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10 August 2023 | Elder Scrolls Online

A Complete Guide to Mastering Mythic Items in The Elder Scrolls Online

Get primed to explore the Elder Scrolls Online's amazing Mythic Items Set category. These are extraordinary one-piece items with incredible power and uniqueness. This is not your typical and customary gear, they are legendary items that will take you on an exciting journey through the Antiquities System.

Here's the twist – you can only wear one Mythic item at a time, which adds a fun element of choice and strategy to your gear selection. To obtain these special items, you must find five different mythic leads scattered all over Tamriel. This means you'll be traveling across the land, searching for clues, and going on exciting quests to find these elusive leads.

But in this guide, we'll help you figure it out, tell you about the benefits that Mythic Items will give you, and where you can find each item. Or, if you prefer, you can take an easier route. You won't have to do anything or search! As you may have guessed, obtaining mythic items is a long and laborious process. The skilled and professional Mmonster team is here to help you out.

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One awesome thing about Antiquity Leads is that they work for all your characters. Once you find a Lead with one character, all your other characters can join the fun and participate in the scrying and excavation process for the same Lead. It's like a shared treasure hunt!

As you start your journey to find these Leads, remember they have fixed locations. You can get them as drops from certain enemies, containers, or even buy them from merchants. But be quick, as Leads found in the world expire after 30 days. So, don't waste time, or you might miss out on exciting opportunities.

And if you have an ESO Plus membership, you have an advantage. ESO Plus gives you access to all DLC zones, and the mythic leads are scattered throughout these areas. So, with the ESO Plus membership, your journey to get the desired mythic leads and, ultimately, the Mythic item becomes much easier and accessible.

How Mythic Items Works and Elevate Your Gameplay in ESO

You are probably wondering - what are these Mythic Items for? And we have an answer to this question. These sets give you special advantages that are super cool, but you gotta work hard to get them. You'll need to use the Antiquities System, which means mastering the Scrying and Excavation skills from the Greymoor DLC.

Making a Mythic item is a big challenge because you need to find five fragments for each one. And it's not easy! The better the item, the harder the process. The leads for these items are super tough too, so you'll need your skills at their best.

To access them, reach Level 7 in Scrying and unlock the Antiquarian Insight IV Passive. Some Mythic Items might even need another DLC to find all the fragments.

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These Mythic Items are great for both fighting computer-controlled enemies (PVE) and battling other players (PVP). They're like all-around awesome tools for different challenges. But be careful, they sometimes have downsides or limits to keep things balanced. It's about finding the right mix of power and difficulty.

Here's a tip to enhance your quest for Antiquities: often, the Lead's source has a connection to the Antiquity it leads to. For instance, Leads related to Western Skyrim's history can often be found within Western Skyrim itself.

ESO has lots of Mythic Sets, each designed to enhance different parts of the game. Let's get acquainted with them.

Mythic Items

Legendary Artifacts: An Overview of Mythic Items, Their Types, and Where They Are Located

Here you will find all the information list you need to properly use and select Mythic Items, enhance your character, and greatly improve your gameplay with various buffs. We will also tell you about the locations where you can find all the pieces!

Just click "+" to see detailed Mythic Item overview.

Ready to unleash the hidden power of the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet? This mysterious amulet boosts your attack abilities, causing a huge storm of damage to enemies. With 1650 Offensive Penetration, you break through defenses and deal 15% more damage to monsters.

This magical amulet also gives you the Minor Force blessing all the time. It boosts your Critical Damage by 10%, making your attacks super precise and deadly. Your enemies won't stand a chance!

But here's the catch. The Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet comes with a downside. Your Light and Heavy Attacks will be seriously weakened, and their damage will drop by a huge 99%. But don't worry, it's a small price to pay for the massive offensive advantages you get. If you want to deal crazy damage to monsters, the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet is a great choice.

To make this legendary artifact, you need to find 5 special pieces hidden in different parts of the realm. Let's find out where to get these crucial components:

  • Ebony Crossed-Sword Chain: Look for World Boss Daily Coffers in the Vvardenfell zone. You can find the Ebony Crossed-Sword Chains in those well-guarded coffers.
  • Ebony Shalk Mounting: Seek out the tough Runemaster's Acropolis World Boss hiding in the shadows to get this important piece. Your journey might be dangerous, but the reward will be worth it.
  • Gold Mandibular Cradle: Venture into the dangerous Cammonnaruhn delve in the Telvanni Peninsula zone. There, you'll face a tough Boss, and if you win, the Gold Mandibular Cradle will be yours.
  • Gold Shalk Clasp: Bold adventurers should explore the heart of the Scrivener's Hall Dungeon. Once inside, head to the Trophy Room Chests to discover the elusive Gold Shalk Clasp.
  • Lucent Cabochon: Prepare for an adventure into the depths of the Underweave Public Dungeon in the Apocrypha zone. Each boss you face there might give you the precious Lucent Cabochon.

Get ready to witness the amazing Syrabane's Ward in Elder Scrolls Online, an awesome item with unique powers! When you activate Bracing, you become super strong and defensive, but you can't move.

