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New World Weapon Mastery Boost

Here you can order Weapon Mastery Boost leveling for your New World Character for any weapon within any level range between 1 and 20, at the best price and with the fastest completion time possible.


New World Weapon Mastery Boost Service Included

  • Weapon Mastery Boost means leveling up the weapon of your choice for your character in New World.
  • During this boost, we will farm elite mobs in various locations and do other in-game activities.
  • To level up the mastery of your weapons, you need to have the base version of New World, and we also recommend to acquire Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.
  • To provide the Weapon Mastery Boost service, we need access to your Steam account.

Extra Options Explained

  • The "Primary weapon selection" option lets you choose which main weapon you want to level up, while the slider next to it sets your current and desired level.
  • The "Secondary weapon selection" option lets you choose which secondary weapon you want to level up, with the adjacent slider setting your current and desired level for the secondary weapon. Since it's more convenient to level up two weapons at once, the cost for leveling up the secondary weapon is 25% less.

How does the New World Weapon Mastery Boost work?

The most effective way to level up weapons is by farming elite mobs or participating in so-called "elite chest runs". The principle is simple: if you're engaged in combat with a specific weapon in hand, that weapon will earn experience, and its mastery level will increase. The maximum mastery level for each weapon is 20. You have complete freedom in weapon choice; you can max out the mastery for all 15 weapons currently available in New World.

Since weapon mastery is usually leveled in areas with elite monsters and bosses, you'll be collecting a lot of valuable loot during the process. All the loot obtained while leveling will remain on your character; just make sure you have enough space in your bags.

We can adjust our playtime to suit you!

We know from personal experience that even after entrusting your character for leveling, there might be times when you wish to dive in and play on your own. Perhaps to engage in crafting or to venture on an Expedition. However, continuously coordinating with the booster each time you want to log in to avoid interruptions can be quite tedious, right? Hence, we offer the option to arrange a specific gaming window in advance, delineating when the booster will play and when you can take over. Additionally, we can play either during the night while you're asleep or in the morning/day when you're at work. So, there's no need to fret about losing playtime during the leveling process, we'll go over all these details with you once you place your order and tailor our schedule to match yours!

How long does the New World Weapon Mastery Leveling usually take?

To level up a single weapon from level 1 to 20, it typically takes about 6-8 hours of playtime, provided that the farming spot with elite mobs isn't crowded with other players. We usually level Weapon Mastery during nighttime hours when fewer players are online. This is likely convenient for you too, as your account won't be occupied when you want to play. Additionally, the speed of the boost depends on your character's current level. If you're already at level 65, the weapon mastery leveling up to 20 will be faster.

Is my account safe when using this service?

Absolutely! Your account's security is our top priority. With over a decade in the industry, we've honed our methods to ensure utmost protection. During Weapon Leveling Boosts, we employ a dedicated VPN server based in Germany, ensuring consistent and safe account access. Additionally, we carefully select our boosters, working only with individuals who have a track record of trustworthiness. Throughout our tenure with MmonsteR, no client has ever encountered issues after availing of our Level Boost or other New World services. For an added layer of security, consider updating your Steam login credentials after each service requiring account sharing. It's always wise to stay proactive!

Complete list of New World Weapons and my recommendations for each.

It should be noted that New World isn't a game where one can definitively say which weapon is better or worse. In New World, weapons define a character's class/role, and the ability to combine multiple weapons, along with the freedom in weapon talent allocation, offers great flexibility in build creation. For instance, nothing stops you from choosing a fire staff as your primary weapon and a heavy hammer as your secondary, making you something like a fire-tank. It's important to note that with the release of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, Artifacts were added to the game, becoming available at Level 65, and significantly altering the gameplay. When you're deciding which weapon to choose for tackling Expeditions and Mutations, or for Arena / Outpost Rush, check out the perks provided by the artifact of that weapon, and make sure it fits your playstyle. Additionally, all artifacts have a 700 GS, which will significantly impact your character's Gear Score.

