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24 November 2023 | World of Warcraft: Retail

Dreamsurges Event Guide in WoW Dragonflight: Objectives, Rewards and Achievements

Welcome to the thrilling realm of Dragonflight, where the Emerald Dream meets the relentless assaults of the Druids of the Flame. In Patch 10.1.7, also known as Fury Incarnate, a cool in-game event is happening called Dreamsurges. In this guide, we will reveal all the details of this event.

Dreamsurges are your ticket to a treasure trove of catch-up gear for alternate characters. With item levels soaring to impressive heights of 424 and 437, this is your chance to equip your alts with some serious power. But beware, these treasures come in limited quantities, adding an element of strategy to your hunt.

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In the heart of Dragonflight, you'll encounter both major and minor awakening dream portals. These portals are the epicenter of the event. The major portals, born from the Emerald Dream, hold the key to the most significant challenges and rewards.

But don't underestimate the minor awakening dream portals. They might be smaller, but they play a crucial role in the event. In fact, they carry a touch of nostalgia, harking back to the early days of WoW when players eagerly anticipated an expansion centered around the Emerald Dream. Blizzard's dedication to this lore-rich theme always ignites excitement among players.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Waking Dream

Imagine a small tree growing into a massive one. That's how Dreamsurges work. They're like a new World Tree growing and bringing the magical energies from the Emerald Dream to the Dragon Isles. It's like a connection between dreams and reality.

Essential Details About the Dreamsurge World Event

Each week, a different zone on the Dragon Isles gets a special boost of power called Dreaming Winds. This boost gives brave adventurers a 25% experience bonus when they go on quests and battles in that zone.

But that's just the beginning of the excitement. Every 30 minutes, the DreamSurge itself appears somewhere in the zone, offering thrilling challenges for players to take on. Completing these events earns you rewards in the form of ilvl402 Veteran 1/8 item tokens, which can make you even more powerful. And here's the part: players get to vote on DreamSurge effects every half-hour. The effects they choose will affect everyone in the zone, making your adventures full of surprises.

Dreamsurge Currencies: Dreamsurge Coalescence and Dreamsurge Cocoon

As you explore the DreamSurge-affected zone, keep an eye out for Dreamsurge Coalescence. You can collect these by completing tasks, defeating enemies, or picking up items scattered around the area. These fragments are valuable because you can trade them for all sorts of great items, making your time on the Dragon Isles really count.

If you're up for even bigger challenges and better rewards, there's a weekly quest called Shaping the Dreamsurge. To finish this quest, you need to gather 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence fragments. It's not easy, but the rewards are totally worth it. When you succeed, you'll get a Dreamsurge Chrysalis, which unlocks ilvl 415 Champion 1/8 gear. This gear is super powerful and can make your dreams come true.

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Another type of currency in Dreamsurge is the Dreamsurge Cocoon. You can get Dreamsurge Cocoon by completing a weekly quest, and then you can swap it for Level 415 Champion Gear at Hamuul Runetotem.

Waking Dream Portals: Where Nightmares Become Reality

Waking Dream Portals, an exciting part of the Dreamsurge event that's like an invasion in the game. Here, you'll go up against tough Druids of the Flame, and it's a real test of your skills.

Begins with the Waking Dream event, offering a glimpse ahead. In these intense moments, your goal is to fill up a progress bar, and there are different ways to do it. You can make progress by defeating Druids of the Flame, destroying Flame Altars, or even riding on flametalon hawks like a dragon. You get to choose, and each path has its own challenges and rewards.

As you make progress and get closer to finishing the bar, things get more tense. Every move you make matters, and you'll need to use all your skills. But don't worry, with determination and teamwork, you can win.

When you finally fill the bar, a tough Flame Lieutenant shows up, and that's the climax of the battle. This enemy is really strong, and you'll need to use all your skills and work together with your team to beat them.

If you win this tough fight, you get some cool rewards. You'll earn Charred Elemental Remains to show off your victory. You also get 25 Dreamsurge Coalescence, a Whelpling's Shadowflame Crest, and a valuable 402 item token. It's a bunch of great stuff that proves you're brave and skilled in the face of danger.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Waking Dream Portals

Empowered Rare Elites: The Ultimate Challenge

In the heart of the Dreamsurge-affected areas, something amazing and intimidating happens. Those rare tough enemies, the ones that are hard to find and even harder to beat, transform into Empowered Rare Elites. They become super strong and are like the bosses of the Dragon Isles.

These Empowered Rare Elites are no joke. They have a lot more health than the regular ones, which makes them tough to fight. They also get new and dangerous abilities that will test your skills and teamwork.