Bracing creates a protective zone (within 12 meters) around you. Your allies in this zone get amazing benefits! They become tougher and can block attacks better, with a 30% increase in their Block Mitigation. Plus, they'll have a big boost in Health Recovery (950), making them feel better and stronger in battles.

Being immobile might seem like a downside at first, but if you use it wisely, it can change the game. Picture this: you and your allies standing together, defending each other with the might of Syrabane's Ward. As enemies attack, you push them back and stay united, ready to face any challenge that comes your way.

To make it, you gotta find five special parts from different places in Tamriel:

  • Frog Metal Buckle: Look for it in the Blacksmithing Crate, which you can find during Blacksmithing Writ Dailies. Check your local blacksmithing hub for this crate!
  • Indrik-hide Strap: Go on a daring adventure to face the tough Indrik Frolic World Boss in the Summerset zone. Beat the beast to get the Indrik-hide Strap.
  • Iridescent Pearlwater Wash: Grab your fishing rod and head to any water body in the Galen and High Isle zones. Fish there to get the Iridescent Pearlwater Wash.
  • Rune-scribed Braces: Get ready for a challenge in the Shipwright’s Regret dungeon. Beat the last boss to get the Rune-scribed Braces.
  • Silverthread Stitching: The final part is guarded by the tough Endboss of Banished Cells 2 in the Auridion zone. Conquer the dungeon to get the Silverthread Stitching.

These legendary vestments have a special ability that will totally change how you use Ultimate abilities.

Legendary vestments with a unique ability to transform how you use Ultimate abilities. Instead of spending Ultimate directly, it's shared with all living group members, promoting teamwork and support. You also gain the Minor Heroism buff, boosting your fighting spirit and making you stronger in battles.

To unlock its full power, you gotta find five special pieces scattered all over the realm:

  • Ancestor Samite Sash: Look for this rare piece in the Daily Reward Coffer, hidden in the Telvanni Peninsula zone. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Ancestor Samite Stole: Take on the tough Delve Boss, Uzur the All-Seeing, in The Disquiet Study Delve. Beat him to get the Ancestor Samite Stole, a crucial part of the Vestments.
  • Ancestor Samite Undershirt: Face the final boss of the Bal Sunnar dungeon for a big challenge. Defeat them to get the Ancestor Samite Undershirt.
  • Netchbeak Clasps: Search for these mysterious clasps in Treasure Chests all over the Telvanni Peninsula. Be ready to explore everywhere to find them.
  • Scrib Chitin Padding: The ultimate test awaits you as you challenge Corlys the Chainmaker, a tough world boss at Clamorclap Bowl. Only the bravest adventurers can get the Scrib Chitin Padding from this mighty foe.

Esoteric Environment Greaves, a magical addition to your armor collection. These greaves have a cool effect that adds some serious strategy to your battles. Here's how it works:

When your Stamina goes above 50%, get ready for some serious defense. The greaves kick in and reduce the damage you take by a massive 50%! That means half the hits from your enemies will feel like nothing.

But, of course, there's a catch. Every time you take direct damage, there's a trade-off. You'll lose 968 Stamina points. It's like a cosmic balance, where you pay a price for that awesome protection. The catch is that this loss of Stamina happens every 0.3 seconds, so you'll need to stay sharp and quick to manage your Stamina well.

The Esoteric Environment Greaves are all about being bold and skilled. You need to be careful with your Stamina, keeping it above 50% to activate the defense boost. It's a tactical challenge that separates the beginners from the experts, making your battles exciting with both offense and defense!

To make this awesome armor, you gotta find five special items, each hidden in a different place:

  • Biome-Proof Plating: Find the Delve Boss in Nchuleft, in the Vvardenfell zone. Beat the Boss to get this important piece.
  • Harvester-Scale Plating: Head to the Gorne Public Dungeon in the Telvanni Peninsula zone. Defeat the Zygiite Boss there to get the Harvester-Scale Plating.
  • Nonreactive Cincture: Get ready for a thrilling challenge in the Graven Deep Dungeon, located in the mysterious High Isle zone. Beat the side bosses to get the Nonreactive Cincture.
  • Thras-Crafted Breeches: Go deep into the Coral Aerie Dungeon and face the fearsome Sload. Defeat this secret boss to get the Thras-Crafted Breeches.
  • Tonal Pivot Joints: Head into the Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon in Vvardenfell and team up with friends to take on the Group Event Boss. Beat this tough fight to get the Tonal Pivot Joints.

This Mythic item will completely change the way you play the game, giving you magical benefits and redefining how you fight and explore.

  • Magicka Mastery: With the Stormweaver's Cavort, your Magicka Recovery gets a huge boost of 300. This means you can use more spells and launch powerful attacks against your enemies.
  • Magical Stamina: Say goodbye to the usual combat rules! Sprinting, Roll Dodging, Bashing, Breaking Free, Sneaking, and Blocking will now use your Magicka instead of your Stamina. You're no longer limited by physical energy and can use magical powers freely.
  • Balance of Power: When you block, sneak, or sprint, your Magicka Recovery is paused for a moment. It's like a trade-off between action and regeneration. Sacrifice a bit of recovery for better maneuverability and surprise your enemies with your tactics.
  • Unburdened Stamina: With the Stormweaver's Cavort, you won't experience a complete reduction in Stamina Recovery to zero when you block, sneak, or sprint. You're now free from worrying about managing your stamina and can move around without limits.

