FFXIV Demi-Phoinix Mount Farm

Here you can buy FFXIV Demi-Phoinix Mount Farm from Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage). Tackling a Savage raid, one of the most challenging types of content in Final Fantasy XIV, can be both difficult and time-consuming. Leave the hard work to us and enjoy your new mount!

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  • Level Character 90
  • Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) Unlocked
  • 580+ ilvl

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About FFXIV Demi-Phoinix Mount

The Demi-Phoinix Mount in Final Fantasy XIV is a breathtaking creature, embodying both the mystique of ancient myths and the beauty of rebirth. This mount, with its fiery plumage and regal presence, offers adventurers a glimpse of the legendary phoenix's power, albeit in a more subdued yet equally majestic form.

Lore and Significance

The Demi-Phoinix is said to have emerged from the ashes of its predecessor, not quite a full phoenix but possessing a fragment of the original's immortal flame. This lesser phoenix serves as a symbol of renewal and continuity in Eorzean lore, representing the ever-cycling nature of destruction and creation. Riding the Demi-Phoinix is considered a sign of favor from the element of fire, granting its rider prestige as one who has witnessed and survived cataclysmic change.

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, the Demi-Phoinix is often associated with tales of great trials and resilience, appearing to those who have proven their strength and determination in the face of overwhelming odds.

Appearance and Aesthetics

The Demi-Phoinix Mount dazzles with its radiant feathers that gradient from deep fiery reds to bright, sunlit oranges and yellows. Its eyes burn with the intensity of smoldering coals, and it leaves a trail of sparks and embers as it soars through the air. The Demi-Phoinix's appearance is not only striking but also inspiring, with its presence often drawing awe and admiration from onlookers.

FFXIV Demi-Phoinix Mount - How to Obtain

The Demi-Phoinix mount is obtained by conquering a challenging end-game raid:

  • Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage): This is the final raid in the Savage tier of the Asphodelos raid series. To access this content, players must first complete the standard Asphodelos raids to unlock the Savage difficulty versions. The Fourth Circle (Savage) is known for its complex mechanics and requires a high level of coordination and skill.
  • Loot Drop: Upon successful completion of Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage), players have a chance to receive the Demi-Phoinix as a loot drop. Due to the difficulty of the raid and the rarity of the mount, multiple runs may be necessary.

Rise from the Ashes: FFXIV Demi-Phoinix Mount Farm

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Demi-Phoinix Mount