7 Top Ways How to Gear up Fast in Dragonflight Pre-Patch: Best WoW Guide

22 November 2022 | NEWS

Best ways to gear up fast in Dragonflight Pre-Patch

Hi players! WoW Dragonflight pre-patch 10.0 is here for a while and there are too many questions revealed that need our instant answer, and we bet the most important one is how to gear up fast to be ready for new adventures on Dragon Isles when WoW: Dragonflight expansion goes live. So look no further as today we will review seven quickest possible ways to gear up your character in Dragonflight pre-patch in this ultimate wow gearing guide.

Zereth Mortis catch-up gear for fresh level 60 characters and alts

Zereth Mortis catch-up gear

The easiest gear source for you in the Dragonflight pre-patch, which you can get solo, is a catch-up gear rewarded for different activities in a new zone called Zereth Mortis. There are several sources of gear: first, you can get 226 item level gear by purchasing Bind-to-Account gear tokens from Hadja vendor at Heaven for 500 Anima. Also, you can get 246 item level gear from Rafiq located in Pilgrim's Grace sold for Sandworn Relic BoA items which can be obtained as a drop from world boss Antros, Endless Sands rares and from Sandworn Chests. The good thing is that this gear can be converted into Progenitor Tier items with the help of Creation Catalyst. Also, 233+ ilvl gear (item level depends on your Cyphers of the First Ones level) can drop for killing random rares and collecting treasures, can be offered as a reward for completing dailies in Zereth Mortis and for completing weekly quest called Patterns within Patterns. Here, you can also buy Font of Ephemeral Power item from new The Enlightened faction vendor (requires Friendly reputation) which upgrades all conduits to item level 226. This gear source farm method is quite simple, but at the same time can be very time consuming. We are ready to help you to obtain up to 290 item level of your character a lot faster with our Gear Item Level Boost service so save yourself lots of time on a boring farm routine.

Get tons of World Boss Gear fast and easy

World boss gear

There are 6 world bosses total in WoW Shadowlands with 3 bosses being active at the same time each week. One of four bosses is being spawned in one of the main zones in Shadowlands, Mor'geth boss is in the Maw and Antros in Zereth Mortis. These bosses have a weekly cooldown and drop 285 item level normal fated gear, which can be modified in Creation Catalyst. Additionally to these bosses, there is currently WoW's 18th Anniversary is running until the launch of Dragonflight bringing back Event World Bosses: The Originals. This event spawns additional 7 classic world bosses, which can be killed every day for a chance of getting 272 item level gear. These bosses are: Doomwalker at the Caverns of Time entrance, Azuregos in Azshara, Lord Kazzak in Blasted Lands and four Dragons of Nightmare: Lethon, Emeriss, Ysondre and Taerar in 4 different locations across Azeroth. Only one of four emerald dragons spawned every day on rotation basis. There are always plenty of groups in LFG to join making these bosses an easy catch. Killing all the bosses during the week can get you lots of useful loot (based on your personal luck of course) for your future adventures on Dragon Isles. And if you're simply lazy or don't have time for these daily/weekly activities, simply contact us and we will schedule your daily/weekly activities so you won't miss out a single item.

Earn Mythic Plus Gear in Shadowlands Season 4 Dungeons

Mythic Plus Gear Boost

Traditionally mythic plus dungeons remain one of the best sources to get high item level gear in World of Warcraft. The higher level of the mythic+ keystone you've got, the higher item level of the gear piece you will get in the end of the mythic plus dungeon run, plus the Great Vault drops items with even higher ilvl. The item levels in Season 4 Mythic+ Dungeons have been raised by 26 item levels compared to Season 3 and is now from 262 item level gear for completing Mythic+2 dungeon till 288 item level for completing Mythic+ 15 or higher dungeon. You can also upgrade your mythic plus gear with Valor Points to up to 298 ilvl (Rank 12). The rewards from the Great Vault increased as well and are now from 278 ilvl item(s) for completing Mythic+ 2 up till 304 ilvl item(s) for completing Mythic+ 15 or higher.

There will be few dos and don'ts here. Do not waste your Valor points on the items from low keys. If possible, try to reach out the best in slot gear pieces and collect valor points as much as you can. They will be in your favor this season if you have plenty of them. In order to get a great mythic plus team for any key level, just press here and hire our players to do the required amount of Mythic Plus Dungeon Boost Runs for you. As usual, you can still use our calendar to book yourself exact run time, add loot traders and select specific dungeons on a product page.

And as the icing on the cake, we offer a special 4x Mythic+ 15 Combo Pack for those of you who want to gear up fast in mythic+ gear. This pack includes four Mythic plus 15 runs in time with 2 loot traders of the same armor type for the price of three runs and makes gearing in WoW dungeons more affordable than ever.

The best Raiding Gear from all 3 Shadowlands Fated Raids

Fated raids raiding gear

With the Dragonflight Pre-patch all 3 Shadowlands raids became Fated at the same time meeaning that players can get the highest Season 4 raiding gear from all 3 raids during one weekly raid cooldown. The gear dropped from bosses in Fated raids has from 265 item level on LFR difficulty to up to 311 item level on Mythic difficulty. As usual, gear items from the raid are the best but this time it's even better than "the best" since all fated gear can be re-crafted to Progenitor tier set items with the help of Creation Catalyst. Also, players have a possibility to target specific items from raids (278/285 item level) with the help of Puzzling Cartel Dinar items which are rewarded for killing specific amount of bosses in Fated raids. You can get up to 3 dinars total during the season for killing 30 (first dinar), 20 (second dinar) and 10 (third dinar) bosses respectively. Additionally to that, you can upgrade normal fated items to heroic or even mythic quality. During the heroic or mythic runs you will get Confounding Antique Cypher or Confounding Ancient Cypher items for every boss kill required to craft Cosmic Creation Impetus or Sacred Creation Impetus, which allows you to upgrade Fated raid item to a Heroic or Mythic quality respectively.

