Springtide Dreamtalon Mount

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Springtide Dreamtalon is a new long-awaited ground dreamtalon mount added in WoW Dragonflight patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream and it is sold by Sylvia Whisperbloom vendor in the Emerald Dream for one Seedbloom farmed in the Emerald Bounty world events. The mount becomes available when you reach 18 Renown level with Dream Wardens faction. It can take lots of time to farm the required reputation so don't waste your time on this boring grind. Buy Springtide Dreamtalon Mount Farm Boost and we will perform all the farm routine until you get this awesome Springtide Dreamtalon ground mount, so save yourself lots of time with this farm service with our boosting team on EU/US regions.

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Springtide Dreamtalon Mount