10 Things to finish in Shadowlands during Dragonflight pre-patch before Dragonflight expansion itself comes live, an ultimate list with guides

15 November 2022 | Blog

B10 Things to finish in Shadowlands before Dragonflight comes live

List of main achievements and activities to complete during Dragonflight pre-patch 10.0 before Dragonflight expansion comes to World of Warcraft live servers, all season 4 Dungeons and fated Raid achievements, the most interesting mounts and rewards, from Feats of Strength to special limited goods.

Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievements

Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievements

Dragonflight will bring the new dungeons and raids and it is time for you to finally become a hero of the Shadowlands expansion and complete all fated raids on Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties. Completing all 3 fated raids on normal difficulty will bring you Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement and unique slime cat mount Jigglesworth, Sr., completing all 3 fated raids on heroic difficulty rewards you with an amazing Hero of Fate title and beating all 3 raids on highest Mythic difficulty will unlock portals to all 3 shadowlands raids for your character.

Season 4 Keystone Master in Dragonflight Pre-patch

Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season 4

Some of the rewards will no longer be obtainable after the Dragonflight expansion, therefore the next few weeks can be the last chance to get Mythic plus Restoration Deathwalker mount that is granted for finishing dungeons at plus 15 level and reaching 2000+ Mythic+ rating score. For getting them all in time, you will have a Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Four Feats of Strength achievement as well. Hurry up, not so much time remained to complete all 12 dungeons before the start of the Dragonflight expansion.

Back from the Beyond Feats of Strength Meta-achievement

The FoS meta-achievement Back from the Beyond is a tought and the most time-consuming one, but completing it before Dragonflight release will grant you unique Veilstrider title. Almost all requirements are completed solo, including the raid ones which can be done in LFR, and in case you need a group for mythic dungeons achievements, we're always here to help you.

Complete Keystone Hero to unlock portals to Season 4 dungeons

Complete selected Season 4 Mythic+ 20 dungeons within the timer to get Keystone Hero achievements and unlock portals to Iron Docks, Grimrail Depot, Return to Karazhan, Operation: Mechagon and Tazavesh dungeons before they are gone when Dragonflight launches.

Get Zereth Overseer mount from Jailer Mythic boss

Zereth Overseer mount

Defeating Jailer in Mythic raid will give you this amazing Zereth Overseer mount, and the chances are as high as two mounts per raid group in each of the runs. While in Dragonflight expansion the chances will become as low as 1% drop for the group and this fact will not make the mount an easy reward so it is about a time to get one while Shadowlands is still on.

Get Vengeance mount from Sylvanas Mythic boss

Vengeance mount

The second Shadowlands raid Sanctum of Domination also have cool mount reward on Mythic difficulty which is Vengeance Mount rewarded for defeating Sylvanas Windrunner last boss. This one will also gets 1% drop chance as soon as Dragonflight expansion hits live servers so better grab yourself one now if you want it.

Limited rewards from Primal Storms pre-expansion event

Primal Storms began with 2nd phase of Dragonflight pre-patch and it is a limited-time world event where players have to fight primal elementals which spawn from portals in four major zones across Azeroth and then summon and defeat elemental lord bosses to earn some Primeval Essence currency required to buy 252 item level catch-up gear and other rewards such as Bag of Furious Winds toy. During this event you should also get Primal Stormling battle pet, Against the Elements Feat of Strength achievement and Unstable Elemental Confluence heirloom trinket as these rewards become unobtainable when Dragonflight hits live servers.

Level up your wow character or alts even faster

It is easier to boost alts now due to the WoW's 18th Anniversary buff that you can use before Dragonflight expansion comes live and it gives you plus 18% experience, fastening your leveling even more. In case you still don't have enough time for character leveling, you can always use our WoW Power Leveling Boost and we will level up your character in no time!

Unique Jigglesworth, Sr. slime cat mount

Jigglesworth, Sr. mount

This mount deserves a special mention because of its sleek and unique design. You will absolutely want to have this mount before it's gone in Dragonflight expansion if you're an avid mount collector. To get Jigglesworth, Sr. mount, all you need is to complete all 3 Shadowlands fated raids on normal difficulty or higher which, with our help, will be an easy ride.

Last chance to get Carcinized Zerethsteed Mount

Carcinized Zerethsteed

One more mount which is also completely gone with Dragonflight release is the special progenitor spider flying mount called Carcinized Zerethsteed which is a reward from the quest item dropped from the Jailer Heroic boss in Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. We have Jailer heroic raids every day so you still have time to get yourself this cool looking mount.