ESO Monster Sets Boost

Service Includes

  • You will get a Monster Set of your choice obtained for your champion

  • You can choose between Helmet, Shoulders, or Both options

    • For the helmet, you can choose the desired armor type, but the trait will be random
    • For the shoulder piece, both the armor type and trait will be random due to its RNG nature.

  • The completion time of the boost directly depends on the options you select and the region of your server (read Description tab for more details).

  • You will keep all the gold and items obtained during the boost

  • Titles and achievements (in the case of the first completion of a veteran dungeon on the account)

  • Service is available on both regions - EU / US


  • Active The Elder Scrolls Online account with character on it.

  • 160+ CP (Champion Points) character (Don't have one yet? Check out our Champion Points leveling boost).
    You can purchase this boost without having a character with 160CP, but please keep in mind that in order to obtain the most powerful version of Monster Set, you need to have a minimum of 160CP.

  • Access to the dungeon from which you want to obtain Monster Set (Active ESO+ subscription or the relevant chapter).


ESO Monster Gear Sets

What Are Monster Gear Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online?

Monster gear sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are powerful armor sets that consist of two pieces: a unique helmet and shoulder piece. These sets are highly sought after because they offer distinctive bonuses and benefits that can significantly enhance your character's performance in combat. They are called "Monster" sets because the helmet piece is often styled after a specific monster or creature found in the game (usually last bosses from the dungeons). Each monster set has 2 set bonuses. The first is obtained by equipping one item from the set, and the second, correspondingly, by equipping both items. Many endgame builds in ESO incorporate monster gear sets due to their powerful bonuses. To excel in challenging content, you'll often need these sets. And, of course, you always can mix and match monster sets with other armor sets to create a well-rounded build that suits your playstyle and role in group content.

What monster sets are there?

Oh, the list is going to be long. Currently, there are several dozen monster sets in the game (around 60 at the time of the release of the first chapter of the Necrom expansion). The vast majority of these sets are tied to specific veteran dungeons, and only a small portion is obtained from Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City location.

  • Dungeon Sets: Archdruid Devyric, Balorgh, Baron Zaudrus, Bloodspawn, Chokethorn, Domihaus, Earthgore, Encratis's Behemoth, Engine Guardian, Euphotic Gatekeeper, Grothdarr, Grundwulf, Iceheart, Ilambris, Infernal Guardian, Kargaeda, Kjalnar's Nightmare, Kra'gh, Lady Thorn, Lord Warden, Maarselok, Magma Incarnate, Maw of the Infernal, Mighty Chudan, Molag Kena, Mother Ciannait, Nazaray, Nerien'eth, Nightflame, Ozezan the Inferno, Pirate Skeleton, Prior Thierric, Roksa the Warped, Scourge Harvester, Selene, Sellistrix, Sentinel of Rkugamz, Shadowrend, Slimecraw, Spawn of Mephala, Stone Husk, Stonekeeper, Stormfist, Swarm Mother, Symphony of Blades, Thurvokun, Tremorscale, The Troll King, Valkyn Skoria, Velidreth, Vykosa, Zaan
  • Imperial City Sets: Baron Thirsk, Glorgoloch the Destroyer, Immolator Charr, Lady Malygda, Nunatak, Zoal the Ever-Wakeful
How can I get a Monster Set in ESO?

There are two methods to get monster sets in ESO - the easy one and the hard one. Let's start with the hard one. First and foremost, it's important to note that the helmet and shoulders have different sources of acquisition. To obtain the helmet piece of a monster gear set, you'll need to complete the corresponding Veteran Dungeon on veteran difficulty. Each monster set is associated with a specific dungeon, and the helmet has a chance to drop from the final boss of that dungeon. Obtaining the shoulder piece of a monster gear set is slightly different. The shoulders come from Undaunted Chests, which you can access by joining the Undaunted faction and earning keys through daily pledges and dungeon runs. There are three types of Undaunted Chests, each corresponding to a different difficulty level (normal, veteran, and veteran hard mode) and containing different monster sets. You can use the keys to open these chests and hope to receive the shoulder piece you need. You'll have to rely on your luck. However, as mentioned above, there is also an easy way. Just order an ESO Monster Sets Boost at Mmonster and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching our professional players take on all that boring grind for you.

ESO Monster Sets Boosting Service

How you'll carry my ESO Monster Gear Sets Boost?

When you place an order, our support team will contact you to get all the necessary information. For boosting via account sharing, we will need your account login and password, the character name for which you want the boost, and the times when your account will be available for the service. For selfplay boosts, your ESO ID will be enough to start. Once we have all the required information, our pro-players will begin the order. You can always request updates during the process or add more requests. Once the work is completed, we will notify you so that you can review everything.

Is account sharing necessary for this boost?

It depends on the options you choose. If you are ordering only the helmet, you can opt for a small additional fee to play by yourself (selfplay). However, if you are also ordering the shoulders, then the account sharing method will be the only available option. This is because the process of obtaining the helmet and shoulders differs significantly. While obtaining shoulders requires completing veteran dungeons, the process of obtaining shoulders is more complex and involves an element of RNG and a certain amount of grinding, which can take up to several days. As a special request, we can split your boost into two parts, completing the helmet portion via account sharing and the shoulders portion via self-play.

How long it will take to get my ESO Monster Sets Boost completed?

The completion time of the boost directly depends on the options you select and the region of your server. If you are ordering only the helmet on the EU server, the completion time from the start will take 1-4 hours, and on the NA server, it can take up to 24 hours. With the "shoulders" option enabled, the completion time of the order will extend to 1-3 days on EU servers and up to 1 week on NA servers. Rest assured that our players are genuine ESO experts and will complete your order in the shortest possible time.

Why do you offer a helmet without shoulders and call it a set?

We want to give our customers the ability to decide what configuration of the boost they are interested in. Do you want to get the first bonus from the monster set faster and pay less? No problem, you can order only the helmet. Want a full set to get the 2-piece bonus? Again, no problem! Just choose the "add shoulders" option. Our goal is to make the user experience of our customers as convenient and flexible as possible, giving them the opportunity to determine the combination of options they want themselves.


ESO Monster Sets