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Diablo 4 Andariel Guide: Defeat Powerful Boss and Get Rewards in Season 4 Season of Loot Reborn

Echo of Andariel, also known as the Maiden of Anguish, is a tough new end-game boss introduced in Season 4. Facing this formidable enemy inspires and terrifies players. Previously, she already appeared in the game as a boss in Act 4, when Elias used a witch named Taissa as a vessel and successfully summoned Andariel.

However, this is not the only time when players can meet the Maiden of Anguish. This scary boss has a rich and fascinating history of her own. First appearing in Diablo 2 as the sister of Duriel, she has become an integral part of the franchise and has continued to appear in other games of this series. Now the question arises: how can you find and beat this powerful enemy in Diablo 4?

While you can easily defeat the boss in Act 4, it's much harder to kill Echo of Andariel. In this guide, we will share comprehensive information on how to find Andariel in Diablo 4, how to summon her, and strategies to defeat her. Additionally, we will provide details about Uber Andariel - lvl 200.

Echo of Andariel boss
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Important Requirements

To face the tough Echo of Andariel boss, players need to complete the main story and reach at least level 90 of progression:

  • World Tier IV unlocked.
  • She's a powerful level 100 enemy, so we recommend you achieve this level as well.
  • It will also be good to have Glyphs at level 15 or higher.

To face the Tormented Echo of Andariel, players need to complete the main story and reach the highest level of progression:

  • World Tier IV unlocked.
  • She's a formidable level 200 enemy, so we highly recommend you reach the maximum level.
  • It will also be good to have Glyphs at level 21.
  • Maximum possible resistances.
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Uber Andariel Location

After reaching World Tier 4, you will unlock the possibility of finding and defeating this challenging boss. To summon Andariel, you need to go into the depths of the Hanged Man's Hall, a dungeon located at the east of the Tarsarak Waypoint in Kehjistan.

Here, you will find the altar with which you can summon the boss.

Echo of Andariel Location
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How to Summon Andariel in Diablo 4?

Summon Echo of Andariel

To summon the Andariel in Diablo IV, you will need to gather materials. Specifically, you need to obtain the following resources:

  • 2x Pincushioned Dolls, which can drop after defeating The Beast in Ice, located in Glacial Fissure, a Level 85 dungeon. To summon the Beast, you need to obtain 9x Distilled Fear.
  • 2x Sandscorched Shackles, which can drop after defeating Lord Zir, located in The Darkened Way. To summon Lord Zir, you need to obtain 9x Exquisite Blood.

Summon Torment Andariel

The Tormented Andariel is a more powerful version of the boss at level 200, and you will need to gather more resources to summon her. Specifically, you need:

  • 6x Pincushioned Dolls, which can drop after defeating The Beast in Ice, located in Glacial Fissure, or as a random drop from World Bosses. To summon the Beast, you need to obtain 9x Distilled Fear.
  • 6x Sandscorched Shackles, which can drop after defeating Lord Zir, located in The Darkened Way, or as a random drop from World Bosses. To summon Lord Zir, you need to obtain 9x Exquisite Blood.
  • 2x Stygian Stones, which you can acquire by completing the new end-game activity - The Pit.

It is also important to note that you will need this amount of materials each time you summon the boss. So, prepare the materials in advance and gather as many as possible.

The Echo of Andariel Summon altar
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How to Defeat the Andariel in Diablo 4?

The Maiden of Anguish has a variety of abilities in her arsenal, some of which can instantly kill your character. We have prepared comprehensive information to help you understand which attacks you should dodge and which ones do not cause significant damage.

Andariel abilities

The boss doesn't have clearly defined phases, but she starts using most of her high-damage skills after losing 80% and 40% of her health. Therefore, the fight begins calmly and increases in intensity to the end.

  • Standart Attack - Andariel strikes with her hand, creating three projectiles that spread out in a cone after the hit. This attack is almost impossible to dodge, but not necessary since its damage is low.
  • Сharged Attack - Andariel prepares a strike that knocks back the player and creates three blood orbs. After a delay, each orb blows and creates three projectiles in a cone. The damage is not high, but this attack can cause problems by knocking you into areas where you might face more powerful attacks.
  • Poison Blow - The boss jumps back from the player, creating numerous poisonous projectiles that spray in all directions.  Although this skill is easy to dodge, we recommend keeping your distance from the boss during this attack to avoid taking damage from multiple projectiles at the same time.
  • Laser Beam - Sometimes, a massive red beam will strike across the arena. It’s easy to avoid this attack, which is critical because taking this hit can deal massive damage and sometimes even one-shot you.
  • Blowing Circles - At any moment during the fight, the opponent can start creating circles on the ground that explode after a short delay. Always try to avoid these circles because an explosion from one can knock you into others, creating a chain reaction of explosions.
  • Andariel's Statues - When the boss's health decreases, she disappears and creates three effigies. These statues do not attack you, but you must destroy them to continue the fight.
  • Lightning Bolts - During the fight, red sparks will sometimes fly counterclockwise around the arena. Although they move slowly, they deal significant damage. These sparks are easy to avoid, but with so many different projectiles and other elements on the screen, they can become difficult to see.
  • Phantoms - Green phantoms will occasionally rush you and explode upon reaching you.
  • Fire Skulls - Towards the end of the battle, Echo of Andariel will summon two skulls at opposite ends of the arena. The skulls are connected by a fiery beam and spin clockwise, forcing you to move often during the battle.