Battling Empowered Rare Elites is a true adventure challenge. It's a tough battle that will push you to your limits. You'll need to be super coordinated, think fast, and be really good at using your abilities. But if you win, the rewards are amazing.

Beating these tough enemies gets you a bunch of rewards. You'll earn 25 Dreamsurge Coalescence, a special currency you can use to get valuable stuff. You'll also get a Whelpling's Shadowflame Crest, which shows you're a winner. Plus, you'll get a cool 402 item token that can make your gear even better and make you stronger on the Dragon Isles.

Prepare for Victory with Dreamsurges: Upgrade Your Gear

In the world of the Dragon Isles, having the right gear is super important. When you go on adventures and face all the challenges, you need gear that matches your goals. Luckily, Dreamsurges give you a chance to get some really good catch-up gear that makes you much stronger.

There are two levels of catch-up gear you can get with Dreamsurges, and each has its own special benefits:

The first level of catch-up gear is called Veteran gear. It starts at item level 402, which is already pretty good. But you can make it even better, all the way up to item level 424. How do you get this awesome gear? You can earn it by taking part in Dreamsurge events – they'll give you these cool items as rewards.

But there's another way. If you really want to boost your gear, you can talk to Celestine of the Harvest. She's in Dreamsurge locations, and she can give you Veteran gear for a price. Each piece of gear will cost you 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence. So, whether you want to earn it by doing stuff in the game or trade your Coalescence, you can become a true veteran of the Dragon Isles.

The top-level catch-up gear on the Dragon Isles is called Champion gear. It starts at an amazing item level of 415, and you can make it even stronger, up to item level 437. How can you get this gear? By finishing the Dreamsurge weekly quest and getting the Dreamsurge Chrysalis, which is like a special reward.

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem is the one who can give you this fantastic gear. You can get each piece of Champion gear by giving him one Chrysalis. Wearing this gear shows that you're one of the best on the Dragon Isles.

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Dreamsurge World Event Rewards and Achievements

While having powerful gear is awesome, Dreamsurges bring a bunch of other cool rewards besides weapons and armor. As you dive into the challenges and mysteries of the Dragon Isles, think about all the amazing stuff you can get by taking part in Dreamsurge events.

Any experienced adventurer knows that a hero's journey is about more than just battles and loot. It's about creating memories and collecting cool stuff along the way. Dreamsurges get that, and they offer you a bunch of mounts, pets, and toys to make your adventures even more awesome.

Here are some of the rewards you can get with Dreamsurge Coalescence:

  • Duskwing Ohuna: Embark on your adventures through the Dragon Isles in style with this majestic mount. Glide through the skies in grandeur, showcasing your prowess. Cost: 1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence.
  • Cheddar: This endearing Battle pet is your loyal companion, adding a touch of charm to your journeys. Always by your side, Cheddar will be a faithful friend throughout your adventures. Cost: 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence.
  • Crimson Swoglet: Adorn your collection with this delightful Battle pet, ensuring you're never alone on your travels. Because let's admit it, one adorable pet is never enough. Cost: 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence.
  • Dreamsurge Remnant: Relive the captivating memories of Dreamsurge whenever nostalgia strikes with this intriguing toy. Dive back into your favorite moments at will. Cost: 500 Dreamsurge Coalescence.
  • Friendsurge Defenders: Set the stage for Dreamsurge's spirit with this diverse collection of toys. Each toy captures Dreamsurge's spirit, showcasing camaraderie and adventure uniquely. Cost: 500 Dreamsurge Coalescence.

In the exciting update of patch 10.1.7, players in the Dreamsurges event can expect another highly enticing reward: the formidable Renewed Magmamoth Mount. Obtain this upgraded version of the Magmammoth by collecting 20 Charred Elemental Remains. These valuable remains serve as rewards for conquering the event's boss in the Waking Dream's second stage, as well as participating in various smaller portal events sprinkled throughout.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Renewed Magmamoth mount

Also, you can score four hotshot transmog sets: Dreambound Armor. These sets suit different armor types: cloth, leather, mail, and plate. Each item from this legendary set demands 100 Dreambound Coalescence or one Dreamsurge Chrysalis.

Dreamsurge Achievements in Dragonflight

In Dreamsurges unique achievement is known as Dream Shaper. To earn this achievement, you'll need to undertake the Shaping the Dreamsurge quest, which involves the collection of 100 Dreamsurge Coalescences. Once gathered, these Coalescences must be presented to Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem.

And these are just some of the cool things waiting for you. Whether you're collecting mounts, looking for pet pals, or just want to add some fun to your adventures, Dreamsurges have something for everyone.

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