If you want to wield the awesome Stormweaver's Cavort, a super powerful Mythic item, you gotta go on a quest to find five special parts from different places in Tamriel:

  • Braided Blessed Brambles: Go to the Auridon zone and take on the tough Group Event Boss in the Toothmaul Gully Public Dungeon. Beat this strong foe to get the Braided Blessed Brambles.
  • Panels of the Earthbones: Head to the Galen region and face the Valley of the Watcher Worldboss. Triumph over this mighty enemy to get the Panels of the Earthbones.
  • Promise of the Circles Leather: Explore Galen and unlock the Lava Vent & Delve Daily Coffer. Inside, you'll find the Promise of the Circles Leather, an important part for your Mythic item.
  • True Way Clay Dials: Show your skills in the Volcanic Vents World Event in Galen. By participating in this event, you'll earn the valuable True Way Clay Dials
  • Twice-harvested Knot Rope: While exploring Galen and the High Isle zone, keep an eye out for Clothing Nodes. Check these spots to get the Twice-harvested Knot Rope.

Mora's Whispers is a magical item that boosts your abilities, giving you up to 1528 Critical Chance for deadlier blows on the battlefield. It also grants a big 10% increase in Inspiration, Alliance Rank, and Alliance skill, helping you improve in various areas and gain recognition in your alliance.

Moreover, Mora's Whispers provides a 15% experience boost when defeating monsters, allowing you to level up faster and grow stronger quickly.

What makes it even more awesome is its connection to Shalidor's Library. When you find ancient books and add them to the library, the power of Mora's Whispers grows stronger, increasing your critical chance and experience gains significantly. It turns your journey into a path of knowledge and strength with this special item.

To make it, adventurers must venture into dangerous lands and collect five special pieces, each playing a vital role in the crafting process:

  • Bloodshot Oculus: Get this first piece from any Watcher monster. You can find them in tough places like the Atoll of Immolation and the Cauldron dungeon.
  • Lurker-skin Sheath: Look for this hidden treasure in Treasure Chests inside the eerie Vile Manse Public Dungeon in Reaper's March. It takes a brave adventurer to find it.
  • Sclerotic Tentacle: Harvest this important part from Watchlings in perilous Oblivion Portals throughout the Deadlands zone. Be careful, as the Deadlands are full of dangers.
  • Seeker-sinew Thread: Find this crucial piece among Clothing Nodes that have Torn Cloth in the ominous Deadlands zone. Be courageous to face the dangers there.
  • Twitching Eyeball: The final piece is in the hands of the formidable Watcher Boss in the infamous Imperial City Prison Dungeon. Be cautious, as this is no ordinary foe.

When wearing the Faun's Lark Cladding, something incredible happens with each sprint. Enemies are charmed and drawn towards you for 4 seconds, unable to fight back or use their abilities. You'll glide gracefully through them as if you have a special power.

Moreover, each charmed enemy boosts your Stamina, Magicka, and Health by 678, making you strong and resilient. However, using the cladding reveals your presence, so stealth is not an option. For those who can charm and be clever, this item offers a great advantage.

Here's a simple guide on where to find each of the five special items you need:

  • Hartlord Hide Singlet: Face the tough Faun Falls World Boss in the High Isle region. Defeat this mighty foe to get the first important piece.
  • Lustrous Prong Clasps: Search for these elusive clasps among the Wood Nodes in Galen and High Isle. Keep an eye out for their shiny appearance.
  • Mark of the Faun Lord: Be a sneaky thief and explore Thieves Troves and Safeboxes in Galen and High Isle. The hidden mark is waiting to be found.
  • Winter's Pelt Lining: Go to the Whalefall Delve in High Isle, where you'll find Hunter NPCs and a strong Boss. They guard the fourth piece you need.
  • Withered Garlic Gorget: The final piece is in the dangerous Obsidian Scar Public Dungeon in Rivenspire. Be brave and face the Bosses to get the coveted Gorget.

Step into a world of power and choice with the impressive Oakensoul Ring, an artifact that brings unique benefits to its wearer. But watch out, great strength comes with a cost – once you put on the Oakensoul Ring, you'll be locked into using a specific weapon set strategy. You won't be able to switch between your Primary and Backup Weapon Sets.

Even with this limitation, the rewards are amazing. The Oakensoul Ring gives you a bunch of enhancements, like Minor Berserk, Minor Courage, Major Brutality, Major Sorcery, Major Prophecy, Major Savagery, Minor Force, Minor Protection, Major Resolve, Minor Mending, Minor Fortitude, Minor Intellect, Minor Endurance, Minor Heroism, Minor Slayer, Minor Aegis, and Empower. With these buffs, you'll be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Here's a guide to where you can find these awesome items:

  • Igneous Inlays: Check out the Volcanic Vents in the High Isle and Amenos zones.
  • Larimar Gems: Defeat the tough Titanclaw boss at Mudcrab Beach in Stormhaven to get these precious gems.
  • Petrified Oak Loop: This mysterious item can be found in Safeboxes & Thieves Troves all around Murkmire.
  • Sacred Resin: Venture through the lush forests of Malabal Tor. Defeat any big monsters for Sacred Resin drops.
  • Stone Shank Frame: The last piece is hidden in the depths of Glenumbra. Search for Blacksmithing nodes scattered around the area to find the Stone Shank Frame.

