Destiny 2 Lost Sector Guaranteed Exotics

Lost sectors is overall good way to get your power level higher, but now its possible to increase your chances with clearing legend or master lost sectors solo. Our professional player will farm lost sectors for you until he gets best exotics you've selected. Tired of the Exotic Grind? Buy Destiny 2 Exotic Farm - exactly what you want, Guaranteed!

Service Includes

  • We will get you selected exotics from Lost sector (on Legend or Master difficulty)
  • The loot rotation is different for Legend or Master difficulty sectors.
  • All gear, materials and resources received during boost will stay with you
  • Lost Sectors have a different loot pool that rotates DAILY


  • Current season
  • Corresponding DLC for the desired exotic
  • Lost Sector unlocked, if not - select Extra Option and we will unlock Lost Sector for you
  • 1820+ Power Level. Dont have one? Check out Power Level Boost Service

Boost Options Explained

  • Lost Sector Exotics - Select desired Exotic to farm
  • Lost Sector Unlock - If you haven't unlocked Lost Sector before
  • Account sharing (Recovery) - Our player logs in to your account
  • Stream - Our booster will livestream the gameplay as they progress.
  • Normal - Standard task execution priority in regular mode.
  • Express - High-priority task execution in an accelerated mode.
  • Super Express - Very high-priority task execution in an extremely accelerated mode.

How it works

After you've selected all the desired options and paid for your order, you'll receive an order number and an email confirmation that your order has been accepted.

  • Contact us by Discord or WhatsApp;
  • If you don't get in touch for a while, our operators will contact you using the specified method or email;
  • Provide us with your order number, and our support crew will start looking for a suitable booster;
  • As soon as we assign a player to carry out your order, we will need your game account details or account/character credentials for an invite;
  • When the order is completed, you'll receive a notification in the Discord channel or other messenger of your choice.

Enjoy the results of your order ;)

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How to farm Lost Sector Exotics

Tired of chasing elusive Exotics? Look no further, Guardian! Lost Sectors are your key to unlocking a targeted farm for those coveted armor pieces.

Legendary vs. Master Lost Sectors: Unveiling the Risk-Reward

Not all Lost Sectors are created equal. This section peels back the layers of difficulty between Legendary and Master Lost Sectors. You'll gain insight into the enemy power levels, the types of Champions you'll face, and most importantly, the exotic drop rates for each difficulty. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions. Are you a seasoned Guardian seeking the fastest path to exotics and willing to challenge yourself with tougher enemies? Or, are you a newer player looking for a more manageable experience with a decent chance of exotic rewards? This section equips you to choose the difficulty that best suits your gear, skillset, and desired farming speed.

Prime Exotic Farming Spots: Speedrunning for Exotics with Laser Focus

Time is a precious commodity, Guardian! This section unveils the holy grails of Lost Sectors for exotic farming. We'll expose the Lost Sectors that can be conquered with lightning speed, allowing you to blitz through completion after completion and rack up those exotic engrams. We'll delve into factors that contribute to fast runs, including clear time, enemy density, and the overall layout of the Lost Sector. By understanding these aspects, you can identify the perfect farming grounds to maximize your exotic acquisition per minute spent.

Champion Mastery: Turning the Tables on Lost Sector Guardians

Champions are the elite defenders that stand guard over the most rewarding Lost Sectors. This section equips you with the arsenal of knowledge needed to dismantle their defenses and turn the tide in your favor. You'll learn the Achilles' heel of each Champion type – Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable. We'll break down their unique vulnerabilities and the specific counter-measures needed to stagger them, opening them up for critical damage. Mastering these Champion takedown mechanics will streamline your Lost Sector runs, minimize wasted time, and allow you to conquer these mini-dungeons with greater confidence.

Exotic Drop Rate Optimization: Employing the Strategies of the Wise

While Destiny 2 can often feel like a game of chance, there are secrets veterans have learned to nudge the odds in their favor when farming exotics from Lost Sectors. This section dives into these insider tips and strategies. We'll explore potential methods to optimize your exotic drop rate, such as leveraging specific consumables, maximizing completion speed, and potentially even completing bounties or quests that may offer an unseen boost. By incorporating these tactics into your farming routine, you can stack the odds in your favor and walk away with a more rewarding exotic haul.


The short answer is yes, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. During our 10 years of experience in the boosting industry and with over 90,000 completed orders, there have been almost no bans or other issues.
  2. We only work with verified players who complete all orders manually, never using cheats, exploits, or bots.
  3. All our boosters have years of experience and are top-tier players with impressive portfolios.
  4. Our game curators personally play the games we offer and know what they are talking about.
  5. Our players use only high-quality VPNs from top tier providers.
  6. We guarantee 100% security of your personal and account data.

Our mission is to provide the best boosting services at a fair price.

Of course, we can easily adjust the timing of your order completion to suit your desires.

Yes, you can change your character or cancel order if the boost hasn't started yet. However, if the service has already begun and there is some progress, and you wish to change characters, our operators will need to take into account the work already done and recalculate the terms for the completion of your order.

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Lost Sector Guaranteed Exotics