Genshin Impact Sumeru Jungle Bundle

Genshin Impact Sumeru Jungle Bundle

Here you can buy Sumeru Bundle. Time for Adventures! Explore a new locations and get a lot of Treasures!

In Standart Bundle version you will get:

  • You will get up to 95 Dendroculus on your account (Or up to 110 Dendroculus, if you choose "Aranyaka: Chapter II-IV " in Bundle Options). 
  • –°ollected up to 400 Chests required for achievements.  
  • All Domains in Sumeru will be open.  
  • Unlock all Waypoints.  
  • Up to 5 Level Statue Of The Seven (3.0 version). 
  • Many Sigils for Tree of Dreams.  
  • You will receive a lot of Primogems For Fates! 
  • You will get Materials and reagents such as Mystic Ore, Artifacts, Mora, Weapons.  
  • You will recieve some Achievements such as "Forest Roamer", "Treasure Hunter of the Shimmering Woods" and others.  

If you choose in Bundle Options "Aranyaka Questline" and "Mysterious Clipboard" you will get: 

  • Aranyaka Full Questline grants to you the "The Forest Will Remember" Achievement. 
  • Up to + 15 Dendroculus, if you choose Aranyaka Options. 
  • Mysterious Clipboard Events grants to you the "People of the Valley of Life" Achievment. 
  • Both Options grants many primogems! 
Please Note! Bundle has requirements!
  • 35 Adventure Rank. 
  • Complete Archon Quest: "Requiem of the Echoing Depths".
  • Minimum Adventure Rank - 35.
  • Complete Archon Quest: "Requiem of the Echoing Depths".
  • Email and Password of your HoYoverse account. (your account's safety guaranteed!)

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