Once you wear this special belt, something incredible happens—your Roll Dodge becomes a powerful tool of protection and strength. Roll Dodge is no longer just a quick move to avoid attacks, it now creates a magical shield that can withstand a whopping 20,990 damage in just one second!

What makes this shield so special is that it's not affected by the usual Battle Spirit limitations that balance the game. It stands strong and unyielding, showing its true mythical power.

With the Lefthander's Aegis Belt, your approach to combat and survival will change completely. During battles, every time you Roll Dodge, you not only evade attacks but also gain the fortitude to face any enemy.

Here's a guide to finding these important pieces:

  • Asp-Leather Strap: Look for the sneaky Lesser Sea Adders in Summerset and High Isle's coastal areas. Defeat them to get the venomous Asp-Leather Strap.
  • Gilded Disk: Face the tough challenges of Mornard Falls, where a strong World Boss guards the precious Gilded Disk. Conquer the dangers of High Isle and Amenos zone to get this rare item.
  • Grand Hattu Onyx: Try your hand at Jewelry Crafting Writs to get the valuable Grand Hattu Onyx. Use your crafting skills to bring out its brilliance.
  • Singersteel Clasp: Explore the Alik'r Desert zone to find hidden Treasure Chests. The coveted Singersteel Clasp is waiting inside these chests.
  • Totambu Chrysocollas: Nature's treasures are hidden in the Summerset zone, within Shell Troves near the Geysers.

When your Health is full, you'll get a fantastic 40% damage reduction from the Sea-Serpent's Coil. Feel the protection as you face dangerous enemies. But be careful! With great power comes a tough decision. If you take damage while your Health is full, the Serpent's Rebuke effect kicks in for 10 seconds. It slows you down by 40%.

There's a bright side to the Serpent's Rebuke. Embrace it, and you'll get two strong buffs Major Berserk and Major Courage. These buffs boost your damage by 10% and increase your Weapon and Spell Damage by a huge 430.

Just remember, during the Serpent's Rebuke, the shield of damage reduction won't be there to protect you. In battles, the Sea-Serpent's Coil is a powerful ally. Master its mechanics and choose the right moment to unleash its power.

Where you can find each one:

  • Black Eltheric Pearls: Look for a Giant Clam near the water in the High Isle zone. You'll find these shimmering pearls there.
  • Frigid Sapphire: Challenge the Frozen Ruins World Boss in "The Rift" zone, located on the west side of the region. Defeat the boss to get the Frigid Sapphire.
  • Meteoric Beads: Complete the Mages Guild daily quests with skill and finesse. Your reward will be the Meteoric Beads, an important piece for the Sea-Serpent's Coil
  • Sea Silver Chain: Explore and do Jewelry Surveys in any zone. You'll discover hidden treasures and get the Sea Silver Chain with pride.
  • Steel Serpent Fangs: Face the Serpent Bog World Boss in the High Isle zone. Defeat this fierce enemy to claim the powerful Steel Serpent Fangs.

This Mythic item enhances your combat skills, granting a massive 900 extra damage to your strikes. Additionally, each melee Light Attack builds up Belharza's Temper, up to 5 stacks, to unleash within 10 seconds for devastating effects.

Once you reach the max of 5 stacks, get ready for a spectacular show of strength. The stored-up Belharza's Temper bursts out, dealing a whopping 1471 Physical Damage to enemies in a line. And the best part? It stuns them for a whole 3 seconds, giving you control over the battlefield.

But don't worry about running out of power. You can use this incredible effect every 10 seconds, so you'll always have a potent weapon at your disposal.

Here's a guide to locating the five distinct pieces you'll need:

  • Bull's Head Gallery Rail: Your journey starts by obtaining this piece from Deadlands Daily Reward Coffers. Delve into the treacherous depths of Deadlands, and let fate guide you to this remarkable item.
  • Crimson Diamond: Falkreath Hold Dungeon chests hold the key to the next piece. Brave the perils of the dungeon, and with a bit of luck, the Crimson Diamond shall be yours.
  • Stainless Imperial Band: Black Drake Villa dungeon is your destination to acquire this piece. Unleash your might against the monsters within, and the Stainless Imperial Band shall be your reward.
  • Etched Silver Horns: Seek out the Treasure Chest in the Gold Coast, and within its confines, you shall find the coveted Etched Silver Horns.
  • Alessian Sacramental Oil: Your final test lies in the Gold Coast zone. Defeat Limenauruus Boss at Tribune's Folley to obtain Alessian Sacramental Oil.

