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Tarisland Classes - Overview

Set in a captivating Western fantasy vast world, MMORPG Tarisland offers a vast sandbox with epic raids, diverse classes, customizable builds, and a huge universe to explore.

The classes in Tarisland are unique, each with its own style and two specializations, offering different ways to play.

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Let's check out the unique classes in Tarisland. This will give you a glimpse of the exciting gameplay and strategies each class brings to your adventures.

Tarisland Classes

In Tarisland, you can choose from a variety of diverse classes, each bringing its own style and strengths to the battlefield:

  • Warrior: Frontline fighters with high defense, powerful attacks, and the ability to deliver devastating blows in close combat.
  • Paladin: Holy warriors adept at both tanking and healing, offering versatility and support in any group.
  • Priest: Healers and supporters who restore health and provide buffs, essential for team strength in tough battles.
  • Bard: Music-based supporters who boost allies and weaken enemies, a strategic choice for support roles.
  • Shadow Swordsman: Stealthy and precise fighters who excel in surprise attacks and swift combat maneuvers.
  • Ranger: Ranged combat specialists skilled in precision attacks and survival tactics, ideal for hit-and-run strategies.
  • Mage: Elemental magic users casting powerful spells from afar, perfect for dealing heavy damage while maintaining distance.
  • Barbarian Fighter: Chaotic battle experts with immense strength and resilience, suited for aggressive playstyles.
  • Phantom Necro: Masters of the undead who summon and command spirits to aid in battle.
image of Tarisland Classes

Warrior Class

Warriors in Tarisland are fearless fighters, skilled in defense and offense.

  • War Shield Specialization: In Tarisland, War Shield warriors masters rule. These defenders excel in shieldplay, using shields for solid protection. They disrupt enemy attacks, shielding allies with unwavering strength.
  • Rage Specialization: Not all warriors focus on defense, some unleash raw rage. Rage masters wield fury, turning weapons into chaos-bringers. With every swing, they tear through enemies, leaving chaos in their wake.
  • Combat Expertise: Skilled in combat, they adapt to situations, using precise strikes and tactics to outmaneuver foes.

With a wide range of skills, from powerful strikes to strategic buffs, they're equipped to overcome any challenge.

image of Tarisland Warrior Class
Tarisland Warrior Class

In short, warrior class in Tarisland are fierce fighters who excel in both defense and offense. They're the backbone of any battle, ready to face any threat with unwavering courage and determination.

Paladin Class

In Tarisland, Paladins are divine warriors who use holy power to heal friends and defeat foes. They're known as the "incarnation of justice" and are also great diplomats, often forming alliances.

As a melee DPS, Justice Paladins deal heavy blows, while Guardian Paladins tank and protect allies.

  • Justice Specialization: Justice Paladins fight with swords and hammers. They use divine power for powerful attacks and quick movements. They can boost movement speed, reduce damage, interrupt enemies, and stun multiple foes.
  • Guard Specialization: Guard Paladins are defensive experts. They heal and protect their team with shields and hammers. They can boost movement speed, interrupt enemies, taunt multiple foes, stun and control groups, and reflect damage back to enemies. They use Aegis Energy, which builds up during battles and makes them tougher.
image of Tarisland Paladin Class
Tarisland Paladin Class

Paladin class are the backbone of any good team in Tarisland. Their ability to heal, protect, and fight makes them invaluable. If you like being in the thick of battle and helping your team, the Paladin is for you.

Priest Class

Priests are all about faith and healing. They draw power from their unwavering belief to help allies and defeat enemies.

Priests are the best at quickly healing their team, even in tough fights. They can also deal good damage, making them great for solo play and farming.

  • Strength Through Faith: Priests heal and protect their allies with prayers and divine energy. In battle, they're a rock, keeping their team going strong.
  • Choose Your Path: Priests can go two ways: Faith Priests bring down divine punishment on enemies and bless allies, while Prayer Priests focus on healing and protecting their team.
  • Tap Into Divine Power: Priests can do a lot with their divine energy. Prayer Priests are especially good at healing and shielding their friends from harm.
  • Ultimate Skill: As you level up, priests unlock powerful abilities to customize their playstyle.
image of Tarisland Priest Class
Tarisland Priest Class

In Tarisland, priests are the light in the darkness. Their faith it's a source of strength and healing for all. Their support and offensive skills make them a dynamic and valuable asset on the battlefield.

