ESO Champion Points

ESO Champion Points Leveling Boost

Here, you can order the leveling of your character's Champion Points.
If you are interested in 1-50 LVL Power Leveling, please visit the ESO Power Leveling product.

  • Your account's Champion Points will be leveled within 10-3600 CP range (Min. order - 10 CPs).

  • Power leveling boost time depends on the starting and ending point

  • While leveling up, skills and armor of your character will be also leveled, depending on your choice

  • You will keep all the loot obtained during the boost

  • Leveling is available on both regions - EU / US

  • Active The Elder Scrolls Online account (For the fastest leveling, you will need an ESO+ subscription or access to specific chapters.)

  • Your account's safety is guaranteed. All items, gold, and other valuable items will stay in place

ESO Champion Points System

What are Champion Points in Elder Scrolls Online?

In The Elder Scrolls Online, when your character reaches the maximum level, the adventures are just beginning! After reaching level 50, you'll no longer gain traditional base levels. Instead, you'll start earning Champion Points, allowing you to invest in unique perks rather than using skill points for skill trees. Your Champion Point level and the available Champion Bonus Points are account-wide, which means that they apply to all characters on the account, so you won't have to grind CP on each character separately. However, every character of yours has their own set of Champion Points allocation, meaning the Champion Point build is not shared among characters. Currently, the maximum number of Champion Points you can attain in ESO is 3600.

How can i spend Champion Points?

At the moment, in ESO, there are three Champion Trees in which you can invest your Champion Points:

  • The Thief - Green - Craft Champion Points Tree.
  • The Mage - Blue - Warfare Champion Points Tree.
  • The Warrior - Red - Fitness Champion Points Tree.

Each of the above-mentioned trees contains numerous unique perks that you can level up using Champion Points. For example, The Warrior tree (red) focuses on physical combat and survivability. It includes constellations like The Lord (increases Max Health and Healing Received), The Lady (boosts Max Stamina and reduces Sprint cost), and The Steed (enhances Health Recovery and reduces the effectiveness of snares). Champion Points here can be used to improve your character's resilience and effectiveness in melee combat. The Mage tree (blue), obviously, is centered around magical abilities and spellcasting. It comprises constellations such as The Apprentice (increases Spell Damage and Magicka Recovery), The Atronach (boosts Magicka and reduces Magicka cost of abilities), and The Ritual (enhances Critical Healing and Critical Damage). Allocating Champion Points in this tree can enhance your character's spellcasting capabilities and magical prowess. And last, but not least - The Thief tree (green). It is split into roughly 3 different sections: Ledgerdemain/Assassination, Craft and Quality of Life enhancements. Champion Points allocated here can improve your character's sneaking abilities, overall utility, and crafting capabilites.

Do i really need all 3600 CP?

Yes and no. It depends on the goal you have in mind when leveling up your Champion trees. If your aim is to maximize your character's effectiveness in combat, then no. Reaching 160 CP is the point where the world and gear scaling stops, making it an ideal entry point into endgame content. And there is a soft cap on performance at or around 1300-1600 CP. So, if your sole goal is to achieve the maximum combat efficiency for your character, farming CP beyond 1600 doesn't have much significance. However, if you are a completionist or generally strive to improve your quality of life, you'll want to attain all 3600 Champion Points. But keep in mind, achieving 3600 CP is a long and arduous process, with only a few ESO players managing to reach such an impressive milestone.

ESO Champion Points Power Leveling Boost

How you'll carry my ESO Champion Points Leveling Boost?

Once you place an order, we'll reach out to you to start the boosting process. Firstly, we'll need your account details (login and password) for account sharing. If necessary, we might ask for more info like your character's name and when the account is available for boosting. Once we have all the required info, our booster will begin the process. Then your account's Champion Points will be leveled within 10-3600 CP range. Time of the boost completion strongly depends on the starting and ending level. You can always get updates during leveling or add more requests. Once the work is finished, we'll let you know so you can review everything.

Do i really need to share my account for this boost?

By default, this boost is done through Account Sharing, ensuring the fastest and most comfortable service we can offer. Rest assured, the security of your account and data is our top priority. All your items, gold, and other valuables will remain untouched. If you choose to play your character yourself, you may need an active ESO+ subscription or specific DLCs. Be aware that this option could affect the price and delivery time, so reach out to us before making a purchase.

Is this all ESO Character Boosts you can offer?

Oh, God, no! We offer a wide range of boosts for you to choose from, all designed to transform your champion from a greenhorn into an endgame conquering machine. Power leveling, Champion Points farming, armor and weapon skills leveling, skyshards gathering, getting best gear and mythic items, acquiring skins and personalities, and much, much more! Visit our ESO Character Boosts section and discover how you can further enhance your character's prowess.

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