Dov-Rha Sabatons grant you Draconic Scales while dashing, giving you 660 Armor per stack. Accumulate up to 20 stacks for increased invincibility. When you stop sprinting, unleash a devastating shockwave, dealing significant damage to nearby enemies and gaining a protective shield that reflects damage back at them. Draconic Scales will not stack for 10 seconds after the shockwave.

If you reach the maximum of 20 stacks, the shockwave becomes even more powerful. It not only deals damage but also stuns your foes for a glorious 3 seconds, making them vulnerable to your next big attack.

The Dov-Rha Sabatons' shockwave power adapts to your strength, whether you focus on brute force or magic. It scales based on the highest value between your Physical and Spell Resistance.

Get ready for an exciting adventure as you search for the five elusive components scattered across Tamriel

  • Dov-Rha Sabaton Guard: Defeat the fearsome final boss in the Lair of Maarselok dungeon to get the first piece.
  • Dov-Rha Sabaton Heel: Prove yourself in the Sunspire Trial, where Dragons await, to obtain the second piece.
  • Dov-Rha Sabaton Lames: Explore the Northern Elsweyr zone and find the Dov-Rha Sabaton Lames hidden in Safeboxes.
  • Dov-Rha Sabaton Poleyn: Venture into the Moongrave Fane Dungeon, battle the Trash Monsters, and seize the Dov-Rha Sabaton Poleyn. Watch out for the Big Khajiit Mobs, they might hold the key to this piece.
  • Dov-Rha Sabaton Toe Cap: Discover the secrets of the Psijic Portals in the Southern Elsweyr zone to get the final piece - the Dov-Rha Sabaton Toe Cap.

Once you put on this amazing ring, your weapon hits and spells become much stronger, dealing an extra 100 damage. Your enemies won't know what hit'em! And that's not all - your armor gets a huge boos t too, giving you an extra 1157 protection. It's like having a powerful shield to protect you.

The best part is, you get to choose how you want to play. Mix and match your armor sets to create the ultimate combat setup that suits your style. Whether you like casting spells or swinging a mighty weapon, this ring adapts to what you want to do.

Here's where you can find each precious piece:

  • Mindcleaver Loop: Defeat the Den of the Unmaker World Boss in the Deadlands Zone to obtain this piece.
  • Ruinblood Coil: Defeat Banished Cells 1 and 2 Trashmonsters for the Ruinblood Coil.
  • Firescourge Band: Unlock the secrets of the Deadlands Daily Reward Coffer to find the Firescourge Band.
  • Searing Gem: Defeat the Deadrats in Deadlands to claim the Searing Gem.
  • Morpholith Shank: Search for hidden Treasure Chests scattered across Coldharbour. One of them holds the Morpholith Shank, a piece of the puzzle.

Wearing this incredible spaulder activates the Aura of Pride when you crouch. Within a 12-meter radius, it boosts the Weapon and Spell Damage of up to 6 nearby allies by 260, empowering them as they charge into battle.

However, as with all great things, there's a trade-off. Each ally benefiting from your aura will cause a sacrifice on your part. Your own Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery will decrease by a substantial 70 for each ally within the aura. Think about whether supporting your team is worth the effort of managing your resources.

This amazing gear holds incredible power, but to make it, you'll need to find five special components scattered across Tamriel:

  • Petrified Daedroth Horn: Head to the dangerous Deadlands zone and defeat The Abomination Cradle World Boss. With luck, you'll get the Petrified Daedroth Horn drop. Be prepared for a thrilling battle!
  • Void Alloy Rivets: Look for any Dremora-type monster in ESO zones. Defeat them to collect the Void Alloy Rivets. These foes are tough, so gear up!
  • Void Alloy Lame Plates: In Leyawiin and Blackwood cities, search hidden safeboxes to find the Void Alloy Lame Plates. Keep your eyes peeled and be lucky!
  • Aureal Armor Glaze: Venture to Stonefalls and challenge the Shivering Shrine World Boss. You might get the Aureal Armor Glaze drop. Stay vigilant for the Spaulder's unique abilities!
  • Clannfear Leather Strapping: Hunt down Clannfears across all zones in ESO to collect the Clannfear Leather Strapping. Show off your hunting skills!

This torc helps you achieve a perfect balance between two important resources - Stamina and Magicka. When your Stamina drops below 50%, the torc boosts your Magicka Recovery by an amazing 450. You'll feel a surge of magical energy, letting you cast spells with renewed strength.

When your Magicka falls below 50%, it boosts your Stamina Recovery by 450. You'll feel your physical strength return, allowing you to dodge, sprint, and attack with incredible agility. With The Torc of Tonal Constancy , you won't be limited by Stamina or Magicka anymore.

To begin this exciting journey, you'll need to travel to different places and find five special components:

  • Torc Strand of Lore: Go to the hot and sandy Alik’r Desert, where powerful bosses called World Bosses have the Torc Strand of Lore. You'll need to fight them in tough battles to get it.
  • Torc Strand of Song: In the dangerous Blackheart Haven Dungeon in Bangkorai, you can find the Torc Strand of Song. Be brave and face Captain Blackheart to get it.
  • Torc Strand of Power: The dark and scary Deshaan has strong World Bosses protecting the Torc Strand of Power. Show your strength and take them down in challenging fights.
  • Torc Throat Guards: Travel to the mysterious Craglorn, where the Anka’Ra Crucible World Boss Event awaits. Complete the event or search hidden chests to find the Torc Throat Guards.
  • Torc Tonal Focus: In the spooky Crow’s Wood in Stonefalls, you'll face bosses holding the Torc Tonal Focus. Get ready for tough battles, and emerge victorious.