  • Sword and Shield A versatile and easy-to-master melee weapon. Characters wielding the Sword and Shield can serve as excellent tanks and decent fighters. The Sword's damage depends on the Strength and Dexterity stats. If you enjoy playing as a tank, this is definitely your pick!
  • War Hammer A two-handed melee weapon, ideal for crowd control. War Hammer strikes are slow but feature abilities that inflict numerous area debuffs. Its damage relies on the Strength stat. Pairs well with the Sword and Shield or Healing Staff.
  • Great Axe A two-handed melee weapon with high damage output. Much like the War Hammer, the Great Axe performs well in mass battles but boasts higher damage and attack speed. The damage dealt by the Great Axe is dependent on the Strength stat. Pairs nicely with the Hatchet.
  • Spear A two-handed melee weapon with an extended range for striking. Primarily, the spear is used in one-on-one battles to maintain distance from an opponent, but it also possesses skills suitable for mass combat. The damage dealt by the Spear relies on the Dexterity and Strength stats. It pairs well with the Bow or Musket.
  • Hatchet A one-handed melee and throwing weapon with a fast attack speed. In addition to its rapid strikes, characters wielding the Hatchet have a unique Berserk ability that enhances their combat prowess. The damage dealt by the Hatchet is influenced by the Strength and Dexterity stats. It's a perfect combo with the Great Axe or Greatsword.
  • Rapier A one-handed melee weapon with an extremely fast attack speed. The Rapier is often used for dueling, as it can deliver swift piercing attacks that cause bleeding to the opponent. The damage from the Rapier is determined by the Dexterity and Intelligence stats. It pairs well with the Fire Staff or Void Gauntlet.
  • Bow A versatile ranged weapon. While the Bow deals moderate damage, its fast firing rate makes it perfect for kiting enemies. The Bow's damage is influenced by the Dexterity stat. Pair it with a Spear for an effective combo!
  • Musket A long-range weapon known for its high accuracy and shooting distance. The Musket boasts the longest range shots, and players can also use an enhanced sight for pinpoint accuracy. Its abilities ensure you're never caught off-guard. The Musket's damage scales with Dexterity and Intelligence stats. It pairs well with the Rapier.
  • Fire Staff A long-range magical weapon. The Fire Staff's abilities deliver high magical damage, both single-target and AoE (Area of Effect). The damage of the Fire Staff scales with the Intelligence stat. It pairs well with the Rapier or Ice Gauntlet.
  • Ice Gauntlet A long-range magical weapon. While the Ice Gauntlet may not deliver damage as high as the Fire Staff, it boasts a range of abilities geared towards crowd control and protecting its wielder. The damage of the Ice Gauntlet scales with the Intelligence stat. It pairs perfectly with the Fire Staff.
  • Life Staff A long-range magical weapon designed for healing allies. The Life Staff is the only weapon in the game tailored for Healers, equipped with abilities focused on healing and protecting allies and its user. The Life Staff's damage scales with the Focus stat. It pairs well with the War Hammer, Sword & Shield, or Flail.
  • Void Gauntlet The abilities of the Void Gauntlet offer both healing and various buffs to you and your allies, as well as dealing damage and applying debuffs to enemies. It can be paired with the Life Staff or Flail if your role is that of a healer.
  • Blunderbuss This is a ranged weapon equipped with abilities tailored for long-range damage, debuffs, crowd control, and increased mobility. The Blunderbuss's damage scales with both Strength and Intelligence. It serves as a suitable secondary weapon for tanks using Sword & Shield or Flail.
  • Greatsword A formidable melee weapon known for its massive AoE burst damage. The Greatsword's damage is influenced by both Strength and Dexterity. It pairs perfectly with the hatchet or great axe and can also be utilized as a tanking weapon.
  • Flail This is a new weapon introduced in the "Rise of the Angry Earth" expansion. The Flail allows for the creation of a unique paladin-style character, thanks to its Cleric and Bastion skill trees. The Cleric tree focuses on healing and bolstering allies, while the Bastion is tailored for those looking to be an asset in group situations through tanking.

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