ESO Mythic Items Boost

Service Includes

  • You will get selected Mythic Items for your character

  • Estimated boost completion time can vary depending on selected options

  • You will keep all the loot, achievements, and gold obtained during the service completion.

  • Boost is available on both regions - EU / US


  • Active The Elder Scrolls Online account (Your account's safety is guaranteed. All items, gold, and other valuable items will stay in place)

  • Scrying and Excavation at least 7/10 (Required to obtain most of the Mythic items)


What are ESO Mythic Items and why they're a game changer?

Mythic Items in Elder Scrolls Online are powerful and unique pieces of equipment that offer significant bonuses and effects to your character. These items are rare and distinguishable from regular gear because of their special properties and abilities. Mythic Items can enhance your gameplay by providing various advantages, such as increased damage, improved survivability, or unique utility.

Each Mythic Item has a so-called one-piece sets effect, but keep in mind that you cannot equip more than one Mythic Item on your character at the same time. So, when selecting a mythic item that you intend to equip, it's important to approach the choice with careful consideration and attention. For instance, for many experienced ESO players, one of the biggest headaches in the game is the need to switch between their Primary Weapons Set and Backup Weapon Set to make their character effective. However, there's a Mythic item in the game called Oeakensoul Ring with an effect that can solve this issue. When wearing this ring, the ability to swap weapon sets is blocked, but in return, you gain nearly all available Major buffs in the game. Thus, a single Mythic item can completely alter your gameplay and change your perception of the game.

Mythic items are unique single-piece items that can be obtained through the Antiquities System. To acquire these items, you'll need to complete master difficulty leads, requiring a minimum skill level of 7 in both the scrying and excavation skill lines. To obtain each mythic item, you'll need to search for five specific mythic leads scattered across Tamriel. Having an ESO Plus subscription is recommended since the mythic leads can be found in various DLC zones, and ESO Plus provides access to all DLC zones as one of its great perks.

As of the release of the Necrom chapter, the following Mythic items are available in the game:

Armor Pieces: Bloodlord's Embrace (Chestpiece Heavy), Cryptcanon Vestments (Chestpiece Light), Dov-rha Sabatons (Boots Heavy), Esoteric Environment Greaves (Legs Heavy), Faun's Lark Cladding (Chestpiece Medium), Gaze of Sithis (Helmet Heavy), Mora's Whispers (Helmet Light), Snow Treaders (Boots Medium), Spaulder of Ruin (Shoulders Light), Stormweaver's Cavort (Legs Light), Thrassian Stranglers (Gloves Light), Syrabane's Ward (Belt Heavy), Harpooner's Wading Kilt (Legs Medium), Lefthander's Aegis Belt (Waist Medium)

Jewelry: Belharza's Band (Ring), Death Dealer's Fete (Ring), Oakensoul Ring (Ring), Ring of the Pale Order (Ring), Ring of the Wild Hunt (Ring), Malacath's Band of Brutality (Ring), Markyn Ring of Majesty (Ring), Shapeshifter's Chain (Necklace), Pearls of Ehlnofey (Necklace), Torc of Tonal Constancy (Necklace), Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet (Necklace), Sea-Serpent's Coil (Necklace)

Please note that not all items from this list are available for selection when placing an order. If you would like to order an item that is not listed in our product, please contact us. If you want to learn more about each of the items, we recommend checking out our Complete Guide to Mastering Mythic Items in The Elder Scrolls Online.

As you may have guessed, farming these items is a long and laborious process. That's where the experienced and professional Mmonster team comes to your aid.

Buy ESO Mythic Items Boosting Service and enhance your adventure in Tamriel!

First of all, this boost is carried out via the Account Sharing method, ensuring the safest and most efficient approach to quickly accomplish the task for you! When you purchase the Elder Scrolls Online Mythic Items Boost, our pro-player will log into your ESO account and obtain the selected Mythic items for your character, allowing you to save a significant amount of time and avoid the tedious grind for leads. And, of course, all loot, achievements, and gold obtained during the service completion will stay with you. Please note that to obtain the vast majority of Mythic items, your character must have access to the Antiquities system on Master difficulty, which requires Scrying and Excavation skills at least 7/10. If your character lacks the required skill level, you can add the leveling of these skills as an additional option to this service or you can order custom-range Scrying & Excavation leveling through this link.

The completion time of the service depends on your selected options, the leads already obtained, and the presence of an ESO+ subscription or purchased chapters. You will also keep all the loot, skills, and items obtained during the boost.


ESO Mythic Items