This special gear offers a unique advantage during battles. When you deal direct damage to your enemies, the kilt rewards you with a stack of Hunter's Focus. You can stack up to 10 of these, and each stack lasts for 20 seconds.

With every stack of Hunter's Focus, your Critical Chance increases by a fantastic 110, and your Critical Damage gets a powerful 1% boost. The more stacks you collect, the stronger your attacks become, allowing you to strike with incredible accuracy and power.

Be careful! Wearing the Harpooner's Wading Kilt has risks. If you take direct damage, you lose 5 stacks of Hunter's Focus per second. It only 1 stack per second, so strategize in battle to maintain focus. If you remove the kilt, you lose all stacks.

The locations of the 5 special components you need to forge this epic piece:

  • Murkmire: Head to the murky swamps and search for Foul Fishing Spots. There, you might discover the Wolf-Tail Sash Lead, a crucial piece.
  • Blackwood: Venture into the mysterious region of Blackwood. Face the fearsome World Boss Death Wart and the Sul-Xan Ritualists World Boss to find the Kothringi-Cut Leather Lead.
  • Shadowfen: This treacherous terrain holds two important leads. First, explore the Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon and defeat the final boss.
  • Bal Foyen: In the region of Bal Foyen, engage in epic battles against the Covenant's enemies. One of them might drop the Silverweave Cord Lead as a reward.
  • Shadowfen: You can find the Tide-Glass Beads Lead scattered across various water bodies and alchemy nodes.

With the Shapeshifter's Chain at your side, the cost of using your powerful Transformation Ultimate and Werewolf abilities is reduced by a huge 15%. That means you can transform more often and tap into your primal energy effortlessly, ready to pounce on your enemies with fierce strength.

This item enhances your attributes while transformed, granting an impressive 1707 increase in Maximum Health, Stamina, and Magicka, making you a formidable force in battles. The Shapeshifter's Chain is not just an item, it's a pathway to channel the untamed forces of nature within you. Whether you're a werewolf warrior, a mystical mage, or any other form of transformation, this legendary item will take your abilities to whole new levels.

Here's your roadmap to greatness:

  • Glendumbra: Venture into the Spindleclutch 2 Dungeon and defeat its final boss to claim the Length of Sharpened Lead.
  • Blackwood: Dare to face the Wootwhisperer Boss and Vor'Chul The Beastbreaker Boss in the Silent Hall Public Dungeon, as they hold the Reinforced Clasp Lead.
  • Vaults of Madness: Test your mettle against the final boss in the Vaults of Madness Dungeon to obtain the Chain of the Bone Goliath Lead.
  • Western Skyrim & The Reach: Engage in the thrilling Harrowstorms in The Reach & Western Skyrim regions to secure the Chain of the Vampire Lead.
  • Craglorn: Explore the treacherous Hircine's Haunt defeat various bosses to collect the Chain of the Werewolf Lead.

As you dive into battles, you'll feel the exciting surge of Escalating Fete. Every 2 seconds in combat, you'll gain one stack of this powerful effect. And guess what? You can collect up to an awesome 30 stacks! Each stack of Escalating Fete boosts your Maximum Stamina, Health, and Magicka by a solid 88 points. You'll become an unstoppable force!

When you take a brief 4-second break from fighting and stay out of harm's way, the power of Escalating Fete will slowly fade. But don't worry, it's only temporary. Once you jump back into battle, the stacks will start building up again.

Time to embark on an epic hunt to find them all:

  • Dragonstar Arena: Head into the Dragonstar Arena and conquer its challenges to get this lead. Defeat the endboss, and the final chest will have the Sturdy Silver Prongs.
  • Imperial City: Explore the depths of the Imperial City and defeat its bosses upstairs.
  • Blackwood: Face the dangers of the Oblivion Portals in Blackwood. Final chest has Warm Asymmetrical Ruby.
  • Cyrodiil: Prove your worth in the battles of Cyrodiil. Efforts rewarded with lead from Worthy Mail Box.
  • Craglorn: Venture into the mysterious lands of Craglorn and find the Anomalies. In the Nirncrux Mines, a treasure chest awaits, and it has the Wide Barbed Shank Lead.

Once you wear this artifact, you'll gain an incredible boost to your survivability. Your Maximum Health will rise by 3276, giving you a big pool of health to withstand tough battles. Plus, the 1025 Health Recovery will keep your health regenerating steadily, ensuring you're always ready for the next fight.

However, this power comes at a cost. Sithis' Watchful Gaze requires a daring sacrifice – your Block Mitigation will be reduced to 0. Now, that might sound scary, but for brave and strategic players, this challenge opens up opportunities for clever tactics and exciting gameplay.