Mage Class

Prepare to explore Tarisland's magical realm with the Mage class. Mages have a deep understanding of elemental spirits and wield their powers with expertise.

  • Elves: Among Taris's elves, Mages are revered for their innate affinity for elemental magic. Unlike humans who need to study, elves are naturally connected to the elements.
  • Battle Role: Mages excel as ranged damage dealers, casting devastating spells with precision. Though not great in physical combat, they control the battlefield from a distance.

Mages can specialize in frost or fire magic. Frost Mages freeze enemies, while Flame Mages unleash torrents of flame.

  • Frost Specialization: Frost mages are all about freezing enemies and slowing them down with icy spells. This helps your team get the upper hand in battles while you keep dishing out damage. "Kiting" lets you keep moving while dealing damage steadily, while "Ice Cone" packs a punch with powerful attacks but makes you less mobile.
  • Flame Specialization: Fire mages are all about big, fiery damage. No fancy spells needed – just raw power. "Fireball" lets you cast while moving, keeping you nimble in fights, while "Skyfire" focuses on massive damage, even if it means you can't move around as much.
image of Tarisland Mage Class
Tarisland Mage Class

Mages also have cool abilities like Blink, Shield, Disruptions, and Bindings to enhance their gameplay. Master them, and you'll be unstoppable!

Bard Class

In Tarisland, Bards are a unique mix of music and combat skills. They're not just performers but also powerful fighters who use music to damage enemies and heal allies. Let's check out what makes Bards special.

  • Musical Might: Bards boost allies and hinder foes with their tunes, buffing stats, debuffing enemies, and even healing wounds. They're top-tier supporters, perfect for those who love backing up their team.
  • Harmony in Battle: They wield instruments as weapons, dealing damage with precision or hitting multiple foes at once. This mix of support and offense makes Bards a solid pick for flexible players.
  • Bard's Versatility: In Tarisland, Bards adapt to either Damage-Ranged or Healer-Ranged roles, with Solo and Harmony specializations for varied playstyles. Their unique blend of music and magic makes them indispensable allies, whether dealing damage or supporting their team.
image of Tarisland Bard Class
Tarisland Bard Class

Bard class are dynamic fighters, capable of changing the battle's outcome.

Ranger Class

The Ranger, Tarisland's top solo hunter, wields bows and traps adeptly. They quickly set traps and shoot arrows, forming alliances with beasts for support. Rangers thrive in solo and group play, focusing on Tamed Beast or Hunting paths.

  • The Lone Hunter's Arsenal: Rangers use weapons and traps with precision, showcasing their resourcefulness in the wild.
  • Embracing Team Dynamics: While skilled in solo play, Rangers shine in team battles, deploying traps and arrows to sway the outcome. Their bond with nature summons beasts to aid in combat.
  • Specializations: Rangers specialize in Tamed Beast or Hunting paths. Tamed Beast focuses on commanding creatures and traps, while Hunting excels in marksmanship and precision strikes.
  • Harnessing Unique Resources: Rangers use Collaboration Rating or Stability to unleash their abilities, distinguishing them as champions of the wild.
  • The Ultimate Pursuit: Through the Ultimate system, Rangers enhance their speed, recovery, and battlefield control, vital for victory in Tarisland's dynamic battles.
image of Tarisland Ranger Class
Tarisland Ranger Class

In Tarisland's harsh terrain, Rangers epitomize adaptability and mastery. Follow their legacy and let the wild guide your path to glory.

Phantom Necro Class

Step into Tarisland's mystical world and meet the powerful Phantom Necro class, balancing life and death uniquely.

