Snapback Scuttler Mount

Snapback Scuttler Mount

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Snapback Scuttler is a new unique ground crab mount added in World of Warcraft patch 8.2 Rize of Azshara and it is a reward for completing massive legacy Undersea Usurper meta-achievement granted for exploring Nazjatar, completing different storylines and special encounters, doing quests and puzzles, finding secrets, killing rares, making achievements and other tied to Nazjatar activities. The mount has its awesome unique big crab model and walks sideways making your ride stand out from the crowd! In order to get Undersea Usurper meta-achievement and Snapback Scuttler mount as its reward you will have to do tons of Nazjatar content everyday for a good while and we are here to help you. We provide the fastest Snapback Scuttler mount farm boost on the market, so save yourself lots of time with this farm service from our boosting team.

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