Here's a guide to locating the five distinct pieces you'll need:

  • Blackwood: Start your journey in Zenithar’s Abbey Public Dungeon. There, bosses drop the Glass Skeletal Visage Lead.
  • Shadowfen: defeat the Delve Boss at Onkobra Kwama Mine to obtain the Pad-Sa Shark Teeth Lead.
  • Deshaan: conquer the Forgotten Crypt Public Dungeon bosses to get the Niss’wo Sacramental Wraps Lead.
  • Vivec Outlaws Refuge: Here, look for the mysterious NPC "Remains-Silent" in any Outlaws Refuge. Unlock the "Shadowy Supplier" skill from the Dark Brotherhood Skillline to receive the Preserved Wraxu Feathers Lead.
  • Shadowfen (again): Finally, get ready for a challenging showdown in the Cradle of Shadows dungeon. Defeat the last boss to obtain the Ritual Circlet Lead, an essential piece of the Gaze of Sithis.

As you wear the Snow Treaders, you'll be free from the restrictions of immobilizing effects, making you a powerful force on the battlefield. You won't be held back by the frozen chains of your enemies anymore. Instead, you'll enjoy the thrilling freedom to move swiftly, evading your foes and positioning yourself strategically for maximum impact.

But, keep in mind, using the Snow Treaders comes with a cost. While you gain amazing resilience against snares and immobilizations, you won't be able to Sprint. So, you'll need to think carefully about when to use the boots' immunity and when to rely on other ways to move fast.

To get these awesome boots, you'll need to find 5 special parts from different places in Tamriel:

  • Eastmarch: Go to the Direfrost Keep, a tough dungeon in Eastmarch. There, you'll fight the boss Drodda of Icereach. Beat her to get the Snowy Sabre Cat Fur Strip.
  • The Rift: Head to The Rift, where you'll find menacing World Bosses. Find Petrified Snow-Cedar for Snow Treaders.
  • Bleakrock Isle: This icy island hides the Auri-El Metal Carvings you're after. Find them by facing Random Monsters.
  • Cyrodiil: Get ready for Cyrodiil, where danger is everywhere. Enter the Underpall Cave and fight the boss Raelynne Ahham to get the hard-to-find Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates.
  • Western Skyrim: The last part is in Western Skyrim. Go to the Labyrinthian, a tough dungeon, and find the boss Blackmaw. He's your best chance to get the precious Glacial Metal Rivets. But don't worry if you get them from any other boss in the dungeon; they can be sneaky like that!

This mysterious gear gives you a special ability - with every Bash attack, you can cast a powerful Blood Curse on your enemy. When you land a Bash blow, the curse sticks to your target, entangling them in dark magic.

You can only curse one foe at a time. So, as you keep attacking, the curse can jump to another enemy. It's like a game of controlling your enemies' fate with each strategic Bash move.

Whenever you block attacks against a Blood Cursed enemy, you'll gain a steady flow of 1605 Magicka every second. This means you'll have a constant source of magical energy to use in your spells, and you'll never run out! In intense battles, the Bloodlord's Embrace ensures you always have enough magical power.

Here's a guide to locating the five distinct pieces you'll need:

  • Rivenspire: Seek out the final boss in Crypts of Hearts 1 to claim this crucial piece of the puzzle. Prepare for a challenging battle and emerge victorious to obtain the Thirsting Girdle.
  • Coldharbour: Venture into the Public Dungeon Boss in Village of the Lost, where you'll face formidable foes. Defeat the boss to lay claim to the Sanguine Doublet.
  • Glenumbra: Conquer the boss known as The Whisperer in Spindleclutch, a dungeon teeming with danger. Claim victory, and the Goblet Gorget shall be yours.
  • Shadowfen: Embrace the darkness of the Public Dungeon Boss in Sanguine’s Demense. In this treacherous realm, defeat the boss to obtain the Fanged Cuirass.
  • Imperial City Sewers: Your journey will lead you to the Imperial City Sewers, where General Kryozote Boss awaits. Brave the dangers of this perilous place, and you might just find the elusive Hecatomb Tassets.

This legendary ring has a unique power that makes it truly extraordinary. When you attack your foes, you'll be healed for 20% of the damage you deal!

But here's the catch - the ring works best when you're on a solo adventure. If you team up with allies, its healing power becomes weaker, losing 4% of its effectiveness for each ally in your group. So, if you want to fully unleash its healing potential, it's best to venture forth alone.

Keep a close eye on your health during battles and use the ring's healing wisely. You'll have more control over your survival and can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Here's where you can find each piece:

  • Bangkorai: Search for the Aurmine Ancestral Signet in chests around Bangkorai.
  • Alik’r Desert: Face the Direnni Elegy Loop guarded by the tough Coldrock Diggings Delve Boss.
  • Wrothgar: Defeat a fierce World Boss to obtain the Onyx Accent Stones.
  • Glenumbra: Be wary of Bad Man’s Hallow Trash Monsters while finding the Order-Etched Gallery Rail.
  • The Reach: Venture into Nighthollow Keep in Blackreach Arkthzand Cavern's east side. Look for the "Ancient Text" paper on a table to reveal the Pale Order’s Golden Band.

