FFXIV Masked Carnivale Boost

Here you can buy FFXIV Masked Carnivale Boost to tackle a specific number of unique challenges as the Blue Mage, mastering new spells and earning additional rewards like Gils, Seals, and Tomestones.

Service Includes

  • Completion of desired challenges
  • Chance to learn new spells
  • Gils, Seals, and Tomestones of Poetics


  • Level 80 Blue Mage
  • The Ultimate Weapon MSQ completed
  • "Out of the Blue" quests completed

Boost Options Explained

  • Secret Achievement - unlock the unique achievements from the 10, 20, 25, 26, 31, or 32 stages
  • Unlock Blue Mage spells - we'll unlock all required spells for Masked Carnivale stages you ordered
  • Stream - we will broadcast the entire process of fulfilling your order live
  • Normal - boosters will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Express - a dedicated team of boosters will complete the task 30% faster
  • Super Express - specialized boosters will ensure the job is done 50% more quickly

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About FFXIV Masked Carnivale

The Masked Carnivale in "Final Fantasy XIV" offers unique gameplay and storytelling elements specifically designed for the Blue Mage class, which itself is distinct from other classes in the game due to its ability to learn abilities from monsters. The Masked Carnivale is essentially a series of staged battles designed to test the Blue Mage's abilities in varied and challenging scenarios.

Thematically, the Masked Carnivale fits well with the mystique and theatrics associated with the Blue Mage. In the world of Eorzea, Blue Mages harness the powers of creatures they defeat, and the Carnivale serves as a public demonstration of these powers, staged as entertainment. It's both a test of skill and a spectacle, reflecting the theatrical and somewhat enigmatic nature of the Blue Mage’s path.

The Masked Carnivale is an example of how "Final Fantasy XIV" creatively uses its job system to offer diverse and engaging content, tailoring experiences that fit the lore and capabilities of its various classes.


Location: The Masked Carnivale is available to players who have unlocked the Blue Mage and is located at the Celestium in Ul'dah.

Entry Requirements: To participate, players must have reached level 50 with the Blue Mage job and completed the job's initial quest line. The Carnivale provides a good use for the Blue Mage’s unique skill set, pushing players to think strategically about the spells they equip.

Masked Carnivale: Gameplay

The Masked Carnivale offers 25 different stages, each with its own set of challenges and enemies. These stages are divided into acts, and each act has specific conditions or "gimmicks" that often require the player to use certain Blue Mage spells to exploit enemy weaknesses or to counter specific threats. This makes understanding the intricacies of Blue Mage abilities crucial for progress.

Players are scored based on their performance, with higher scores awarded for completing stages quickly and efficiently while using a variety of spells. Achieving high scores unlocks rewards and achievements.


Rewards for participating in the Masked Carnivale include Allied Seals, Gil and Tomestones of Poetics. Additionally, players can earn unique titles and cosmetics, enhancing the appeal of this content for collectors and completionists.

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