And last, but not least, don't forget about the Great Vault! You can unlock up to 3 items of 278/285 item level for killing 2+/5+/8+ bosses in Fated Normal raids, 291/298 ilvl for killing bosses in Fated Heroic raids and 304/311 ilvl items for killing bosses in Fated Mythic raid. Need a cool group for the Fated raid runs or a full gear service to get new raid gear in each item slot of your character guaranteed? Hire our raiding group to join any of our Fated Raid Boost runs today. Simply select your raid, its difficulty, loot options and get your raid spot appointed in no time. And don't forget to add loot traders in your order to have maximum amount of loot possible and minimum item guarantee from your loot run.

Primal Storms Gear from Dragonflight Pre-expansion event

World boss gear

Wit the launch of the phase 2 of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight pre-patch new ways to obtain some cool catch-up gear arrived. First is the Primal Storms world event (which is similar to Demonic Invasions), where players have to fight primal elementals which spawn from portals in four major zones across Azeroth and then summon and defeat elemental lord bosses to earn new currency called Primeval Essence. This currency then can be turned in to vendors in both major cities (Orgrimmar for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance) to obtain 252 item level catch-up gear and other rewards. Each Elemental Lord boss drops around 20-30 Primeval Essences and all other small elementals near the invasion zones drop between 1-5 essences. The price of gear varries between 25 and 45 Primeval Essence:

Despite that, the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon also becomes available during the pre-expansion event. Level 60 players can queue up for the Normal dungeon to obtain 278 item level gear dropped from bosses. Both events are active until the global launch of WoW: Dragonflight expansion on November 28.

Legendary Gear craft and upgrade in Dragonflight Pre-patch

BiS Legendary gear

We have crafted legendaries along the way from the start of WoW Shadowlands addon and now in the Dragonflight Pre-patch the highest rank of Legendary items players can craft is still Rank 7 upgrading your legendary gear item level to 291 ilvl as it was in patch 9.2 and season 4. Also, every player can wear 2 legendary items: one with his class/spec power and second have to be unity (covenant) legendary, which can be crafted in every item slot. Though you have to reach Revered reputation with The Enlightened faction and buy Memory of Unity legendary power to unlock this feature. To craft one Rank 7 Legendary item of 291 item level you will need 2000 Cosmic Flux, which can be farmed in Zereth Mortis, rewarded for completing different season 4 end-game activities (raids, dungeons etc) or in layers 13-16 of Torghast, 1650 Soul Cinders, which can be farmed in layers 9-16 of Torghast and 5150 Soul Ash currency which can be farmed on any layer of Torghast tower. All 6 wings in Torghast are available now and running Torghast doesn't have any weekly cooldownds like it had before, so you can rush and farm any amount of these currencies you want. But still, for Rank 7 legendaries you still need Soul Ash and Soul Cinders which can only be farmed in Torghast, meaning it will take you at least 3-4 runs on the highest layer to craft one desired Legendary item. Depending on your server, you will also have to spend up to 100k gold to buy your legendary base item and stat missives from the auction house. Too much trouble, isn’t it? We have prepared a solution! Simply buy our Legendary Gear Craft Boost and we will make sure you'll get your best in slot Legendary Gear crafted or upgraded to desired rank in the shortest time possible! Just type in your desired Legendary Item or Power you want to craft or upgrade and select your legendary item's current and goal rank.

Farm Season 4 PvP Gear for Conquest and Honor

Season 4 PvP Gear Shadowlands

There are 2 types of gear available from PvP Vendor: Unrated or Honor pvp gear and Rated or Conquest pvp gear. Unrated Gear is sold for Honor points earned from any PvP activities, has 229 item level PvE (255 PvP) starting at Rank 1 and can be upgraded further by using your Honor currency. You can upgrade item levels of your current Honor gear to up to 268 item level PvE (285 ilvl PvP) (7 ranks total) as you reach higher Renown level with your Covenant. The Rated gear in is sold for Conquest points earned for engaging in rated pvp activities. Item costs depend on the item slot. Unranked Conquest gear starts at 275 item level PvE (288 PvP) and can also be upgraded all the way to 301 item level PvE (311 PvP) with Honor and by reaching rank 9.

You can upgrade both Honor and Conquest PvP gear item levels simply by using Honor to increase its rank. Honor points can be farmed without limit, so you can acquire any amount of Honor Gear and boost your Conquest gear’s item levels at whatever rate you want. But please note that upgrading your Honor gear to ranks 4-7 will require leveling of Renown level with your Covenant, and also upgrading Conquest gear to a higher rank in turn will require gaining a higher Season 4 PvP rating. Also, different item slots require different amount of Honor, with weapons being most demanding items. In the end, it will take big amount of Honor to upgrade your Rated or Unrated gear to higher ranks, making it one of the most required currency to farm for upgrading your PvP Gear. Do you need a higher Rank in Shadowlands PvP Season 4 in any Arena bracket to increase item level of your pvp gear or get the required amount of honor or conquest points to buy needed pvp gear? Here we are to help you with our most relevant PvP Boost Carry Services. Our managers are also ready to advise you on the requirements for your character's gear to get the highest rating possible!

Congratulations! You've finished our ultimate wow gearing guide and now you know all 7 best ways how to gear up your WoW character fast in Dragonflight pre-patch. If you still have questions or look for advice on which method is best for your character, please don't hesitate to contact us by pressing the button in the lower right corner and our managers will gladly help you. MmonsteR Team wishes you all the best luck to get your BiS items, take care!