In the magical world of Elder Scrolls Online, healers are in for a treat with the Pearls of Ehlnofey! Imagine this scenario: you're in a tough battle, and your resources are running low as you desperately try to keep your allies alive. When your resources drop below 50%, casting a healing ability triggers an amazing blessing: you gain a whopping 3 Ultimate points.

Now, what does that mean? It's like having a golden ticket to unleash the true power of Ultimate abilities! These powerful skills can turn the tide of any fight, allowing you to boost your allies' strength and health.

Here's a guide to each location:

  • Aetherquartz Prayer Beads: Defeat the Ondil Auridon Delve Boss in Auridon to get this piece.
  • Coral Clasp: Confront various Public Dungeon Bosses in Grahtwood to obtain the Coral Clasp
  • Great Eltheric Pearl: Face the final boss in the Crypt of Hearts 2 in Rivenspire to claim the Great Eltheric Pearl.
  • Nilumin River Pearls: Defeat the last boss in Auridon's Banished Cells 1 to get the Nilumin River Pearls.
  • Silver Strand of Syrabane: Search for Safeboxes in The Reach to find the Silver Strand of Syrabane.

This Mythic item grants incredible strength, rewarding you for defeating enemies. Each victory gives you a stack of Sload's Call, a powerful buff lasting an hour. The more enemies you defeat, the more stacks you get, up to 50! Each stack of Sload's Call boosts your Weapon and Spell Damage by 23, allowing devastating attacks that make enemies regret challenging you.

But, like any powerful item, the Thrassian Stranglers come with a cost. To keep this awesome damage boost, you'll have to give up some of your Maximum Health, reducing it by 120. Also, your damage shields will be slightly weaker by 1%. But don't worry, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks when you use this Mythic item wisely.

Keep in mind that the power of Sload's Call disappears if you take off the Thrassian Stranglers, enter stealth mode, or crouch.

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey to acquire these items from various locations:

  • Summerset: These extraordinary components can be obtained from Public Dungeon Bosses and All World Bosses lurking in the enigmatic Karnwasten.
  • Auridion: Your quest continues in Auridion, where you'll find the elusive Inert Anemone Inlay as a drop from the formidable World Bosses.
  • Artaeum: Delve into the mysterious realm of Artaeum and test your fishing skills to acquire the elusive Coral Plating.
  • Stros M’Kai: Go to Stros M’Kai, fish in Saltwater areas for Bouyant Steel.
  • Artaeum/Summerset: Psijic Portals in Artaeum or Summerset are your gateway to obtaining the rare and sticky Integument Leather, essential for crafting the Thrassian Stranglers.

This unique ring will completely change how you move both during and outside of battles. When you wear it in combat, your movement speed increases by 15%, making you agile and able to dance around your enemies with ease.

When you find yourself outside of combat, the ring reveals its true potential. It grants you an astonishing 45% boost to your movement speed, turning you into a swift and unstoppable force.

Let's embark on the thrilling hunt for these pieces:

  • Greenshade: Explore the lush wilderness and defeat powerful World Bosses to get the Symbol of Y’ffre. Embrace the essence of nature as you get the first elusive piece.
  • Grahtwood: Prepare for an epic battle with the final boss in Elden Hollow, called the Face of the Serpent. Defeat this mighty foe to get the second piece.
  • Glenumbra: Unravel the mysteries of Bad Man’s Hallow, a treacherous Public Dungeon. Inside, you'll find the Band of Water, guarded by fearsome bosses. Conquer these challenges to get the third piece.
  • Malabal Tor: Brave the untamed wilds and face fierce World Bosses throughout the region. Seek out the Face of the Wolf Beast and claim the fourth piece to complete your collection.
  • Murkmire: Embark on an adventurous journey into the depths of Teeth of Sithis and Tsofeer Cavern Delves. Defeat tough World Bosses to complete your legendary ring.

When you equip this legendary band, your damage output will increase by a massive 16%. Your attacks will hit harder than ever before, and your enemies won't stand a chance.

To enjoy this incredible power, you'll have to make a sacrifice. Your Critical Damage will be reduced by a significant 50%. It's a tough choice to make. Do you want raw, powerful hits or the chance for critical strikes that can change the course of a battle?

The decision is yours, and it adds a new level of strategy to your gameplay. You'll need to find the right balance between raw power and precise strikes, making each move count in the heat of battle.

Here's a guide to locating the five distinct pieces you'll need:

  • Wrothgar: Conquer powerful bosses in Old Orsinium's Public Dungeon to claim Malacath's Brutal Might Loop. Show your strength and get your reward!
  • Imperial City (Dig site in Bal Foyen): Go on an expedition to the Imperial City Upper District and defeat challenging bosses to find Malacath's Brutal Rune Core. Uncover the city's secrets.
  • Betnikh: Defeat random monsters on the island to get Malacath's Brutal Scourge Hoop. They hold the key to this piece.
  • Stormhaven: Explore the dangerous Bonesnap Ruins and face tough foes to get Malacath's Brutal Ritual Oil.
  • Reaper's March: Defeat menacing World Bosses in Reaper's March to earn Malacath's Brutal Ritual Dust as your reward.

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