baleful Fragment / 15 Coiling Ward
7 Forgotten Soul
5,000,000 Gold
Increase all affixes by 5%.
Rank 12 250 Neathiron
50 Veiled Crystal
20 Abstruse Sigil / 20 Baleful Fragment / 20 Coiling Ward
10 Forgotten Soul
2,500,000 Gold
A random Affix is increased by 25%

Alchemist's Transmutation

Players can either improve their Masterworking special Crafting Materials or exchange them for different quantities through the Alchemist's Transmutation service.

Item Explanation Cost
Ingolith Neathiron to Ingolith 1 Neathiron
600 Gold
Obducite Ingolith to Obducite 1 Ingolith
200 Gold

Tips & Tricks for Masterworking

  • Manage Resources Wisely: Keep track of your materials and prioritize upgrades that align with your playstyle and build goals.
  • Exploration is Key: Explore the Pit of Artificers to gather Masterworking materials and unlock higher tiers for more powerful upgrades.
  • Consider Boost Services: Explore using our services Diablo 4 Masterworking Boost to which helps you to empower your gear by increasing affixes values.
  • Utilize Transmutation: The Occultist's transmutation services can help you convert materials to suit your crafting needs, ensuring you have the resources required for Masterworking.
  • Strategic Resets: Consider resetting only when a particular affix roll significantly hinders your build potential.
  • Avoiding Waste: Don't waste your materials. Only upgrade items with important features, and don't spend too much on items you'll replace soon.
  • Pit of Artificers Focus: Focus on tackling the highest Pit of Artificers tier you can manage comfortably, and trade materials at the Alchemy if needed.

Final Thoughts

Masterworking system is a fantastic way to squeeze every bit of potential out of your gear in Diablo 4. By understanding and utilizing this system, you can ensure your character is always equipped with the best possible items, ready for Sanctuary's toughest challenges.

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