  • Datura Flower: In Tarisland's ethereal realm, Phantom Necros harness the Datura Flower's energy, channeling lost souls' essence into potent strength.
  • Mastering Soul Power: Phantom Necros shape reality with soul manipulation, reviving spirits, unlocking prophecies, and offering solace to the weary.
  • Soul Healing Specialization: Skilled Phantom Necros heal spirits, restoring vitality and renewing hope in dark times. In battle, Soul Healing Phantom Necros protect allies with strategic planning, ensuring survival against darkness.
  • Soul Snatch Specialization: Some Phantom Necros seek justice through the Soul Snatch path, punishing the wicked in Tarisland. Phantom Necros excel at controlling the battlefield with their spectral powers and strategic energy management.
image of Phantom Necro Class
Tarisland Phantom Necro Class

Phantom Necros, whether healers or warriors, shape Tarisland's destiny for all who walk their path.

Shadow Swordsman Class

The Shadow Swordsman is a mysterious and deadly fighter who excels in stealth and precision combat. Born in the secretive town of Tidewater, they emerge from the shadows to combat darkness with relentless pursuit of justice.

  • Cunning Specialization: Masters of stealth and poison, they strike swiftly and silently, leaving death behind.
  • Duel Specialization: Agile and precise, they dance among enemies with deadly accuracy, slicing through them effortlessly.

In battle, they combine blade mastery with shadow manipulation, using unique skills to poison foes and exploit weaknesses.

  • Unlocking Power: As players progress, they unlock powerful abilities through the Class Ultimate System, gaining advantages like speed boosts and stealth.
image of Shadow Swordsman Class
Tarisland Shadow Swordsman Class

In the world of Tarisland, the Shadow Swordsman embodies fearlessness and skill, inspiring allies and striking terror into enemies. Their journey is one of danger and triumph, for those brave enough to embrace the shadows.

Barbarian Fighter Class

In the land of Tarisland, the Barbarian Fighter from the Snow Lion Clan is a fierce warrior. They're tough, skilled, and have strong ties to their homeland.

  • Snow Lion Clan: The Snow Lion Clan thrives in the icy Scadino Ice Plains. They're known for their strength and cunning, passed down through generations.
  • Born for Battle: Barbarians are born fighters, with strength and determination flowing through their veins. They wield frost and thunder to crush their enemies.
  • Masters of Frost and Thunder: Barbarians can specialize in Frost or Thunder. Frost Barbarians focus on defense and healing, while Thunder Barbarians are all about aggressive attacks.
  • Crafting Warriors: Barbarians tailor their skills for battlefield dominance, shifting the balance of power to their advantage.
image of Barbarian Fighter Class
Tarisland Barbarian Fighter Class

Barbarian Fighters are champions of honor and defenders of the weak in Tarisland. Their legend grows with each victory, fueled by courage and unity.

Tips & Tricks for Tarisland Classes

We've prepared some useful tips for you to make it easier to understand which class to choose and what to focus on.

  • Choose Wisely: Take the time to explore each class and its specializations before making your decision. Consider your preferred playstyle and the role you want to fulfill in battles.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Like any skill, mastering your chosen class will take time and practice. Don't get discouraged if you don't excel right away – keep honing your skills, learn from mistakes, and soon you'll be a force in Tarisland.
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  • Experiment: Don't be afraid to experiment with different skills and abilities within your chosen class. This will help you discover new strategies and tactics that can give you an edge in combat.
  • Teamwork is Key: Remember that Tarisland is a vast and dangerous world, and you'll often need to rely on your fellow players to succeed. Communicate with your teammates, coordinate your actions, and watch each other's backs to overcome even the toughest challenges.
  • Stay Flexible: Be prepared to adapt to changing situations and environments. What works well in one situation may not be as effective in another, so stay flexible and be willing to adjust your tactics as needed.

With these tips in your arsenal and the insights from this guide across all classes, you'll be primed to dominate the game!

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Final Thoughts

Tarisland offers a rich and diverse selection of classes, each with its own unique playstyle and abilities. Whether you prefer to wield the raw power of a Barbarian Fighter, the arcane magic of a Mage, or the healing prowess of a Priest, there's a class to suit every taste and preference.

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