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Tarisland Professions - Overview

Tarisland offers a diverse range of professions that are essential for game progression and leveling up your character.

Mastering a profession in Tarisland lets you create powerful, unique items that give you an edge in the game. Crafting armor or brewing potions, picking the right profession for your character and playstyle is key to success.

Our guide overview all professions and helps you pick the best profession for your playstyle.

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Introduction to Professions

When choosing a profession, consider your character and playstyle. For example, if you're a warrior, forging might be best for making strong armor and weapons. If you like supporting your team, alchemy is great for brewing important potions.

Learning a profession is easy, simply complete a special quest around level 20 and visit the mentors in SilverLit.

Remember, each character can learn only one profession at a time. This choice affects what you can craft. If you switch professions, your character will forget the current one but keep their skill level and recipes. However, you can't immediately relearn a profession due to a cooldown.

Tarisland has five professions you can master. Each one has its own perks:

  • Forging: Craft helmets, armor, gauntlets, bombs, and combat resurrection items.
  • Jewelry Making: Craft rings, necklaces, accessories, and equipment gems to boost attributes.
  • Alchemy: Craft potions, mixtures, emblems for combat boosts, and runes to enhance equipment.
  • Tailoring: Craft greaves, leather gauntlets, boots, and backpack containers to increase carrying capacity.
  • Artisan: Craft Toys, Mounts, Emblem Chests, and Advanced Fishing Baits (for rare fish and exclusive Mounts).
image of Tarisland Professions
Tarisland Professions

What benefits do professions bring in the world of Tarisland? Players can make money in the game by crafting items with their professions and trading them.

Progression in Tarisland Professions: Proficiency and Specialization

Each successful craft boosts your profession's proficiency, leading to tougher challenges and better rewards. But watch out, some items require high expertise to craft. As your skills grow, you unlock more diagrams, allowing you to craft better stuff.

When you're really good, you pick a specialization. Do you want to collect rare stuff better, or make things cheaper without losing quality? Each specialization has its perks, so choose what fits your style and goals.

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Tarisland Professions
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When you choose Forging, you can make important parts for Helmets, Armor, Gauntlets, and Shoulder Guards. These items help you survive and fight better. Forgers can also make Drilling Devices to add Gem Slots to your gear, giving you more power.

Forging is similar to Tailoring because both make gear. But forgers can make items that tailors can't, like helmets, chest pieces, shoulder guards, and armbands.

Forgers also have special recipes to make tool kits: one for gathering resources and one to help other crafting professions.

image of Professions in Tarisland
Profession Forging in Tarisland

To be great at Forging, gather high-quality ores and learn advanced recipes. Explore Tarisland to find rare materials and work with other players to trade resources and knowledge. Being a forger means always improving and striving for the best.

Jewelry Making

Expert jewelers in Tarisland are masters of their trade, enchanting gems with spells to give them extraordinary abilities. These magical gems offer adventurers a taste of elemental magic, boosting their skills in battles and beyond.

By choosing Jewelry making, you open the door to endless possibilities. Craft parts for rings, belts, necklaces, and accessories, each piece showcasing your skill and imagination. Crafted gems, carefully made by you, can be placed in slots to enhance character abilities and unlock new powers.

image of Professions in Tarisland
Profession Jewelry Making in Tarisland


In the hands of skilled alchemists, herbs become conduits for magic, potions vessels of power. With wisdom and skill, alchemists infuse their creations with potential, granting adventurers strength to overcome challenges.

Choose Alchemy to craft healing potions and combat-enhancing mixtures. The alchemist's potion kettle is a unique creation, buffing the entire raid group for success.

Beyond potions, master the art of forging Runes. These imbue equipment with arcane energies, enhancing attributes and unlocking true potential. Strengthen the bond between adventurer and weapon for greater triumphs.

image of Professions in Tarisland
Profession Alchemy in Tarisland


Among professions, Tailoring stands out as a versatile and rewarding choice.

Choose Tailor, you can make important gear like greaves, leather gloves, and boots. These items aren't just for looks, they give big boosts to your character's defense and agility, which are crucial for surviving tough battles.

One of the best perks of Tailoring is making backpack containers. These useful items let your character carry more stuff, perfect for long quests and dungeon runs. You can also boost your warehouse capacity for more loot storage.

image of Professions in Tarisland
Profession Tailoring in Tarisland

Tailoring lets you use rare materials from deep dungeons to craft special gear. This boosts your character's abilities and gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride.


In Tarisland, Artisans are like magical creators. As an Artisan, you can turn regular stuff into amazing treasures. Whether it's cool Toys or awesome Mounts, what you make really matters.

One interesting thing you can create is the Emblem Chest. It's full of secrets that can help characters grow stronger, but you need courage to find them.

Artisans don't just make basic stuff. They also make Advanced Fishing Baits, giving adventurous anglers the chance to catch rare and exotic fish. Every time you cast your line, you might discover more than just fish - a chance to get exclusive Mounts.

image of Professions in Tarisland
Profession Artisan in Tarisland

Crafting Essentials: Tools, Materials, and Collection in Tarisland

We've covered each of the professions, but what about crafting? It's all connected, so let's dive in and learn more about it.

Tools and Materials: Crafting in Tarisland needs the right tools and materials. You can buy tools or find them in dungeons. Materials are scattered across the land or can be traded at the Trade Center. Better materials mean better items.

Resource Collection: Exploring Tarisland yields crystals, rare plants, and more, but be smart with your Vigor.

Skill Improvement: Crafting isn't just about materials; it's about improving skills. Each creation unlocks more techniques and specialization options.

Specialization: Specializing in your craft enhances abilities, offering benefits like faster gathering or better quality items. Talent trees further enhance skills, leading to mastery.

Trade: The Trade Center is a hub for resource exchange, facilitating collaboration between artisans and traders for mutual gain.

Collecting Tools: You need special tools for collecting materials, not just crafting. Basic tools are provided at first, but you can forge or buy better ones. This makes gathering materials easier and faster.

Interconnected Professions: Each profession provides different materials, some requiring special tools. Materials from one profession can be used in another, adding depth to crafting and encouraging collaboration.

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Final Thoughts

The most important question is how to choose the right profession? Choose what you like the most, and what is a priority for you. For example, do you constantly lack inventory space? The Tailoring profession and its backpack containers will help solve the problem. The same principle applies to other professions, each offering its own useful perk.

Still unsure where to start? For beginners, Alchemy excels in PvE with essential consumables like potions and emblems for combat boosts, while Forging stands out in PvP with bombs and combat resurrection items for battlefield dominance.


Yes, but if you switch professions, your character forgets the current one but keeps their skill level and recipes. There's a cooldown before you can relearn a profession.

The best for PvP is Forging. You can make armor, bombs and combat resurrection items.

Yes, Tarisland available on PC and mobile!

Of course, it's MMonster.co. With us, your leveling experience will be as smooth as silk.

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