Also, note that after losing health, Andariel will disappear from the arena three times (potentially fewer if you have enough damage). She commonly disappears after losing 80% and 40% of her health. Destroy the statues to resume the fight.

It is important when fighting with Tormented Andariel, who is level 200, to dodge these skills because their damage is significantly increased: Laser Beam, Fire Skulls, and Blowing Circles.

Diablo 4 Echo of Andariel strategy

To defeat Andariel in Diablo IV, you will need to stay highly focused and dodge as many attacks as possible while continually dealing damage to her. Throughout the fight, your strategy will primarily involve dodging and waiting for the right moment to strike. Until she loses 80% of her health, you can concentrate on dealing damage, only dodging Poison Blow and Blowing Circles.

After she loses 80% of her health, she will disappear, and you will need to quickly destroy her three statues. The faster you do this, the lower the chance of taking significant damage and dying. When Andariel appears, she will expand her pool of attacks.

In addition to the previously mentioned attacks, you will now need to dodge Laser Beam, Phantoms, and Fire Skulls. Overall, this will be a very dynamic fight requiring concentration and good dodging skills to avoid the boss's attacks. In some ways, this strategy is similar to the one used to defeat Duriel, requiring a similar balance of dodging and attacking.

We know that it will be hard, and it will require many tries and a lot of effort to become victorious. But don't worry, you don't have to complete this challenge alone, and we have something to offer you.

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Unique Items Drop List

When you defeat the boss, a variety of items will drop. Often, this includes different rare ancestral or legendary ancestral gear. Additionally, Andariel has a chance to drop unique or Uber unique items.

Here is the full list of uniques that may drop after defeating this enemy:

Andariel Unique Item Drops

Class Uniques
Barbarian Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty, Azurewrath
Druid Tempest Roar, Dolmen Stone
Rogue Scoundrel's Leathers, Cowl of the Nameless
Necromancer Black River, Blood Moon Breeches
Sorcerer Flamescar, Blue Rose
All classes Soulbrand, Banished Lord's Talisman, X'Fal's Corroded Signet, Tibault's Will, Flickerstep, Godslayer Crown

Andariel Uber Unique Item Drops

Class Uniques
Barbarian The Grandfather, Doombringer
Druid Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
Rogue Doombringer
Necromancer The Grandfather, Doombringer
Sorcerer Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
All classes Ring of Starless Skies, Melted Heart of Selig, Andariel's Visage, Harlequin Crest

Also you can unlock the exclusive cosmetic reward when you defeat Echo of Andariel - Brimstone Mount .

Uniques and Uber Uniques Drop Chance

Unfortunately, there is no absolutely accurate official data. However, based on our experience and other sources, we have a general understanding of the drop rate. The chance of obtaining unique items is high, and you may even get one or two items on your first kill. However, the drop rate for Uber unique items is much lower, around 2%. This information is also provided by Rob2628 in his video, where he views the in-game file codes. It is the most accurate data about the drop rate, with proofs.

Please note that a 2% drop chance is for any random Uber unique item. The possibility of obtaining a specific one is lower. With calculations, we can see that with 8 Uber uniques in total, the chance to acquire a specific item is not more than 0.25% (2 / 8). On average, you have to kill Echo of Andariel not less than 150-250 times to get the desired item. You can also watch the video with an investigation of the drop rate:

How to Farm Uber Uniques More Effectively

  • Gather a group of 4 players and kill Diablo 4 Andariel together. This is the most effective method as you summon the boss once, but get the loot four times, increasing your chances of obtaining Uber unique items.
  • When looking for a group, try to find a team where each member will take turns summoning the boss, significantly saving your summoning materials. You can find a suitable team in places like the Sanctuary - Diablo 4 Community Discord channel.
  • Take advantage of boosting services related to farming Uber unique items or getting help in killing Echo of Andariel .
  • The Most Effective Diablo 4 Builds for Killing Andariel

    Here is a list of the best Builds for killing Andariel and Uber Andariel:

    Also, you can check our comprehensive Tier list for Season 4.

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    Now, with our comprehensive guide about the Andariel, we hope you can prepare for battle, defeat the boss, and earn valuable rewards. Keep in mind that there are many other ways to equip your character with good gear, but the best you can get is by defeating Andariel or Duriel, as Uber's unique items only drop from these bosses.

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